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Facilitate development of conflict of interest policy and financial management training to Training
Job Summary
1. Introduction Skills for Employment Tanzania (SET) is a skills development Programme in Tanzania being implemented under the assistance from the Swiss Development Cooperation with an allocation of 5.3 million CHF for phase one for a five-year period that started in May 2019 The main aim of the programme is to support skills development in both formal and informal sectors. These Terms of Reference (ToR) are meant for SET component 3 which aims to support skills development of youth and young mothers in the informal sector through capacity building of 25 Training Providers (TPs) located in Morogoro Region. The geographical focus of the component 3 is in the five (5) districts of the Morogoro region.

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In phase I, the SET programme seeks to improve the capacity of TPs in different areas including managerial, fundraising and training of trainers (ToT). These were identified as areas that needed critical support during baseline studies. The financial management capacity of the TPs was an area pinpointed by TPs that it needs special attention and capacity building which will include financial management, control, accounting and procurement systems. SET is organizing the training for finance, non-finance managers and TPs management team in a bid to enhance budget preparation and tracking, tax policies and taxation, procurement management accounting procedures and policies. By the ToR, SET is seeking to hire an individual resource person or a consulting company who will successfully deliver this training hence realize the objectives stated herein.

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Job Description 2. Objectives of Assignment:
The purpose of the training is to improve financial programming of TPs staff members to be accurately aware of how their decisions and project performance impacts the financial strength of the organization. This training will also help TPs to improve their financial management, planning and control capacities. The assignment in this ToR is divided into two major areas that include supporting development of conflict of interest policies and subsequent financial management training to TPs. The consultant will provide a written training plan and content including presentations for each main topic.

Specific objectives:
a) Plan organize and conduct training courses for relevant officials of 24 TPs (public and private providers) on different aspects of financial management as describe under the scope of work (SoW).
b) To provide financial knowledge necessary to make better financial decisions, planning, control and forecasting for TPs.
c) Support development of conflict of interest policies for 10 private providers
d) Provide the necessary training materials for all the training.

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3. Scope of work (SoW):
The financial consultant will provide support to SET programme to facilitate financial management capacity building to TPs to ensure availability of adequate resources and management of donor funds. The main tasks under this assignment are to support capacity building of the TPs in the areas identified as weak in the baseline assessment. The specific tasks of the financial consultant will include:
Develop financial management training for sustainable organizations and other topics including;
a) Support the review of TPs conflict of interest policies, support improvement and
development of new policies for 10 training providers.
b) Training on Tanzania tax policies, regulations and other legal environment in which NGOs
and public Agricultural training providers operates
c) Present different planning tools, auditing procedures and standard procedures in
accounting; organization effectiveness and accountability; essentials of financial planning
including practical sessions and case studies
d) Offer quality advice on possible ways of sustaining TPs financial resources, financial
resources building blocks, tips for making TPs work effective and general rules for effective
accountability, role of internal control policies and procedures
e) Support and guide TPs staff in proper ways for monitoring their budget, NGO reporting
frameworks including standard reporting tools, and importance of financial reporting.

4. Duration and Placement:
A total of 7 working days have been allocated for this assignment which will include a three days’ workshop, and material preparation as well as report writing. The consultant will suggest how the days will be split between the two assignments.

5. Deliverables:
The consultancy is expected to deliver the following outputs:
  • Undertake training of 50 TPs on financial management in accordance with these ToR
  • Presentation slides and other training facilitation materials presented prior to training
  • Prepare a written training report including suggested areas for further support submitted to the deputy Team Leader
  • Develop conflict of interest policies for 10 TPs
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6. Required Qualification:
The external consultant must meet the following qualification requirements:
  • Profound knowledge and experience in financial management training for NGOs and public entities
  • Proven experience in donor funded projects and Call for Proposal (CFP) processes.
  • Proven experience in fundraising and proposal writing, including gender responsive budgeting.
  • Excellent report writing abilities
  • Fluency in the following languages: English and Swahili.

7. Administrative Clauses:
  • The following requirements are all to be observed. A detailed CV and/or company profile with previous clients references for similar assignments.
  • Financial proposal showing the daily rate in Tanzanian Shillings (TZS);
  • The payment of the fees is subject to the deliverables outlined under point 3, point 5 and approval by the SET programme.
SET reserves the right not to choose the lowest financial offer. The selection will be based on an overall assessment of the proposal.
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8. Deadline:
The consultant is requested to forward their proposal under the attention of SET Deputy Team Leader Paul Medeye
(recruitment.set@swisscontact.org not later than the 19 June 2020 at 2 pm Tanzanian time.