Employment Vacancies MWANZA and Dar es salaam at WASSHA Inc Tanzania


Job Summary
Assistant Group Leader is responsible to manage and lead the WASSHA team of 10-20 members among the four zones of coastal, southern, central and lakes.

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JOB TITLE: Assistant Group Leader
REPORT TO: Chief Operation Officer
WASSHA Incorporation; provides the rental device and charging service using clean energy. Our mission is to provide power to the people through Kiosks. WASSHA provides a whole new experience for people in off-grid areas with affordable, accessible and safe electricity. WASSHA agents provide the rental and charging services to end user. We use the environment friendly energy and agents don't need to prepare initial investment to get enough power as we lease every device.

Assistant Group Leader is responsible to manage and lead the WASSHA team of 10 – 20 members among the four zones of Coastal, Southern, Central and Lake zones so as to deliver a highest standard of services to WASSHA customers by provide effective guidance while ensure the company resources is cost effective and efficiently utilized through planning, organizing, leading and controlling group members. Also provides help to management, including hiring and training, and keeps management updated on team performance.

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Duties and Responsibilities:
  • Plan strategies & tactics by using feedback from marketing officer team, financial information and knowledge of the management team.
  • Execute strategies & tactics on daily activities and regularly review them to maximize the performance of our WASSHA group.
  • Supervise 10-20 team members of Marketing Assistant and Marketing Officer and be responsible for overall WASSHA operation materials in field areas.
  • Plan the target sales, expenses of your group and also define goals for individual to achieve group goals.
  • Regularly monitor the actual sales and expenses, compare it with the targets, and plan countermeasures.
  • Take quick actions to achieve the sales and expenses targets on your operations. while create an inspiring team environment with an open communication culture.
  • Resolve various challenges of agents and end users of WASSHA products by managing Customer call center and when necessary interacting with customers.
  • Increase sales and control expenses by managing Marketing Officers/Assistants.
  • Constantly support and give your group members feedback based on fair evaluation, also ensure that scope of work and responsibilities are clearly defined.
  • Plan and take actions of recruitment, termination and allocation of human resources in your group.
  • Make efforts to acquire new knowledge, skill and experience by yourself.
  • Report to or consult with your superiors promptly, proactively and closely.
  • Collaborate with Accounting, SCM, Administration, HR teams and other zonal group leaders to run efficient operations.
  • Listen to your colleagues and subordinates carefully and advise or support them, also conducts team meetings to update members on best practices and continuing expectations.
  • Successful leadership and function within a team environment and be able to identify and promote changes for improvement activities through team leading and organization.
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Required Education, Skill and Experience:
  • Degree in Marketing, Business Administration or related field.
  • Proven work experiences as a manager or a supervisor.
  • Leadership skill and experiences in work environments.
  • Motivational and results-oriented skills.
  • Experiences to train and educate team members under you.
  • Good at logical thinking and explaining
  • Strong oral and written communication skills.
  • Organizational and time management skills.
  • Work experience of not less than 3 years.
  • Good PC skills, especially Ms. Excel.
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Added Advantages:
  • Working experiences in solar industry
  • Working experiences in rural markets
  • Working experiences in energy industry
Channel your application via recruit@tz.wassha.com and indicate the region you are applying.
The office will not entertain telephone/mobile calls.