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Position: Website Design and Development Terms of Reference
CoST the Infrastructure Transparency Initiative - Tanzania
Location: Dar es salaam
Job Summary
In order electronically provide information to its vast stakeholders, CoST seeks to engage an experienced company/Expert to design and develop a website. The website beside providing information to stakeholders and the general public, will be used to promote the works of CoST in Tanzania and beyond

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Job Description Task: Design and publish a CoST Tanzania Website
Period of delivery: 30 Days
Contract Manager: CoST Manager, Tanzania
CoST – the Infrastructure Transparency Initiative (CoST) Tanzania is a national chapter of CoST International, managed by a Multi-Stakeholder Group comprised by representatives from Government, Private Sector and Civil Society. The programme works by both the government and civil societies to promote transparency and accountability in public infrastructure projects. The programme is currently hosted and implemented by the National Construction Council (NCC). CoST works with the three sectors of government, industry and civil society to promote the disclosure, validation and interpretation of data from infrastructure projects. This helps to inform and empower citizens and enables them to hold decision-makers to account. CoST is built on a vision of; Better Lives from Better Infrastructure and a mission; Disclose, validate and interpret infrastructure data to empower stakeholders to hold decision-makers to account. Additional information about the programme is available on the web site In Tanzania CoST works with:

  • National Construction Council (NCC)
  • Prevention and Combating of Corruption Bureau (PCCB)
  • African Parliamentarians Network Against Corruption - APNAC
  • The Tanzania National Roads Agency (TANROADS)
  • Tanzania Rural and Urban Road Agency (TARURA)
  • Minister of State, President's Office, Public Service and Good Governance
  • National Audit Office (NAO)
  • National Housing Corporation (NHC)
  • Tanzania Mines, Energy, Construction and Allied workers Union (TAMICO)
  • Tanzania Civil Engineering Contractors Association (TACECA)
  • Tanzania Roads Association (TARA)
  • Institution of Engineers Tanzania (IET)
  • Architects Association of Tanzania (AAT)
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In order electronically provide information to its vast stakeholders, CoST seeks to engage an experienced company/Expert to design and develop a website. The website beside providing information to stakeholders and the general public, will be used to promote the works of CoST in Tanzania and beyond.

Objectives of this task
The overall objective of this task is to design website that will enable CoST Tanzania be a resource and information hub for reliable, accurate and timely infrastructure related information. The specific objectives include to design and development a website that will:
  •  Provide a platform for interaction and information sharing on key issues and good practices on infrastructure projects in Tanzania.
  • Promote access to and use of reliable infrastructure related information in Tanzania.
  • Increase and build the public profile of CoST Tanzania at all levels.
  • provide an interactive forum where cost secretariat can interact with stakeholders
  • provide avenue where PEs can directly publish their project information

Scope of Work
The hired company / Agency will be required to create (design, develop, test and implement) a web platform within the designated timeline which meets the following criteria:
1. Interactive, appealing, highly usable and responsive web design: Web Designs are very subjective, we expect the hired company to show-case their best elements in delivering suitable intranet design options. The design and solution must be easy to use, average site load-time should be reasonable, search engine friendly, and able to render appropriately on a wide variety of different browsers.
2. The recommended site details include; PHP, MySQL, Apache server, server space of up to 2GB, with a well aligned CMS.
3. Develop a website with a clear Content Management System (CMS) to the latest word press version and develop a custom professional layout that is responsive with a corporate look and feel, with easy, simple navigation links that allow users to feel at home.
4. The solution should enable users feel great on mobile, tablets, and desktop with a responsive design. Provide a front page slide module with greater description and bigger.
5. Include Optimized images, photos to allow easy download hence making sure even a broadband user with slow link can access the website comfortably
6. Include an events Calendar component to help display organizations’ upcoming activities or events to its audience.
7. Include a News Module: make provision for CoST constant news highlights for the different activities by adding a module with great display.
8. Include taps for Publications/Downloads: it should have the ability to show active statistics of how many downloads have occurred on a particular document.
9. Provide a Photo Gallery. A detailed photo gallery to show the activities or Events whenever they happen should be configured into the website. This component should have rich features that each event is added into its own album or folder to ease navigation.
10. It should provide a Video Blog this will feature videos that show different pre and post events videos, documentaries, ceremonies, and any other video content that CoST has may have approved. This video blog will be using YouTube as the source of all video content. All videos will automatically update on the website when added to YouTube. 

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11. Integrate menus for CoST core features (Disclosure, Assurance and Multi-Stakeholder working) providing avenues for uploading CoST Assurance Reports). Provide for instant downloads for the website.
12. Transfer relevant content from the existing website to the upgraded dashboard. Interpret CoST social media links, Twitter and Facebook accounts and enable tweeting and posting from the news/blogs uploaded.
13. Language translations; Install a translation module connected to Google languages so as users are given the opportunity to translate into their native languages.
14. Install of SSL Certificate (https://) and test after upload of new website. To enable the website, have more security as users to access it on different devices.
15. Provide training for 4 hours and website updating manual to staff of CoST responsible for updating the website. And provide maintenance support for a period of six month, hosting and domain registration services.
16. Spam Control: The solution should provide an automated challenge system that reduces the number of spam comments/posts that either need moderation or slip through filtering mechanisms.
17. Search: The solution should provide users with the ability to search for and locate content based on keywords and key phrases. Search should not be limited to articles, pages or other forms of content-administrator created posts but should also include user-generated content found within the community areas. The solution must be able to accommodate the inclusion of transcripts/narrations for video content. Transcripts/Narration may be available in multiple languages. (Video could be uploaded on other websites, with streaming option on Intranet)
18. Blog: Intranet should be capable of having Blog(s), with different themes / designs (at-least 3 themes / designs to choose from). Content Moderation Mechanism: Users/MSG Members who have been granted relevant access rights should be allowed to flag, and moderate other members’ comments/posts.
19. Discussion Forum: Intranet should be capable of hosting a quick and basic level of discussion with moderation of comments. MSG Members should be able to view and create posts, edit their own posts etc.
20. Survey & Poll: Intranet should be able to conduct a survey of around 10 to 20 questions and Polling / voting system should also be available.
21. Public Users and Members Electronic Document Catalogue: Users should be allowed to search for, view and/or download articles and documents. Users should also be able to assign star ratings on articles, videos and other informational content.
22. Supervision and contact for the consultant will be primarily carried out by the CoST Tanzania Manager and NCC and the final product will be approved by the MSG.
23. Copyrights: CoST Tanzania will hold the exclusive rights to all the design and other work products contained on the web site. Should the consultant require use of the web site in their portfolio, they will require written permission from CoST Tanzania through the Host organization (NCC).

-Website Banner:
-Website Banner will consist of the CoST Tanzania logo.
-The title in the banner in English

General Layout:
The overall layout design of the website (Homepage and internal pages) should be taking consideration of CoST’s brand colours. i.e. light blue and white.
The overall website content layout should be clear and simple, readable, render whitespace design to attract viewer’s attention.

News Section:
There should be news items displaying Photo image, “News Title, News Posted Date & News Summary”. When click on News item, the website should redirect to News Page for reading the whole news item. Other archived news items should be visible in side bar navigation when the Webpage of particular News item opens. There should be “View All News” link to access other News items. 

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Horizontal Navigation Bar:
Visual navigation aids must be implemented in the menu items (whether in form of breadcrumbs, Active links highlighting, etc.).
The width of the navigation bar should be to accommodate in its menu bar, including these stated menu items – HOME, ABOUT US, ADMINISTRATION, SERVICES, COURSES,
Each Menu item should be able to hold another sub-menu. And for each Sub-menu should be able to hold another child menu. Generally, each menu should allow up to two-step levels down.

Responsibilities of NCC
  • The activity will be directly supervised by the CoST Tanzania Manager, and will monitor and scrutinize the quality aspects of the site. However, the following will be the specific responsibilities:
  • Provide content for the site in form of statements, documents, images, and videos.
  • Review the website and make comments to Consultant
  • Provide feedback when and where necessary.
- Process payment to the company as per agreement
- Provide feedback on design proposals

  • Website Prototype will be delivered in 7 days and final in 15 days
  • Training of staff upon delivery of the final website.
  • Responsive Design [ Website
  • Structure and Coding (html, css, php ) 
  • Automated Elements (news, events)
  • Flashy Effects, Unlimited web pages, Publications/Downloads, Events Calendar, Language translations, Social network connections icons & feeds (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube).

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Interested applicants and companies should submit expressions of interest clearly aligned to the Terms of Reference with links to previous projects not later than 30th May 2020 5:00EAT.

All applications should be addressed to;
CoST Tanzania Secretariat -
Copy to: The Chief Executive Officer,
National Construction Council Tanzania - Email:
Content Management System (CMS)

Manager, Business Solutions & Recoveries 
Job ID: 48813 
Job Sector: Banking 
Country: Tanzania 
Region/State/Province/District: Dar es Salaam Region
Location: Dar es Salaam
Job Details
Risk Management: understanding all risks – from the economic to the political – that could affect our global business, and offering guidance to all parts of the bank

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Job Purpose
  • To assist Business and Credit with the end-to-end remedial management of enterprise wide distressed debt exposures in the Personal and Business Banking and Corporate & Investment Banking environment, both in house (referred by Account Executives and Credit Evaluation Managers) or under formal Business Rescue proceedings (as per the Global Credit Policy and Licence to Lend principles) within assigned Personal-to-Holder mandates;
  • To pro-actively attend to the collections and recoveries process and the protection of the Bank’s asset base on irregular / arrear accounts inclusive of non-performing loans and written off matters with values across the entire product spectrum;
  • To proactively represent Business Solutions and Recoveries at Watch List Committee and CRMC level;
  • To innovate and design alternative credit risk management / rehabilitation and recovery methods aimed at optimal efficiency and effectiveness;
  • To reduce the cost of delivery and to conform to end-to-end value propositions;
  • To effectively engage with internal and external stakeholders in order to optimize returns for the Bank;
  • To uphold and maintain the Bank’s core values;
  • To provide innovative solutions (involvement of outside consultants, restructuring, recommending sale of non-core assets etc) in an effort to minimise impairments and to retain business.

Key Responsibilities/Accountabilities
Credit Solutions
  • Undertakes a meaningful assessment of the financial position of the businesses and/or individuals by engaging with the Account Executive / Account Manager, Credit Evaluation Manager and the customer to obtain all the necessary documentation and information.
  • Investigates a wide range of factors regarding the distressed customer including:-
  • identifying enterprise wide exposures, including exposures to sureties;
  • primary reasons for distress;
  • strength of financial statements;
  • past performance;
  • future profitability / sustainability;
  • cash flow generation;
  • industry outlook;
  • validation and valuation of existing collateral and the possibility of improving the position;
  • evaluation of impairment requirements;
    • Provides a full recommendation to business, credit and the customer regarding a restructure or if not possible, recommends legal action to protect the Bank’s position.
    • Engages with other major creditors, in need and attends to recommendations regarding impairments required.
    • Keeps profile correspondence on all enterprise wide systems up-to- date in terms of all actions/developments.
    • Compiles monthly watch list reports for presentation to Credit Review Committee at the various regional and product specific Credit Review Committee meetings.
    • Attends monthly Watch List Committee meetings for areas of responsibility and recommends remedial action for those relationships not handled in the Business Solutions space.
    • Provides input regarding contracts entered into with customers where the scope falls outside of the Bank’s existing documentation, when engaging with attorneys.
    • Provides recommendations on restructure strategies, if possible when interacting with Business Rescue Practitioners / Turnaround Specialists.
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Rehabilitation and Recoveries
  • Complies with all statutory, regulatory and supervisory requirements.
  • Maintains the highest ethical standards to prevent market abuse.
  • Reports any breaches and exposures to the Unit Head and/or the division’s Regulatory Compliance Officer.
  • In need, may assist in the compilation of Loss reports
  • Ensure that the relevant Hold codes are placed on accounts to prevent further usage by the customer once BS&R strategies are implemented.
  • Engages with Attorney firms when legal action deemed necessary.
  • Attends to insolvency inquiries on behalf of the Bank.
  • Assesses and analyses business and account risks of irregular, arrear and non-performing accounts. (Included Pre-NPL accounts)
  • Takes ownership of identified irregular, arrear and non-performing accounts until the risk has been reduced to the satisfaction of the Bank and to strive to do so in agreed time frames. (Included Pre-NPL accounts)
  • Builds professional relationships with internal business partners as well as the Bank’s external customers and service providers.
  • Investigates, develops and applies best rehabilitation and recoveries practices in the unit.
  • Maintains all records required by the unit to ensure continuity and effective management of its objectives. Housekeeping and maintaining of Bank and departmental records.
  • Attends to the compiling of all claims in liquidated estates and submits same to the liquidators.
  • Supplies input on all accounts in the BS&R portfolio insofar the raising of provisions on a monthly basis, to ensure adequate provisions cover exists.
  • Ensures legal costs are kept to a minimum and within agreed annual budget.
  • Analyses and actions (in need) Liquidation & Distribution Accounts of liquidated/sequestrated estates.
  • Attends to and controls realization of all securities.
  • Compiles informative brief of instructions to attorneys.
  • Any delegated ad-hoc functions.
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Risk management
  • Identifies and manages business risk from both a customer and Bank perspective by ensuring that appropriate control mechanisms are in place and consistently applied within the unit’s processes to minimise risk exposure.
  • Ensures compliance with rules, regulations and legislation governing the Tanzanian financial services industry.
  • Identifies risks associated with specific industries and alerts internal customers to take appropriate action.
  • Acts within delegated authority levels and refers matters to the appropriate level if outside of the personal-to-holder delegated authority.

Relationship management
  • Develops and maintains healthy working relationships with all the relevant parties and key stakeholders, both internal and external to the Bank to ensure co-operative, collective management of a Business Solutions matter.
  • Engages with all necessary stakeholders to either successfully rehabilitate a client within the shortest time period possible, alternatively if it is not possible for the company to so continue in existence, work with all necessary stakeholders to ensure that the re-organisation results in a better return for the Bank  and circumvent would result from the immediate liquidation of the company.
  • Produces or delivers the following to be considered effective:
    • Proposes the development and implementation, if approved, of a plan to rehabilitate the client by restructuring its affairs, business, property, debt and other liabilities, and equity in a manner that maximises the likelihood of the company continuing in existence on a solvent basis, or if it is not possible for the company to so continue in existence, results in a better return for the Bank than would result from the immediate liquidation of the company.
    • Escalates a matter when deemed necessary – in the case of arbitration or when a complaint is received.
    • Manages a portfolio of customers in BS&R via interaction with Business Rescue Practitioners, other creditors, customers and internal stakeholders in order to maximise the likelihood of the company continuing in existence, or if it is not possible for the company to so continue in existence, results in a better return for the Bank than would result from the immediate liquidation of the company. Vote for or against a business rescue plan within authorised mandate.

People management
  • Inspires, motivates, leads and manage stakeholders on BS&R matters.
  • Develops, train and re-train relevant skills in order to meet the business needs.
  • Ensures skills assessments and competency-based training takes place as and when required.
  • Builds organisational capabilities through evaluating likely future requirements and ensuring that individuals are provided with the best possible development opportunities in line with these. 
  • Creates an environment in which learning and development is emphasised and valued.
  • Takes personal responsibility for coaching and mentoring others.
  • Effectively delegates authority and responsibility in line with business objectives to ensure the empowerment, motivation and effectiveness of all direct and indirect reports.
  • Promotes a culture where the values of the Bank are seen to be ‘alive’.
  • Ensures the implementation of the leadership promise engagement.
  • Encourages stakeholders to express their views, resolves issues raised by the business, escalates issues if required and provides feedback on an ongoing basis.
  • Develops and maintains an open communication channel with direct reports and to foster greater co-operation and teamwork.

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Preferred Qualification and Experience 
3 Year Tertiary Degree (Preferred: Business / Legal / Accounting or related credit / risk qualification)
Certification in Credit / Risk Management

Experience in the following:
  • Negotiation Skills
  • Conflict Management
  • Distressed Debt Workshop
  • Business Solutions, Rescue and Recoveries Curriculum
Minimum 3-7 years experience in a credit environment (preferably in a Credit / Risk Assessment or Recoveries role).
Minimum 5 years credit / risk / relationship and recoveries experience if no tertiary qualification held.

Knowledge/Technical Skills/Expertise
  • Credit assessment
  • Knowledge of all Banking products
  • Knowledge of collateral
  • Knowledge of risk management in respect of distressed debt customers
  • Legal/accounting/business knowledge
  • Knowledge of applicable statutory and regulatory legislation
  • Required to have sufficient knowledge of credit / risk procedures to critically analyse information to ensure quality recommendations for a restructure / recovery
  • Computer literacy – knowledge of applicable systems (MS Word, Excel, Power Point)
  • Accounting/budgeting skills
  • Risk management ability
  • Credit evaluation skills
  • Recoveries evaluation skills
  • Turnaround of business
  • Product knowledge
  • Collateral knowledge

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PLEASE NOTE: All our recruitment and selection processes comply with applicable local laws and regulations. We will never ask for money or any form of payment as part of our recruitment process. If you experience this, please contact our Fraudline on +27 800222050 or forward to
Afya Plus
Afya Plus is a local Non-Governmental Organization registered under NGOs Act no.24 of 2002 in Tanzania. Afya Plus is an affiliate of IntraHealth International Inc, a not-for-profit organization headquartered in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, USA, with more than 40 years of experience in over 100 countries in health systems strengthening and service delivery. As a local affiliate, Afya Plus brings a deep understanding of the country context and offers a route towards local self-reliance, working to be a key partner of the Government of Tanzania (GoT). Afya Plus envisions a community with quality health care services for everyone, achieved by strengthening the quality and accessibility of Tanzania’s health care system, working in partnership with the GoT, civil society organizations, for-profit firms and other key stakeholders to support improved service delivery outcomes in the country.

Afya Plus is in the Tohara Plus project consortium led by IntraHealth International that supports the GoT to stregthen and accelerate the scale- up of Voluntary Medical Male Circumcision (VMMC) for HIV prevention for maximum public health impact with funding support from the President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR) through the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).
Afya Plus is soliciting applications from excellent candidates to fill the vacant post below:
 Position: Human Resources and Administrative Officer
Location: Dar-Es- Salaam, Tanzania
Summary of Role:
The Human Resources and Administrative Officer shall be responsible on providing Human Resources, Administrative and operations support to Afya Plus. He/she will be responsible to provide guidance on interpreting and implementing Human Resources policies, rules and regulations as well as ensure consistence adherence to the Human Resources related legal framework. He/she will be responsible to oversee administrative and operations portfolio within Afya Plus. The incumbent of this position will work under the overall supervision of the Director of Finance and Administration.

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Key Responsibilities Human Resources:
  • Interpret and review Human Resources policies, rules and regulations as well as standard procedures;
  • Review candidate applications for advertised vacancies, schedule and administer interviews;
  • Determine entitlements, issue contracts and ensure the correct payment of salaries according to existing Staff Rules and Regulations; process all types of personnel transactions;
  • Provide guidance, training and daily supervision to other support staff in the area of responsibility;
  • Arrange for and/or attend meetings on day-to-day personnel matters; participate in discussions of new or revised procedures and practices, interpret and assess the impact of changes, and make recommendations for follow-up action;
  • Review the contractual status of all staff in order to ensure contracts are prepared on timely basis and reviewed before the deadline;
  • Oversee the data input into personnel-related databases and provide guidance on data input and validation;
  • Prepare correspondence to respond to enquiries in respect to relevant personnel; matters; review correspondence prior to clearance by the Executive Director as appropriate;
  • Create, check and maintain personnel files for all staff at location, ensuring all documentation is complete; maintain and file confidential personnel information and documents, ensure relevant documents are kept in their respective files;
  • Ensures that all newly hired employees in the office have gone through formal orientation about the organization and the job; Provide advice to managers on organisation planning, job design;
  • Administer staff entitlements, allowances, benefits and incentives;
  • Co-ordinate the performance management process; Recommend for new or adapted Human Resources policies and procedures;
  • Administration and Operations:
  • Briefing/debriefing staff members on issues relating to a variety of administrative areas, e.g., personnel actions, visas, licenses, documentation procedures and practices, administrative procedures, etc.;
  • Assist in the preparation of office budgets applicable to staff and servicing costs and maintain necessary budgetary control records;
  • Provide administrative support in procurement of equipment and supplies as per laid down procedures making recommendations and following up to ensure that procedures are strict adhered to the organizations and donors/USG policies.
  • Ensures regular and timely payments for utilities, staff mobile airtime, staff medical insurances etc.
  • Ensure the efficient running of the office including IT systems and other equipment.
  • Maintain updated inventory registry, filing and recording systems of the organization;
  • Provide support in the preparation and implementation of systems and procedures for the procurement of all supplies, goods, works and services;
  • Manages office supplies and keeps update records of office stationery and other supplies.
  • Manage the office petty cash in accordance with approved financial procedures and regulations.
  • Assist to secure relevant and adequate insurance in order to minimize risk and liabilities to the organization (staff medical, vehicle insurance, etc).
  • Set up internal controls and security;
  • Supervise support staff as required
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Minimum Qualifications
  • Advanced University Degree (Masters or equivalent) or post graduate degree with experience and advanced training/ courses in one or more of the following disciplines: Business administration, human resources management or other related areas;
  • At least 3-5 years post graduate, progressively responsible job- related experience in business administration, human resources or public sector management.
  • Demonstrated excellent personal integrity and confidentiality Previous experience working with CDC funded project or NGOs is advantageous
  • Excellent interpersonal communication skills,
  • Demonstrated ability to work effectively in team-based environment
  • Demonstrated ability in using Microsoft Office applications (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, Outlook, etc.)
  • Oral and written proficiency in English and Kiswahili required
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Method of Application
Application letter with detailed CV, indicating daytime contact telephone numbers and email address, as well as names and contact information of three referees should be submitted to the following email address: indicating the job you are applying for in the Subject line.

The closing date for receiving applications is May 31st, 2020. Only short­listed candidates will be contacted. Afya Plus seeks to fill this position with the right person as soon as possible. Succesful candidate will be required to report one month after receiving an employment offer.

Job Title: International Team Leader – Water Infrastructure
Location: Tanzania
Contract Duration: maximum 5 years and in any case to be implemented before August 9, 2025
Indicative start date: October 2020
DevelopmentAid Recruitment Solutions is seeking, on behalf of its international client, an individual to act as the International Team Leader for the Simiyu Climate Resilience Project, financed by the Green Climate Fund (GCF) and the German Government through KfW as well as the Government of Tanzania. The total budget of the Project is EUR 171 million as a grant, to be implemented until August 9, 2025. The project aims at increasing the climate resilience of rural and urban house- holds in the Simiyu Region by improving water supply, sanitation and agriculture and at improving policies and regulation for cross-sectoral action towards climate adaptation. If you are a strong leader with experience in water engineering, water construction and proven experience in managing large donor-funded water infrastructure projects, then this role is right for you.


  • M.Sc. or MBA or equivalent in a project-related field: Civil or Environmental engineering, water resources management, or equivalent;

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General Experience:
  • Expert with profound project management experience in internationally funded projects including complex multi-sectoral projects with ESHS challenges;
  • Proven international professional experience in the sewerage/water sector;
  • Profound project experience, preferably in (Eastern) African countries with similar socio-economic conditions;
  • over 10 years overall working experience.
Specific Experience:
  • over 5 years’ experience in management of donor funded infrastructure projects (studies, design, accompanying measures for similar sized infrastructure) as Team Leader, Project Manager;
  • Strong management skills in particular for large Water Infrastructure projects, Water Engineering, Water Supply, etc. and/or at least of a similar budget (18mln EUR – Technical Assistance and/or 170mln EUR for the implementation);
  • Project management for at least 5 projects (inter-national experience) of similar nature in preparation of detailed design & preparation of tender documents for design of wastewater/water systems including wastewater treatment plants/WWTPs;
  • Good knowledge of FIDIC (Pink Book / Yellow Book, etc.) conditions of contracts;
  • Demonstrated Team Leader experience in Water Infrastructure projects (construction supervision);
  • Sound experience in project management of a team composed of international and local experts;
  • Excellent command of oral and written English.
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Note: details on the project development, project’s benefits and salary are to be further clarified

Minimum number of working days: The Simiyu Climate Resilience Project is planned to be carried out in a maximum of five years and in any case needs to be implemented before August 9, 2025


Applications and updated CV should be submitted to under the title: DRS ref number 10739.
Due to the high number of applications received via DevelopmentAid website, we can reply to shortlisted candidates only. Please note that the above requirements can be modified during the recruitment process according to client's procedures.

 Tangani Harvest Ltd Tangani Harvest Ltd, a Private company limited by shares, The Company is now engaged in a variety of business activities not limited to trade, manufacturing, agriculture and so on.
  • Conduct market research to identify selling possibilities and evaluate customer needs
  • Actively seek out new sales opportunities through cold calling, networking and social media
  • Set up meetings with potential clients and listen to their wishes and concerns
  • Prepare and deliver appropriate presentations on products and services
  • Create frequent reviews and reports with sales and financial data
  • Ensure the availability of stock for sales and demonstrations
  • Participate on behalf of the company in exhibitions or conferences
  • Negotiate/close deals and handle complaints or objections
  • Collaborate with team members to achieve better results
  • Gather feedback from customers or prospects and share with internal teams
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  • Proven experience as a Sales Executive or relevant role
  • Should e fluent I both Swahili and English language
  • Excellent knowledge of MS Office
  • Thorough understanding of marketing and negotiating techniques
  • Fast learner and passion for sales
  • Self-motivated with a results-driven approach
  • Aptitude in delivering attractive presentations
  • Certificate / Diploma in  sales and Marketing
  • 2 to 3 years’ experience in selling Agricultural products and beverages
  • Must know how to drive and have a valid driving licence
  • Must have convincing power
Job opportunities at Tangani Harvest Ltd
Job title: Procurement officer for agricultural products
Location: Dar es salaam
Nationality: Tanzanian
Position: 1
  • Prepare and execute import plans for Agricultural products eg wheat, Maize, Rice etc
  • Search, recommend and deal with Farmers
  • Search and expand potential farmers in order to be able to purchase goods that are of high quality but at a price.
  • Collect procurement demand notes from various units
  • Find farmers, enquire for quotation list, compare and recommend a suitable supplier
  • Report every supplier’s profile and have it approved
  • Prepare orders, then submit and send them to suppliers
  • Make prepayment as regulated for procurement of goods
  • Supervise and speed up the delivery schedule of the supplier to the office or to relevant units/individuals
  • Make acceptance or delivery reports
  • As for sudden demands or demands for a small quantity of goods that the supplier cannot make the delivery, buy directly from the supplier
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Education: Certificate/Diploma in Procurement and Supply Chain
Years of Experience: 2
Fluent in English and Swahili
Strong negotiation and communication skills
Should be able to travel around regions for research and purchase.
How to apply :
Only qualified candidates should send  their applications through within One week from the appearance of the job Advertisement.
Job opportunities at Tangani Harvest Ltd
Mikocheni A House No. 11,
Plot No.382, Block A,
P. O. Box 32228,
Mikocheni A Dar es Salaam

Position: Executive Director at Toa Nafasi Project
As a volunteer nursery school teacher in Tanzania’s Kilimanjaro Region in 2007, Sarah Rosenbloom was troubled to see a number of students writing backward or upside-down, in both literacy and numeracy exercises. These students found it difficult to catch on and were hard to correct; their teachers were at a loss as to how to help them.
With extensive research and a network of connections, Sarah developed a simple, yet effective intervention to assist Standard One students with learning difficulties, which is both unique and innovative. She founded The Toa Nafasi Project, a non-governmental organization incorporated in 2012 in the United States and working in Tanzania, to deliver and maintain this intervention.
The Toa Nafasi Project has since evolved into a more complex entity that aims to:
1) support students with learning difficulties by fostering’ hidden talents as well as resolving the challenges they face;
2) hire underemployed local women, train them as tutors, and provide them with opportunities for further professional development. Initiated in one school in 2013, in 2020 Toa currently operates in 11 schools and employs 35 Tanzanians as administrative staff and tutors.
Thus, founded on the notion that each child is an individual with diverse aptitudes and learning styles that must be encouraged, The Toa Nafasi Project addresses the needs of public primary schoolchildren in Tanzania to assess their abilities, cultivate strengths, and resolve weaknesses. In order to do so, we train formerly disadvantaged local women as tutors, and work with teachers, parents, and the community at large to enrich the classroom experience. The two-fold mission of The Toa Nafasi Project is to elicit creativity and distinction in the classroom and on the playground, and to provide each child and tutor the chance to excel.

The education sector in Tanzania has very limited resources—both human and economic—for students with learning differences, particularly those with needs as subtle and complex as dyslexia, dysgraphia and dyscalculia. Acknowledging this dilemma, the 2009 National Strategy on Inclusive Education called upon non-state actors—non-governmental organizations in particular—to form partnerships with local school systems and government offices in order to facilitate the goals of inclusive education. The Toa Nafasi Project has answered this call through the implementation of our Early Childhood Education Platform, which proceeds as follows:
Assess: Each year, our staff with the permission and cooperation of school administrators, take a census of all the children enrolled in Standard One. We observe each student for social behaviors, adaptive abilities, and motor skills as well as test them for literacy, numeracy, and cognitive skills to get a full picture of each child’s capacities.
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Refer: The Project has a referral system of health professionals to treat those students who are assessed as having medical or psychosocial issues. In past years, we have assisted children with adenoid and tonsil surgeries, rehabilitated those suffering from sexual abuse trauma, and treated a multitude of children with complaints ranging from vision and hearing impairment to mild medical conditions. Students with more severe learning challenges are sponsored at the local Gabriella Rehabilitation Centre.

Modify: The Project works with the remaining children who are still struggling through daily tutorial sessions. Because the Tanzanian educational system requires that schoolchildren sit for periodic national examinations, the standard national curriculum must be adhered to. But we do so in a modified context in which the syllabus and/or teaching methodology can be readily adjusted for students with special needs with more time spent on each lesson, one-on-one time with the tutor, and hands-on work.

Train: Toa’s corps of tutors – formerly underemployed local women – receive in-service training throughout the year on simple yet effective pedagogical methods. Our tutors become powerful advocates for students both within the school setting and in the community where disability is often stigmatized. Beyond teaching, Toa provides these women opportunities for professional development, enabling them to become part of the organization’s decision-making and program implementation processes.

Measurement: Toa uses several tools for monitoring project activities and outcomes. We assess each student in the classroom after six months and one year to measure progress. We also hold individual interviews with headmasters and teachers, and conduct surveys and focus groups with the students’ parents/caregivers and village members. Approximately 90% of our Standard One students return to mainstream classrooms and proceed to Standard Two.
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The Toa Nafasi Project is currently recruiting a new Executive Director to lead the organization into its next phase of existence. We are seeking a passionate, committed, and creative leader who will ensure that programs are running in a timely and impactful manner, that fundraising is maintained to keep up with growth, that partnerships are formed and deepened, and that all organizational activities are focused towards achieving and expanding our mission to its highest potential. This person must have a demonstrated ability to manage and inspire others by encouraging team members to do their best work, provide honest feedback, build impactful projects and programs, and have the confidence to work with government actors, partners and communities. In short, we are looking for someone who will be committed to and has the demonstrated ability to further the twofold mission of the Toa Nafasi Project and who understands the urgent need to work with government actors, partners, and communities to support children with different learning needs and empower women through professional development.

Strategic Planning: In the first several months, the new Executive Director will work with Toa’s Strategic Consultant, staff, and Board members to develop a strategic plan, which will operate as a road map for the next 5 – 10 years. This will take a large percentage of time during the first few months of the job and will involve the following steps:
Reviewing assessments recently completed by the Strategic Consultant regarding Toa’s current capacity;
Use a participatory development process to create short and long-term goals to meet Toa’s mission and building on the current program strategies to ensure successful completion of those goals, and;
Develop a sustainability plan to meet necessary funding requirements for the new strategies.

Beyond strategic planning, the Executive Director will be responsible for the following:
Managing Staff:
  • Ensure that all employees are delivering high-quality and timely work according to their job descriptions;
  • Create and maintain official work plans with staff in order to track performance and professional development needs;
  • Pursue and provide relevant professional development opportunities;
  • When needed, conduct recruitment activities and fill relevant staffing gaps with the highest ethical standard, in order to meet the goals of the strategic plan;
  • Conduct annual mid-year reviews;
  • Conduct disciplinary measures when needed.

Program Management:
Using the needs assessment and guided by goals in the strategic plan, the Executive Director will:
  • Build up the teacher training/professional development program into a scalable pillar of Toa Nafasi’s programs;
  • Pro-actively pursue strategies needed to continue the implementation the Early Childhood Education Platform in public schools throughout the region and country;
  • Work closely and effectively with government actors in both schools and local administrations to build impactful programs;
  • Ensure that all reports are written and submitted in a professional and timely manner to any necessary parties and filed accordingly;
  • Ensure that monitoring and evaluation are consistently done at a high quality and that lessons learned from evaluations are integrated into program development.

Administrative & Financial Management:
  • Develop and supervise all financial systems;
  • Develop an organizational financial policy and manual;
  • Supervise the creation of budgets (annual and projected budgets, as well as project and proposal budgets);
  • Develop annual budgets for Board approval;
  • Liaise with the US Board of Directors by attending quarterly meetings via conference call to provide programmatic and financial updates, as well as the outcomes of staff and operational reviews;
  • Maintain annual meetings with the Tanzania Advisory board and engage members when needed;
  • Collaborate with the Deputy Director and Accountant, ensuring annual audits and other regular checks and balance systems;
  • Supervising administrative processes, filing, and office management;
  • Ensure that all donor and government reporting is done accurately and on time. (i.e. filing reports with the Tanzanian National NGO Coordination and thoroughly completing funder reports);
  • Supervise all written reports and organizational literature to ensure grammatical accuracy; ensuring that all public written materials representing Toa are accurate and clear;
  • Ensuring that all operational reviews are done fairly and regularly and that learnings are effectively integrated into the organization.

Fundraising, Donor and Relationship Management:
  • Implement the sustainability plan in accordance to the strategic plan to ensure that all new and existing programs are adequately funded and that the organization operates at maximum financial health;
  • Build relationships with current and future donors, foundations, local partners, government agencies and politicians;
  • Work closely with US and TZ Board of Directors to ensure meeting funding benchmarks;
  • Represent Toa Nafasi at conferences, networking or fundraising events;
  • Ensure the continuation of grant application research, submission and reporting.

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We are seeking a candidate who:
Demonstrates a passion for education, disability rights, women’s rights, and community development;
Is creative! This position requires an individual with vision, who can spot both opportunities and weaknesses and is able to steer the organization in the right direction;
Holds a Master’s Degree in International Development, Management, or commensurate field of study, or at least five years of experience managing an international development project;
Lives locally or is willing to relocate to the area;
Has demonstrated experience in nonprofit program management, including:
  • A track record of implementing successful programs in community settings through developing partnerships, closely monitoring program implementation, and tracking program impact through data collection and grant reporting;
  • A history of strategic thinking in the context of program design and project planning and having refined programs over time to improve outcomes;
  • A history of maintaining and growing donor relationships and partnerships with government and private sector actors.
Preferred: Experience managing in a school or education program setting;
Has experience managing people. It is critical that the person in this position be a strong manager who is able to collaborate effectively with team members, listen and integrate ideas, support staff development but also identify and address weaknesses and issues as they arise. Must demonstrate excellent time management skills and have the capacity to juggle multiple projects and priorities;
Has experience with public speaking and is able to publicly represent Toa Nafasi in an inspirational and professional manner;
Is computer proficient in Microsoft Windows Suite, especially Word, Excel, and PowerPoint;
Is fluent in English and Kiswahili; Must demonstrate strong writing skills in both languages;
Has excellent time-management skills; is organized, takes initiative and at all times conducts oneself with integrity, honesty and passion.
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Method of Application
Please send a one-page cover letter and CV with three references to before June 12th, with the subject line “Executive Director Application”. The cover letter should include net salary expectation. You are also welcome to send up to two additional links or attachments that demonstrate your eligibility for this position. These may include a writing sample (kindly ensure that you are the sole author) or link (for example: a TED Talk or press link for a project you managed). Please provide clear context for any additional links in your email. Only short-listed candidates will be contacted for interviews.
Thank you for your interest!
Closing date: 12th June, 2020