Government Jobs at National Electoral Commission (NEC) Iringa MC | Temporary Jobs

The National Electoral Commission (NEC) has announced temporary work opportunities for the upgrade of the Voters Register.
According to the announcement of the application for those jobs signed by Acting Director of Elections Actor, Moses Moses, Tanzanians aged 18 and over 45 are asked to apply.

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An election commission is a body charged with overseeing the implementation of election procedures. The formal names of election commissions vary from jurisdiction to jurisdiction, and may be styled an electoral commission, a central or state election commission, an election board, an electoral council or an electoral court. Election commissions can be independent, mixed, judicial or executive. They may also be responsible for electoral boundary delimitation. In federations there may be a separate body for each subnational government. The election commission has a duty to perform election related activities in an orderly manner. For election related problems, Election Commission is responsible

Elections in Tanzania gives information on election and election results in Tanzania.
The Political Elections in Tanzania categorized in local Government and National level. the local Government is titled for electing Streets or Villages Chairman’s and The National Level is referred to as General Election for electing the head of state – the president – and a legislature

According to the announcement, some of the applicants' Minimum qualifications are Form four-education level, knowledge of computer skills and others

“May be able to identify computer hardware problems and software to solve them” said part of the announcement and add it
“May be able to install the computer software to provide support to TEHAMA for users.”
“He has never been convicted of a criminal offense to be able to work in a limited environment”

The BVR system is used for registering voters. It comprises a laptop, a finger print scanner and a camera. BVR captures a voter′s facial image, finger prints and civil data or Personally Identifiable Information (PII)-Name, gender, identity card/passport number, telephone number etc. The registration takes place at the registration centres where an individual is expected to vote. The BVR method of registration was the only system deployed by IEBC to register voters just before the 2013 general elections.

NOTE: Read full announcement in PDF file through the link below: 

BVR Jobs Opportunity at Iringa Municipal


Article 74(6) of the constitution states its responsibilities:

  • Register voters for the union presidential and parliamentary elections.
  • Supervise the conduct of the presidential and parliamentary elections
  • Review and demarcate the electoral boundaries
  • Perform any other function as per the law such as organize referendums.
Responsibilities of BVR Kit Operator
  • To ensure that the channel is timely open and start registration for the deadline for which in accordance with the directions of the Commission is 2:00 Morning to 12:00 pm.
  • Posting Voter Registration Center posters and other posters made by the Commission for the registration center.
  • Ensure the necessary facility equipment is available at the Registration Center Voters.
  • To be present at the office for the duration of the work even if no voters are present register or update their information.
  • Managing the filing of the Applicant (Voter) forms to avoid errors.
  •  Importing Voter Information into the Registration System.
  • Ensure that Voters who arrive at the venue before 12:00 pm and to queue all subscribers unless there are many, they will be listed and plan to start with them the next day.
  •  To ensure that after the registration date has been completed, the caller notices Voters registered for the day are prepared and maintained for the purpose of handing over to the Ward Registrar Assistant Officer.
  • To ensure that materials and registration documents are properly maintained over the period all of the exercise and submission to the Registrar Officer in quality his.
  •  Other duties as assigned by the Registrar or Officer Assistant Registrar.
A total of 15,000 BVR kits were deployed to 24,614 registration centres. The Commission recruited 30,000 registration clerks to conduct the exercise for thirty days. 1,450 Voter Registration Assistants (VRAs) were recruited to assist in the supervision of registration clerks and coordination of registration at the county assembly ward level. In barely a month, IEBC managed to register 14,352,545 voters. The machines were found to be fast and reliable.

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