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Alliance One International
Green Storage Supervisor
At Alliance One our purpose is to transform people’s lives so that together we can grow a better world. We are the trusted provider of certified, sustainable and traceable agricultural products and ingredients to businesses and customers. We have 150 years of experience as a leading independent leaf tobacco merchant; serving the worlds multinational cigarette manufacturers. Our sustainability program rooted in three pillars: Producers, People and Planet has been a source of pride for our employees and will continue to be at the core of our business. As we pursue the next 150 years we are looking to diversify our services and products with people who have the courage to lead and an entrepreneurial spirit. You will be sitting in the engine of growth as we shape our future together.

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Job Summary:
To supervise all green tobacco, offloading, storage allocation, Internal and Customer Bale inspections and Issuing for processing in accordance with AOI, AOTTL Tobacco Leaf Services Standard Operating Procedures and Customer specifications.
What you will do:
  • To supervise and control the Green Stock inventory daily, weekly and monthly, prepares the weekly report for the approval of Green Storage Manager,
  • To recommend quarterly stock count dates, allocate workforce and carry out the stock count with the Green Storage team;
  • To review the inventory reconciliation sheet prepared by the Green Storage Shift Foreman and submit to the Green Storage Manager for final approval;
  • To prepare the inventory report weekly and submits to the Green Storage Manager for approval;
  • To supervise, prioritise and control the receiving of Green Stock, check that inventory received is compliant and update the GS Manager,
  • To prepare the weekly plan based on the weekly packing programme from the Factory, submit for approval to the Green Storage Manager and inform the Shift Foremen;
  • To review and pnontise the work to be earned out on a daily basis and check that there is sufficient resources and equipment to meet set targets;
  • To supervise, and check that customer and Internal bale inspections are completed correctly, in time, and that it has been carried out in line with TLS Green Storage Inspection SOP’s
  • To supervise and control the issuing of Green Stock daily as per TLS Green Stock SOP’s
  • To analyse and provide daily reports to the GSM on forklift and machine status, breakdowns and forklift fuel usage,
  • To supervise, prioritise and control the storage of Green Stock ensuring the stacking and storing of green stock is in compliance to the TLS Green Storage and Stacking SOP’s
  • To carry out warehouse checks to see whether tobacco received has been stored correctly as per ToPS 3D storage system ( Racks stored in grade order, and at the proper location as shown on the issued label stuck at the rack);
  • To check that all tobacco bale texture are compliant and bales and racks movements have been scanned into ToPS by the Scanning Clerks daily
  • To supervise subordinate staff in the achievement of work objectives, monitor performance, takes appropriate action through the Human Resources Manager,
  • To carry out ongoing evaluation of staff, identifies performance strengths and weaknesses, and arranges for necessary action (for example further on the job training, discipline and so on);
  • To monitor the overall welfare of staff (such as sickness, loans, death of family), and take the appropriate action for immediate assistance;
Who you are and what you’ve done:
  • Degree Procurement & Supply Chain Management, or similar 3 years
  • Post Graduate Degree in Procurement & Supply Chain Management or Business Administration or similar
  • Tobacco experience in receiving, storage and shipment 4 to 6 Years
Knowledge Areas
  • Logistic/shipping/supply chain Warehousing and inventory control Company computer systems such as SAP Operations/ fumigation procedures
Written and verbal communication in English and Swahili Ability to plan and coordinate 6 months to a year Ability to manage work teams and reach agreed objectives
Leaf Accounts Coordinator
Job Summary:
To ensure efficient and effective system control of tobacco data capturing and to provide sustainable data for tobacco costing and inventory control.
What you will do:
  1. Tops system maintenance
  • To check and Control the ToPS System, submit and test system changes and uploads buying and shipment information into ToPS daily;
  • To review finished goods issued status in SAP and report to the Leaf Accounts Manager if they are still hanging into the System for necessary action,
  • To check tobacco costing and physical accountability on line from purchase to processing delivery, analyse variances and submit a report to Leaf Accounts Manager on weekly basis
  • To check tobacco costing and the physical accountability from purchase to processing delivery through on line tobacco control systems (such as I FAS, TOPS);
  • To prepare green tobacco buying, shipment and receipt data on weekly basis and reconciles physical count against SAP data on quarterly basis
  • To prepare specialized customers processing data before they are sent to Quality Assurance for reporting to the customer on weekly basis;
  • To supervise subordinate staff in the achievement of work objectives and monitors performance,
  • To ensure that the STP, SHE, Security and ISO Policies and Procedures are implemented and adhered to throughout the relevant Leaf Accounts operations;
  • To prepare weekly tobacco reports on green and dry inventory, receipt, processing and packed tobacco, trend yield and total factory production for submission to AOTTL Customers and Management,
  • To prepare monthly green and finished issuing reports,
  1. ToPS training
  • To conduct ToPS trainings to AOTTL staff on tobacco receiving, inventory management, processing and packing and product identification modules and respective reports when required,
Who you are and what you’ve done:
  • Degree in Accounting or similar MBA or Masters in Economics or similar Experience
  • Data Management or similar 2 to 4 years
  • Tobacco Industry with knowledge on buying and factoiy operations
Knowledge Areas
  • Planning and product costing
  • Tobacco industry with knowledge of financial and operation systems (SAP,
  • Knowledge in TOPS, SAP
  • Extensive skills on Data analysis and presentation Detailed knowledge of spread sheets and applications
  • Interpersonal skills and results orientated
  • Excellent written and verbal communication in English and Swahili Ability to analyse, solve related problems and make accurate decisions Ability to manage change
  • Ability to plan and organise work on a monthly, quarterly, bi-annual and annual basis
Processing Shift Coordinator
Job Summary:
To coordinate and control the Processing shifts to ensure that AOTTL and customer requirements are achieved in compliance with AOI and AOTTL Processing Standard Operating Procedures What you will do:
  • To contnbute to the off season maintenance plan, in liaison with the Factory Operations
  • To identifies improvements and modifications for the Threshing operations to included in offseason maintenance plan,
  • To ensures the maintenance of the required hygiene throughout the working environment daily;
  • To coordinate and monitor the Processing shift operati ons to ensure the optimisation of line design capacity (through put), efficiencies and yield
  • To monitor the performance of the processing team on a daily basis and take corrective action through the Factory Operations Manager;
  • To carry out periodic checks to detect process equipment faults and submits weekly reports to the Factory Operations Manager for approval;
  • To identify and coordinate the weekend maintenance requirements and informs the Factory Operations Manager and Head of Engineering;
  • To monitor and manage Processing staff to ensure achievement of work plan and performance efficiency and ensures the adherence to the regulatory Company Policies and Procedures,
  • To meet with the Processing staff weekly, discuss and agree on the work plan, and check that this is being carried out;
  • To train staff, or arrange for the training of staff in the understanding and application of the department/section and their own core functions and tasks;
  • To monitor the overall welfare of staff (such as sickness, loans, death of family), takes the appropriate action for immediate assistance;
Who you are and what you’ve done:
  • Degree in Processing Engineering 3 years Post Graduate Degree in Processing Engineering
  • Tobacco Processing and Plant Maintenance 4 to 6 years
Knowledge Areas
  • Tobacco processing
  • Factory operations
  • Employee control and supervision
  • Plant Maintenance
  • Engineering
  • Verbal and written communication in English and Swahili Ability to analyse processing data Ability to plan and coordinate
Time Frame: All applications should be submitted before 10th February, 2020
Human Resources Director.
Alliance One Tobacco Tanzania Limited
P.O. Box 1595, Kingolwira,
Morogoro, Tanzania