Career Opportunities at Lateral Labs Tanzania


Hello, and welcome to Lateral Labs! Thank you for taking the time to read this.

We are a digital agency based in Dar since 2017. Lateral Labs envisions a future that is driven by Digital, object-oriented and cost-efficient technology. As such, we offer Digital strategy, design, and operations services to businesses across sectors who seek meaningful impact online.

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In the last two years, Lateral Labs has worked for over 60 unique clients on a range of projects, including brand conceptualization, website design-development, and social media management.
We’re looking for a motivated, independent, and detail-oriented freelancer who can have great conversations online with our social media clients’ followers. This involves checking profiles regularly for messages, responding to questions in a timely manner, and generating leads.

Job Title: Engagement Analyst
Reporting to: Project Manager
Key skills:
Customer service – making people smile every time you chat with them.
Research and analysis – thinking analytically about social media data.
Time management – being able to manage multiple inquiries on an 8-hour basis.

Fixed-term paid contract starting at 3 months, extendable to 6-12 months.
Flexible hours working from anywhere you can find an Internet connection.
Room to grow across the Digital services spectrum. 
Please submit a response to the following case study: Your client is a custom shoe shop based in Arusha. They design shoes based on customer requirements. You are managing enquiries on their Facebook and Instagram profiles. Assume that all creative work will be produced and posted in advance of enquiries. Also assume that your client has a Sales Representative – you can refer to this Rep for any information or to pass on hot leads. How will you structure your work, time, and success for this client?
Your submission must be a maximum of 250 words in English and sent as a PDF. Please email your submission to Good luck, and thank you once again!