3 New Opportunities at Good Neighbors International (GNI) - Tanzania


Good Neighbors International (GNI) is an international humanitarian and development organization with Headquarter based in Seoul, the Republic of Korea. It is in General Consultative Status with the United Nations Economics and Social Council (UNECOSOC). The Mission/Vision of GNI works to transform the world to a peaceful and secure world, where no one suffers from starvation; where no one fall victim to preventable diseases; where everyone is comforted and respected with no alienation for any reason.

Good Neighbors Tanzania, based in Dar Es Salaam, has started its operation since 2005 and currently implemented various projects in nine (9) regions throughout the United Republic of Tanzania including Mwanza, Dodoma, Shinyanga, Pwani, Dar es salaam, Morogoro, Songwe, Zanzibar and Kigoma. Good Neighbors Tanzania is looking for individuals to join our highly motivated team in the following rolse below:

Position: Public Relations & Marketing Officer
Reports to: Senior M&E Officer,
Location: Dar es Salaam
Contract Duration: 1 year contract
Public Relations & Marketing Officer will be responsible for public relations and marketing and help to implement planned activities to strengthen M&E team.

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Duties and Responsibilities
• Developing promotional materials and publications (brochures, social media post, etc.)
• Preparing press releases and building positive relationships with media
• Developing PR strategic plan and guideline
• Developing and managing official website
• Seeking opportunities for partnerships
• Developing branding strategy and PR campaign focusing on main programs
• Supporting official event to raise organization’s awareness
• Manage Public Relations issues
• Any other related duty as may be assigned.

Qualification, experiences and competencies

• Bachelor Degree; Public Relations, Communications or any related field.
• At least 2 years’ experience in public relations or similar PR roles.
• Experience managing media relations
• Proficiency in MS office and social media
• Familiarity with video/photo editing
• Communication skills
• Deadline oriented with great follow up and reporting skills
• Problem solving skills, creative and Innovative in decision making, flexibility

Position: Sponsorship Officer
Reports to:
Sponsorship Manager
Location: Dar es Salaam
Contract Duration: 1 year contract
The Sponsorship Officer will be responsible to manage children data for community development projects (CDPs) through designed program (ACL, APR, GML& Home Visiting) with ensuring all sponsored children accessing their basic rights according to the needs.
Duties and Responsibilities
• Managing and monitoring all registered children at Community Development Project.
• Facilitate/link the communication between sponsor and a child through various reports and letters (APR, ACL & GML).
• Comply with Sponsorship updated Manual before and after implementation of the activity.
• Managing the application of Child Management System (CMS) program in all stages starting from the installation and updating.
• Maintaining and updating all children database by collecting information from the CDP/Field area and process them at the Office through CMS Program and send to International Headquarters.
• Ensure the improvement of Child Sponsorship Management by increasing submission within due date, reduction of error rate and regulating Drop Out in all activities CIF, APR, ACL & GML.
• Conduct situation Analysis before and after implementation of the activity together with cross checking children lists and share with beneficiaries
• Engaging stakeholders on the preparation of yearly Plan of Action (POA) for the easily implementation of activities in the Project.
• Timely preparation and submission of all activities plan, (Including direct service as well), necessary materials, budget and reports before and after the implementation of the activities.
• Delivering all planned direct services for all sponsored children by using the updated children lists to both CDPs.
• Comply with GNTZ Procurement Manual on the preparations of any necessary materials timely related to sponsorship activities or any if requested.
• Ensuring effectively implementation of Child Home Visiting at least once per year.
• Engaging in active participation for any activity assigned under team working within or outside the Department.
• Ensuring all children personal documents are filed and arranged accordingly.
• Sending and receiving EMS parcel from IHQ and share with colleagues.
• Building positive relationship with beneficiaries/community network through Organizing various seminars, training, meetings all the time especially during the implementation of the activity to ensure the compliance of sponsorship policies and guidelines.
• Attending all office trainings & meetings.
• Engage, supporting and updating other colleagues on the sponsorship activities where possible.
• Reporting all children who are in need of emergency services and report to Sponsorship Manager for more follow up.
• Respond effectively to sponsor queries whenever they rise.
• Perform any other duties as may be assigned.

Qualification, experiences and competencies
• University degree in Social Science, Community Development and related field.
• At least 3 years’ experience in Project Management & Child sponsorship programmes
• Proficiency in official reports, proposals and communication skills
• Ability to work with the community at the grassroots level
• Collaboration and team building skills, problem solving skill
• Creative and Innovative
• Strategic in decision making
• Flexibility
• Knowledge of Microsoft Offices.

Position: Senior Income Generation Officer
Reports to:
Managing Director
Location: Dar es Salaam
Contract Duration: 1 year contract
The Senior Income Generation Officer will be responsible to manage Income generation projects to increase income to beneficiaries through designed programs and practical training to beneficiaries through hired consultant and monitoring the project progress.
Duties and Responsibilities
Leadership and Team management
• To lead, motivate and manage the income generation team in order to meet expected goals.
• Involved in managerial functions to make organization decisions about staffing, budgeting, allocation of resources, and other strategic decisions.
• To prepare and implement annual operational plan and budget of all income generation activities.
• Identify, supervise, and monitor all Income-Generation activities and programs.
• To maximize any new business development opportunities identified across any area which we are working with that could generate additional income to the community.
• To ensure all necessary legal and financial issues around income generation are appropriately fulfilled.
• Meet with project stakeholders on a regular basis and discuss about major issues concern development and business context.

Income Generation and Partnership

• Organize, conduct and coordinate conferences, seminars, workshops and other events for income-generation participant groups.
• Develop and foster networks with other Income-Generation Projects both locally and nationally in order to identify effective approaches.
• Partner with project stakeholders for effectively plan, implement, and monitor income generation activities.
• Schedule and participate in regular meetings with Income Generation group participants and associated beneficiaries.
• To monitor performance on a monthly basis, reporting any areas of concern with a suggested plan of any remedial action that is necessary or any areas of better than expected performance and a suggested plan of how to maximize
• Work closely with other departments to identify vulnerable areas and groups that would benefit from Income Generation activities.
• Prepare and submit timely semi-annual and monthly reports
• Any other related duties as may be assigned.
Qualification, experiences and competencies
• Bachelor Degree in Community Development, Community Economics, Agri business, Business Administration or related field.
• Three (3) years’ work experience on project management, microfinance or income generation activities through agriculture or livestock keeping.
• Experience with NGO is an added advantage.
• Excellent communication skills
• An excellent written and oral command of English and Swahili.
• Knowledge on Project Cycle Management, Humanitarian Principles and cultural awareness.
• Knowledge of Microsoft Office.
• Leadership skills, problem solving skills, creativity and innovative in decision making.

Application Instructions:
• All applications should be sent with enclosed cover letter (addressed to Human Resource Division P.O. Box 33104 Dar es Salaam, Tanzania), detailed curriculum vitae containing complete names and addresses (postal, email, phone), together with names and contact details of three referees to: E-mail: hr.headoffice@goodneighbors.or.tz
• Deadline for application is not later than 20th January, 2020.
• Only shortlisted applicants will be contacted through their active mobile numbers and emails.
• Good Neighbors Tanzania will not be responsible for transport or/and accommodation during the interview, there will be no refund for the expenses incurred.