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Apply Job Opportunities at Water Laboratory LTD

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WATER is a private-based company aiming at the provision of high quality and timely
Water quality analytical services, and ensure consistent improvement in processes
required to achieve customer requirements and expectations. Among its core features
are the establishment, operation, and monitoring of assured water quality assessment
programmes in rural settings where natural water sources are currently contaminated
and polluted to undesirable standards due to certain natural and human activities.

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Several efforts are available from different governmental, semi-governmental, and non-
governmental units, but the issue still needs critical attention throughout the country.

Hence, it presents a burden to the majority rural dwellers where most of us originate; so
we should ask ourselves that aren't we capable of helping our vulnerable rural settings on
poor water and sanitation issues by starting where we are with what we have?

The company joins forces (i.e., by waiving entire water quality analytical processing
charges, APC) and concurrently utilizing community-based involvement approach
through periodic volunteering to address and tackle the problem without leaving
anyone behind beyond clean and safe water provision.

The programme under this
category further extends its scope by blending diverse specialties in a single team so
that during the process, rural villagers receive concurrent informative education for
improving their general livelihoods beyond quality water provision and sanitation.

Are you a motivated student, employer, employee, a self-employed or unemployed
candidate who is ready to spend your spare time, i.e., 3 to 7 days, including
weekends, for serving rural-based communities on enhancing their livelihood using
your acquired qualification, experience, skills and or knowledge? If yes, then you are
eligible to apply and join a diverse team intending to deliver excellent practices,
readily available in urban areas, to rural settings.
Candidates currently on studies are encouraged to participate in the programme as it
will proactively serve them with project accomplishment opportunities necessary on the
potential qualification of their partial fulfillment in the requirements of their
prospective academic award.

Our first step is not to leave anyone behind when providing such a volunteered service.
Thus, we shall reach all Tanzania villages at a prescribed time-frame with our diverse
team. In order to achieve this, many volunteers are required each month following the
launching of the programme. The programme is scheduled to operate monthly;
however, in the long-run, it will be accomplished at least twice a month.

The following units are designed and devoted to a successful taskforce:-

1 Water Quality Assessment and Operations Unit
2 Water Quantity Assessment and Operations Unit
3 Water Technical Information for Public Interest Unit
4 Occupational Safety and Health Unit
5 Data Management Unit - (Social and Scientific Field Data)
6 Food Management Unit - (Remote Catering)
7 Procurement, Logistics and Supply Chain Unit
8 Water Legal Unit
9 Transit Unit
10 Journalist Unit
11 Office and Lodge Hospitality Unit
12 Instant and Miscellaneous Support Unit


Kindly visit for an official online application
Programme applicants will undergo a rigorous review and selection process, including;
eligibility screening, scrutiny of provided information, and final selection by a panel of
Water management experts within their thematic areas and final endorsement by the
Water Laboratory Manager. An applicant will be successfully accepted into the
program once he/she has successfully made it through all rounds if selected. All
applications will be assessed on a rolling basis; therefore, selection can take place before
the application deadline.


NOTE: An application fee of Tshs 1,000/- is required for processing your application

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