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NIDA: Special Numbers to Contact with NIDA Headquarters for those With Problems | NAMBA MAALUM ZA KUWASILIANA NA NIDA

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NIDA stands for National  Identification Authority and National ID Number is sometimes abbreviated as NIN. There are three ways you can use to get your National ID Number from NIDA. The first way is via USSD through mobile phones with Vodacom or Airtel SIM cards. The second way is through NIDA’s website. The third way is by visiting any regional NIDA office.

Having National ID from NIDA will allow you to register your mobile SIM card number, create account with BRELA ORS for business registration purposes, etc.
Download Your National ID (NIDA) COPY Here

Method 1: Using USSD via Mobile Phones with Vodacom or Airtel SIM Cards

If you have a mobile handset with either Vodacom or Airtel SIM card then you can get National ID Number from NIDA through interactive USSD. Here are the steps:
  1. Dial *152*00#
  2. Select 3
  3. Then select 2
  4. Key in your full name (First, middle and surname eg. Dan John Sele)
  5. Key in your mobile phone number – the one used during registration for National ID.
  6. Accept paying the necessary charges
TUMA UJUMBE MFUPI WA SMS, Jina la kwanza * Jina la mwisho * Tarehe ya kuzaliwa * jina la kwanza la Mama * Jina la Mwisho la mama.=Mfano IDDI*ALI*01021990*ASHA*MAO.
You will be notified via SMS your National ID Number if your records have been fully captured in the system. Otherwise you will get a SMS stating that your records were not found.

Method 2: Using NIDA’s website

If you have access to the internet then you might as well use your browser to get your National ID Number. I prefer this method because it allows you to print a copy of your National ID card as well. See how to print a copy of National ID card from NIDA in Tanzania for more details.
  1. Navigate to
  2. Point to National Identity menu link
  3. Click on get National ID Number
  4. Key in your first name and surname
  5. Select your date of birth
  6. Key in first name and surname of your mother
  7. Click search
The browser will interact with NIDA’s database and present your National ID Number. Otherwise you might have made a minor mistake and will be asked to correct the details you just provided.

Method 3: Visiting NIDA regional offices

This is the last, least preferred method of getting your National ID Number from NIDA. For those who have tried method one and did not get their National ID Number then they should try this third method. Here they will be supposed to visit any nearby NIDA regional office and provide their details.
The staff of NIDA will fetch the National ID Number from NIDA’s database. If your details are not in their database, they will advise your to fill registration form and go through the biometric scanning process.
We do our best to keep our articles up to date. However, we cannot guarantee that the information provided is always current or complete.


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