Simple steps to Get Tanzania National Identity Card

NIDA To get National Identity Card must read this four steps for registration of Na tional Identification Card
1.Registration - biographic data
 Applicant's Identity, Citizen or Refugee should come to the registration / registration office (Copy) of identification documents, citizenship and age as outlined above in the requirements of each group during registration.

2.Biological marking
This Registration process includes the review of the applicant's information in the system, the taking of the fingerprint, the image and the installation of an electronic signature in which the applicant's basic requirements are;
  • For the quality and the beautiful appearance of the image the applicant is advised not to wear white, pink, gray, blue or blue clothes.  To wear any type of hat during photography, or to put on a hook during biological marking.
  • In order to simplify this exercise, the applicant is asked to come to the office / registration center and the original documentation for confirmation of their citizenship, age of birth, passport, primary and secondary certificates, driver's license, insurance cover  health, identification and voter identification of the woman.

3. Verification and Reservation
The National Identity Authority (NIDA) at this stage is conducting the process of receiving objections from citizens on residents who have applied for access to the National Identity and final verification of applicants before they start typing and distribution of IDs to  residents who have completed the stage of biological marking (photographs, fingerprints and electronic signatures).
NIDA in cooperate with Local Security and Security Committees, security agencies and citizens generally receive feedback or objections regarding the applicants of the National Identity for local residents.
This is an important step in implementing the Government's objective of creating a more accurate information system for the people, so citizens can provide written objections to the reasons for the objection by identifying deficiencies that they have discovered, based on  their citizenship, age, name, picture and residence   of the applicant by filling out a special form on the relevant street or informing NIDA by writing to us at the address of SLP 12324 Dar es Salaam, e-mail, or submitting them to the respective district offices.
NIDA urges citizens to be patriotic and emerge to review their information with other applicants, and to provide objections without prejudice, bullying or discrimination.
4.Distribution of National IDs
The applicant should come to the registration office in the respective districts or in accordance with the instructions / advertisements provided in the area in order to obtain their identification come with receipt given by NIDA when completing biological marking
BONYEZA HAPA CHINI KU- DOWNLOAD FORM | Click links below to download forms in PDF file format:
  1. Fomu ya Maombi kwa Raia wa Tanzania
  2. Fomu ya Maombi kwa Wageni Wakazi

After the above procedure follow the following steps to get National Identity Number -NIN through the instructions below

Dar es Salaam,
 +255 765 201 020
 +255 759 102 010
 +255 22 266 4168
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