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New Careers at Ubongo Kids

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Programs Manager Jobs

Ubongo is building brains and building change for families across Africa through fun edutainment on accessible technologies. We’re a social enterprise founded and based in Dar es Salaam, and we broadcast our shows Akili and Me​ ​and ​Ubongo Kids across the continent.
The Ubongo Programs Manager will be responsible for applying for grants and managing grants/programs through their lifetime, acting as the key point of contact for funders and the coordinator for project implementation at Ubongo and with our partners.


  • Ready and able to take on all the challenges listed below (and many more, down the line) as we scale! This probably means you’ll have a Bachelor’s or Master’s Degree and at least 3 years experience in project management. But we’re more interested in your ability to get the job done than your qualifications.
  • Extremely organized and process-oriented.
  • Able to GET THINGS DONE. You will be a ​team of one​ who needs to coordinate and manage ​across all departments​ in Ubongo to ensure that we are meeting our grant/program requirements on a periodic basis and in a timely manner!!
  • You must be comfortable managing technology-based products and coordinating the work of technical staff.
  • A super troubleshooter!
  • Able to speak and work in English and Kiswahili - we’re a bilingual office. And have strong writing skills, ​especially​ report and grant writing.
  • Good at dealing with ambiguity and able to figure things out for yourself.
  • Willing to speak up for what’s right, when you see wrong, or when you think there might be a better way.
  • Someone who loves kids. They’re why we do what we do. They’re running around our office all the time. Our kids’ music and videos will become part of your life (and constantly stuck in your head).


  • Searching and applying for grant opportunities, and coordinating interactions and due diligence with potential partners and funders.
  • Coordinating grant/program management and reporting for key grants and programs across all teams at Ubongo, including the Product, Business and Operations/ Finance teams.
  • Managing project-specific initiatives launched under grants/programs which may not fall under existing Ubongo operations and forming teams for those initiatives as needed.
  • Plan and work together with team leads to allocate existing resources within Ubongo towards the projects, and budget for forward growth.
  • Coordinate work across a number of diverse teams within Ubongo (in Dar es Salaam and abroad) and external partners, to implement grant projects.
  • Develop a monitoring and reporting framework for each grant/program project in collaboration with the grantor and Ubongo’s research team.
  • Collaborate with Business Team to plan for sustainability of projects beyond grant funding.


  • Taking full ownership of grant and program compliance and reporting, to ensure that the Ubongo team remains in good standing for all project grants, with reports submitted correctly and on time.
  • Collaborating closely with partners and funders, then representing their needs and interests to the rest of the Ubongo team.
  • Helping to project manage smaller partner and client projects as needed.
  • Managing project work plans, budgets and reporting to funders, and keeping our various teams on track with deliverables!
  • Reaching milestones on time and ensuring work is of top quality.
  • Ensuring that all Ubongoers are kept up to date on grants/program status, and contributing throughout!
  • Chipping in wherever else is needed. We’re a small organization, and we all wear many hats!
We also have perks, like delicious healthy lunch at the office, health insurance, and you get to watch cartoons at work.
Does that sound like a fit for you?

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