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Job Title: QHSE Officer Tanzania
Location: Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania, United Republic of
Department: Health and Safety 
Type: Full Time
Min. Experience: Experienced
1. Overall Purpose
  • To  oversee all HSE activities and programs
  • To promote continual improvement, humility and safety across the Group.
2. Accountability & Responsibility Areas.
  • To  oversee all HSE activities and programs
  • To promote continual improvement, humility and safety across the Group.
  • Assist in compliance reviews, general risk assessments and other safety assessments to support Health,
  • Manage HSE Programs, Policies and Procedures and maintain relevant logs and documentation.
  • Assist in the compliance of applicable laws and regulations i.e OSHA.
  • Perform HSE Inspections and prepare applicable HSE reports as necessary.
  • Provide assistance and advice on HSE issues to make recommendations to the company.
  • Participate in detailed incident investigations and Root Cause Analysis.
  • Promote incident prevention for the benefit of employees and visitors.
  • Assist in the development and presentation of relevant HSE training.
  • Observe HSE regulations, wears all required safety equipment, encourages safe working practices, corrects obvious hazards immediately or reports them to the proper personnel.
  • Ability to work with employees and achieve cultural change in the face of potential resistance.
  • Maintain positive and proactive relations with managers and employees, as well as customers and regulatory agencies.
  • Ability to evaluate PPE and ensure proper use and maintenance of PPE.
  • Ability to oversee Hazardous Waste Storage area and ensure regulatory agency compliance i.e. labeling, containment, proper disposal, documentation, etc.
  • Assist in emergency response and provide first aid treatment.
  • To help develop Job Hazard Analysis (JHA)
  • Ability to spearhead Safety Incentive Programs.
  • Perform other work related tasks as required as assigned
3. Knowledge , Skills & Qualifications
  • Minimum of bachelor’s degree in related field. An MBA qualification will be a plus.
  • Experience in working in a structured system.
  • Extensive knowledge of quality improvement systems.
  • International exposure.
  • Commercially astute.
  • Strong communication and interpersonal skills.
  • Self-motivation, leadership and innovation.
  • Excellent written report writing skills.