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SHEQ Specialist at DHL

Job Purpose:                

To develop and implement Quality, Health, Safety & Environment best practice, ensuring the Organisation complies with current health, Safety and environment legislation, approved codes of practice and guidance in relation to employment and service provision. Apply knowledge and skills to create and promote a positive Quality, health and safety culture. This plays a key role in helping control occupational risk, often the culprit behind lack of


productivity. To work proactively with managers to establish and maintain risk free environment for colleagues and customers. To support through planning, assessment and review of the Business Continuity Management process to ensure that disruption to the Organization’s critical functions is minimised.

Key Accountabilities:

  • Responsible for planning, tracking implementation, conducting assessments and reviews of the Health & Safety Management System .
  • Conducting site and activity inspections.
  • Support management in developing schemes for recycling, pollution reduction and pollution prevention.
  • To develop, implement and evaluate the Quality, Health, Safety and Environment Improvement Action Plans for the Organisation.
  • Coach and assist Line Managers in implementing Health, Safety and Environment systems and procedures to meet specific requirements, such as accident/incident reporting in a consistent and effective manner.
  • To provide knowledge and experience in developing risk assessments and review as necessary.
  • To investigate or, where appropriate, to assist others to investigate the circumstances and causes of accidents/incidents and take necessary steps to prevent a recurrence, including keeping written records of the investigation and action taken.
  • To monitor compliance with health, safety and environment legislation, regulations, company policies and procedures and standards and codes of practice.
  • To advise the management team on implications of current and emerging health, safety and environment legislation including making recommendations and generating action plans.
  • Auditing, analyzing and collating Health, Safety and Environmental performance data and reporting information to internal staff, clients and regulatory bodies.
  • To provide knowledge and expertise in evaluating quality and risk matters relating to projects, facilities and equipment.
  • Support managers to maintain safe systems of work and implement best practice, including providing specialist advice, coaching and practical support as needed.
  • Provide knowledge and expertise in the Quality, Health, Safety & Environment aspects in the design and installation of facilities to minimize the risks of errors in the operation/initiative/project.
  • To identify employee training needs in relation to Quality, Health, Safety and Environment.
  • To develop and deliver training sessions for managers and frontline employees.
  • To coordinate external training where applicable.
  • To ensure timely capture of Operational Excellence performance metrics
  • To ensure accurate and timely capture of incidents, accidents and near misses.
  • Analyse and interpret the HSE Reports.
  • To support managers in the development and implementation of effective Business Continuity Plans to minimize disruption to critical functions.
  • To support the monitoring, evaluation and review of the Business Continuity Plans.
  • Ensure the organisation’s Quality, Health & Safety policy and procedures are implemented consistently across the country.
  • Ensure the Quality, Health and Safety KPIs are met and or exceeded.
  • Effectively communicate Quality, Health & Safety, BCM expectations to team members and stakeholders in a timely and clear way.
  • Leading the implementation of the Group Environmental Management System.
  • Co-ordinating all aspects of the Environmental programme i.e. pollution reduction, waste management, environmental health and employee involvement.
  • Leading on corporate social responsibility environment issues and action.

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  • Educated to university level.
  • ISO 9001:2000 Management and Internal Audit Training
  • Health & Safety Qualification.
  • 3 years  management experience