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Request For Quotation

Mantra Tanzania Limited (Mantra), operating as a subsidiary of Uranium One, is focused on the potential development of a Uranium Mine at its Mkuju River Project (MRP) in the Namtumbo District of Ruvuma Region.

Now Mantra Tanzania Ltd invites suppliers to quote for supply and installation of one (1) new Reefer Container for food storage as per below specifications.


  1. 12m (AO ft.) Reefer Container.
  2. Should have appropriate compartments commensurate with food storage.
  3. Refrigeration unit’s manufacturer: Carrier type Compressor.
  4. Cooling gas R13AA.
  5. Refrigerant Charge.
  • Unit Configuration. Charge Requirements – R-13AA
  • Water-Cooled Condenser A.9kg
  • Receiver A.Okg
  1. Power 380/A60V 50/60Hz (3 Phase) Power Rating power: 6-10 kW/h.
  2. Temperatures adjustable between +25°C and -25°C.
  3. Stainless steel interior lining made from aluminum.
  4. Grating aluminium floor with air duct.
  5. Polyurethane insulation /10-12 cm.
  6. Safety and Protective Devices
  • Excessive current draw
  • Excessive current draw in control circuit
  • Excessive current draw by emergency defrost circuit
  • Excessive condenser fan motor winding temperature
  • Abnormal pressures /temperatures in the high refrigerant side
  • Abnormally high discharge pressure
  • Other available internal protectors

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The interested suppliers should submit their quotes via e-mail address; or send the hard copies to the below address latest on 13th February 2024 at 16.00 hours.

Managing Director
Mantra Tanzania Ltd

Plot No. 1520, Masaki Ikon Building, Bains Avenue-Masaki
P.O. Box 23451, Tel +255764700440