367 New Vacancies at Tanga City Council

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Tanga City Council is a local administrative body located in the Tanga Region of Tanzania. As a key player in the region’s governance and development, it holds the responsibility of overseeing various aspects of urban life and local services. The council’s primary objective is to provide essential services and infrastructure for the residents of Tanga City.


This includes healthcare, education, water supply, sanitation, and transportation. By ensuring access to these services, the council contributes to improving the quality of life for the city’s population. The City Council has made significant strides in education, working to enhance access to quality schooling for the city’s youth. They have invested in expanding educational facilities and improving the overall education system, resulting in increased literacy rates and improved educational outcomes.

Infrastructure development is also a priority for the council. They engage in road construction and maintenance projects to create an efficient and well-connected urban transportation network. This investment is vital for economic development, access to essential services, and overall urban growth. Moreover, Tanga City Council is committed to community development and environmental conservation.

Job Vacancies at Tanga City Council

The executive director of the Council is inviting applications from Tanzanians to fill new vacant positions. READ FULL DETAILS THROUGH THE PDF DOCUMENT BELOW: