150 New Job Vacancies at Wizara ya Afya

Job Vacancies at Wizara ya Afya December 2023, Nafasi za kazi Wizara ya Afya 2023, Ajira Mpya wizara ya afya 2023

The Ministry of Health (MOH) through Global Fund (GF) Grants is looking for enthusiastic, creative and energetic individuals whom will work under a three years (1st January, 2024 to 31st December, 2026) contractual agreement to fill the following 123 vacant positions:



NB: All application should be submitted to Ministry of Health Recruitment Portal ajira.moh.go.tz. Closing date will be two (2) weeks from this advertisement. Only successful candidates will be contacted and all interview costs will be borne by the applicants. All applicants are reminded to comply with the application guidelines when filling the required information.

The Ministry of Health, Community Development, Gender, Elderly, and Children in Tanzania (commonly known as the Ministry of Health) is a crucial government institution responsible for overseeing and regulating healthcare, public health, and social welfare in the country. It plays a pivotal role in ensuring the well-being and health of the Tanzanian population. The Ministry of Health in Tanzania is tasked with developing and implementing health policies and strategies that focus on improving healthcare access and quality. It collaborates with various partners, including international organizations, non-governmental organizations, and community-based groups, to address a wide range of healthcare issues. One of the major challenges the ministry has tackled is the fight against communicable diseases, such as malaria, HIV/AIDS, and tuberculosis. They have implemented comprehensive programs to combat these diseases, including distribution of bed nets, free antiretroviral therapy for HIV patients, and strategies to reduce the transmission of tuberculosis. In addition to

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addressing infectious diseases, the Ministry of Health works on improving maternal and child health services, enhancing healthcare infrastructure, and promoting community health programs. They are committed to expanding access to quality healthcare, particularly in underserved and remote areas of Tanzania. The ministry also places a strong emphasis on promoting gender equality and the welfare of children and the elderly. They work to ensure the protection and advancement of the rights and well-being of these vulnerable groups within the Tanzanian society.  Ministry of Health in Tanzania is at the forefront of efforts to improve the health and well-being of the nation’s citizens. Their comprehensive approach to public health, combined with partnerships and collaboration with various stakeholders, demonstrates their commitment to enhancing healthcare services, promoting gender equality, and protecting the most vulnerable members of society.