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WV Tanzania Finance & Support Service Director at World Vision

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Employee Contract Type:

International Assignment – Fixed Term (Fixed Term)

Job Description:



The purpose of this position is to provide overall strategic leadership, direction and oversight for all aspects of financial and risk management as well as support services functions for the National Office in World Vision Tanzania. This position is seen as a strategic partner, member of the Senior Management/Leadership Team of the National Office, Audit & Risk Committee and Main Board for World Vision Tanzania with focus on promoting high levels of accountability, stewardship, coordinating planning and budgeting processes, providing accurate financial data and analysis to aid decision making for the National Leadership and as well as developing financial and support services strategy that is aligned to our promise 2030 and the NO strategy. The purpose of the position is also for designing a robust internal controls system that enhances risk management according to WV approved policies and procedures. Staff capacity building in financial management for both finance and non-finance staff is part of the roles for this position. This position is strategic in securing funding from donors within and outside through proposal development and enhancing donor trust through high levels of integrity and accountability.

Secondly, to provide overall strategic leadership to the ICT function and ensuring that the office has robust ICT infrastructure in alignment with the overall global and National strategy while ensuring that there is stable and sufficient connectivity that increases yield to ministry through cost reduction using ICT in development.

Thirdly, to provide strategic collaboration to the Supply Chain function ensuring that the strategic procurement management as well as leveraging economies of scale is enforced for effective ministry delivery in the country and also efficient warehouse management. The position also provides strategic oversight on Administration function for the national office for clean and safe working environment while promoting high levels of customer care and service delivery for internal and external clients.

The position also calls for providing overall leadership to security and fleet function in ensuring that staff and asset safety through robust security and fleet infrastructure that promotes periodic dissemination of vital security information and optimizes the usage for the World Vision motor vehicles and motor cycles while minimizes costs in the country.

The person assuming this role must be able to take intelligent risks (risk taker), must be agile and adaptable, come up with creative solutions to challenging circumstances and be able to make quick decisions and take action.  Will need to be able to ensure continuity of operations while not overspending.

Major Responsibilities

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Leadership, Capacity Development and Strategic Partnering and collaboration 25%

  • Provide strong and positive leadership to the finance department ensuring competent and motivated staff are hired and retained, providing efficient delivery of services.
  • Coordinate professional and personal development of finance and support services staff through adequate orientation, on-the-job coaching, identification of learning, training needs and opportunities (e.g. in accounting, SunSystems, grant management, risk management, leadership, etc.); and succession planning.
  • Model Christ-centered servant leadership and support spiritual development of his/her team.
  • Actively participate in the NO Senior Management/ Leadership team meetings.
  • Attend and actively participate in strategic regional meetings.
  • Facilitate ND, Operations, ARC , Main Board and other non-finance staff in understanding and interpretation of financial statements.
  • Ensure partnership finance policies and procedures are understood by Senior Management, Operations/Technical staff, Communities, Local Partners and Board, as appropriate.
  • Develop strong networks internally (other NOs, SOs and partnership entities) and externally (other NGOs, banking entities, communities, etc.) through effective communication, relationships and twin citizenship. Promote shared resource networks within the region, and the partnership.
  • Adhere to WVI key policy documents – mission, core values, and covenant of partnership.
  • Develop succession plan for the division

B. Strategic Financial accountability, compliance, monitoring and control 20%

  • Design and manage systems, policies and procedures that provide appropriate levels of security and control of WV assets, resources and operations.
  • Coordinate the submission of timely, accurate and complete relevant reporting to the Partnership, donors and to internal users.
  • Define and implement efficient and effective internal control systems.
  • Adhere to partnership policies, procedures and guidelines as stipulated in the WVI Financial Manual and other documents, including – but not limited to: grant compliance, planning & budgeting, year-end closing, carryforward, accounting and reporting.
  • Coordinate the timely and accurate submission of financial reports in Notes FFR (Field Financial Reporting) database.
  • Review the reconciliation of MyPBAS to FFR monthly with action plan for addressing outstanding items as well as follow up on commitment of funds by donors.
  • Provide regular analysis of AP/Grant financial reports and timely feedback to AP/Grant managers for decision making.
  • Ensure NO Finance staff field support visits Programs/Projects to monitor accountability issues, follow up on implementation of audit findings and provide support as needed.

C. Risk Management and Controls 15%

  • Manage appropriate financial systems and controls and ensure they are in place to avoid significant finance audit risk ratings, both at the NO and project levels.
  • Coordinate management responses to finance audits performed to the NO and projects; ensure they are sent on time to the Audit Department; and that finance related audit recommendations are implemented timely at all levels.
  • Coordinate Internal and external audits for the office for timely completion and excellent results.
  • Manage Financial Risk through mitigation, reduction and avoidance.
  • Provide leadership in Implementing anti-corruption and fraud strategies such as Zero Fraud framework.
  • Chair the ERMC meetings and ensure that the capacity of the committee is built to deliver as per the ToRs of the ERMC.
  • Oversee all investigations for the office regarding fraud and corruption while working with the IPH committee, EAR and the GIIU.
  • Coordinate the update of the National Risk register as a living document and share with the relevant stakeholders as required.
  • Oversee the review and preparation of MWARP templates for all cost centers for the office.
  • Ensure that the ICSAT (Internal Control Self-assessment tool) for the office is completed and shared in time.
  • Follow up on IIM cases for the office and provide feedback to the National Director, regional auditor and finance director for EARO.
  • Oversee the development of new tools and policies/ guidelines in managing risk.
  • Ensure that vendor, staff and partners screening is completed before award of contracts through BPLs (Blocked Party Screening) and EPS (Excluded Party Screening) is done.

D. Financial Planning and Budgeting 10%

  • In collaboration with other NO Directors, advise the ND on strategic resource acquisition and allocation in line with RWG/VIR (Regional Working Group /Virtual Investment Review) recommendations approved by the Regional Leader.
  • Coordinate the National office planning and budgeting process and provide technical support, to ensure global and regional guidelines are met in alignment with the NO strategy.
  • Review alignment of budgets between National Office, projects, grants, MyPBAS and Support Offices.
  • Control of NO budget, cash flow forecasts and project funding, by providing timely and relevant information to budget managers, in collaboration with the Operations Leader.
  • Contribute to the development of WV NO strategic direction and priorities.

E. Cost Efficiency and Effectiveness 5%

Ensure adequate cost efficiency and effectiveness measures are in place and being followed through:

  • Providing cost analysis, promoting benchmarks and making recommendations for determining effective resource utilization at all levels and increasing yield to ministry and community.
  • Contributing to the development of appropriate policies and procedures for procurement of goods and services, in collaboration with the Supply Chain team

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F. Strategic Collaboration with Supply Chain, Administration   5%

  • Ensure that procurement strategy for the office in place.
  • Coordinate and ensure an optimal interface between the supply chain and business units for efficient customer service delivery.
  • Ensure that the office procurement committee is effective and duly appointed by the National Director.
  • Oversee the Vendor Forum engagements and follow-up on the action plans arising.
  • Ensure excellent Custer care for internal and external stakeholders
  • Oversee the international travel support to staff
  • Oversee the general cleanliness and facilities for the office for higher productivity and safety

 G. Strategic ICT Leadership for effective service delivery 5%

  • Oversee the development of the ICT strategy by working with the ICT manager and Regional ICT director
  • Ensure that the ICT manager and team have implemented safety measures such as backup of data and enforce online information security training for all staff.
  • Promote and enforce use of ICT technology such as teams, zoon, webex, etc to cut costs
  • Promote simplification through digitization.

H. Strategic Fleet and Security Leadership 5%

  • Provide oversight for preparation and approval of National Office consolidated travel plans as a cost management measure
  • Ensure WV Tanzania vehicles have GPS system installed and functioning and provide oversight on fleet monthly management report that is shared with managers
  • Oversee the preparation of NO security reports such as Situational Analysis reports that is shared with NO, Regional and GC leadership
  • Ensure that all hibernation sites have emergence supplies by working with the security and fleet manager
  • Oversee the preparation of evacuation plan for the office

I. Promote innovation and support new initiatives     5%

  • Provide leadership in implementation of Partnership initiatives in the National Office
  • Support new initiatives that will improve service delivery and cost reduction
  • Create an environment that promotes innovation

J. Performance Management of staff 3%

  • Set performance agreements with staff and monitor performance
  • Provide oversight for leave management of all staff under the division
  • Build the capacity of staff through support to formal and information training and learning

K. Other Duties 2%

  • Perform other duties as may be assigned to me by the National Director and Regional Finance Director.


  • MBA in Finance, MSC in Finance/Accounting/Auditing is a MUST
  • ACCA, CIMA, CPA or equivalent is a MUST
  • Doctorate or PHD is an added advantage.

Additional work experience required as a minimum qualification for this position.

  • Minimum 10 years’ experience in Senior finance position with medium business/large NGO/government agency and preferably finance director.
  • Experience in working in both normal and fragile context.
  • Experience in internal or external audit is an added advantage.
  • Must have experience in policy formulation and strategy development.
  • Must have experience in dealing with the Board.

License, registration, or certification required to perform this position:

  • Solid knowledge of accounting principles, financial systems, budget/cash flow forecasting and monitoring and internal accounting controls.
  • Ability to solve complex problems and to exercise independent judgment.
  • Must be able to lead and manage a team in a normal and fragile context.
  • Good working knowledge of computerized accounting systems, preferable Sun Systems & Vision.  Must be computer literate in Microsoft Office programs.
  • Knowledge of government grant regulations and financial reporting requirements preferred.
  • Proficiency in written and spoken English
  • Good oral/written and interpersonal skills.
  • Able to work on a cross-cultural environment with a multi-national staff.
  • Ability to travel within country, regional and internationally

Preferred Skills, Knowledge and Experience:

  • Project Management
  • Grant Project Management
  • Strategic Leadership skills Auditing skills Change management skills
  • Strategic networking and collaboration
  • Broader understanding of monetary and fiscal policies of the National Office and country context
  • Professional Accounting skills with qualifications such as ACCA or CPA
  • Sun system certified
  • Working experience in an International Non-Profit organization in conflict and fragile countries.
  • Financial analysis skills.
  • Power BI and PMQA skills

Additional work experience preferred for this position.

  • Deeper understanding of macroeconomic management such as tax laws, treasury activities, establishment and monitoring of budgets and an understanding of data processing concepts and systems is preferred.
  • Experience with humanitarian aid is a plus.

Work Environment

Include travel & work environment details.

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Complete Travel and/or Work Environment statements if applicable.

  • Work environment:  Office-based with planned travels to the field
  • Travel:  15% Domestic and about 25% international travel is required.
  • Ability to work under pressure and in a stressful environment
  • On call:  10%

Applicant Types Accepted:

Local and International Applicants (IA’s) Accepted