New Vacancies at TANROADS Tanzania

Job Vacancies at TANROADS Tanzania 2023, Nafasi za kazi TANROADS Tanzania 2023,Ajira Mpya za TANROADS 2023.

Tanroads, also known as the Tanzania National Roads Agency, is a government agency responsible for the management and maintenance of the national road network in Tanzania. Established in 2000 under the Executive Agencies Act, Tanroads operates under the Ministry of Works, Transport, and



On behalf of Tanzania National Roads Agency (TANROADS) Public Service Recruitment Secretariat (PSRS) invites dynamic and suitable qualified Tanzanians to fill sixteen (15) vacant posts as mentioned below;

EMPLOYER Wakala ya Barabara Tanzania (TANROADS)
APPLICATION TIMELINE: 2023-10-24 2023-11-06
DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES i. To undertake road inventory, condition and traffic count surveys;

ii.To investigate sources and quality of construction materials along the roads;

iii.To identify sources of road accidents

iv.To attend regular site meetings and prepare minutes;

v.To supervise contractor at site and force account operations; and

vi.To perform such other related duties as may be assigned by Supervisor.

  • Holders of Bachelor’s Degree in one of the following fields: Civil Engineering, Highway Engineering, Transportation Engineering or equivalent from a recognized Institution.
  • Must be registered by ERB as Graduate Engineer.
REMUNERATION Attractive remuneration package


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The main objective of Tanroads is to ensure the provision of safe, reliable, and efficient road infrastructure to support economic development and social welfare in Tanzania. The agency is responsible for planning, designing, constructing, and maintaining national trunk roads and bridges across the country.

Tanroads has a wide range of responsibilities that include:

1. Planning and Development: Tanroads is responsible for developing long-term plans for the national road network. This involves conducting studies to identify areas that require new roads or improvements to existing ones. The agency also collaborates with other stakeholders to ensure that road projects align with national development goals.

2. Construction and Rehabilitation: Tanroads oversees the construction and rehabilitation of national trunk roads and bridges. This includes activities such as surveying, design, procurement of contractors, project management, and quality control. The agency ensures that road construction projects adhere to engineering standards and specifications.

3. Maintenance and Operation: Tanroads is responsible for the routine maintenance and operation of the national road network. This includes activities such as routine inspections, pothole repairs, vegetation control, drainage maintenance, signage installation, and road markings. The agency also manages weighbridges to enforce weight restrictions on commercial vehicles.

4. Road Safety: Tanroads plays a crucial role in promoting road safety in Tanzania. The agency conducts road safety audits to identify potential hazards on the road network and recommends appropriate measures to mitigate risks. Tanroads also collaborates with other stakeholders to raise awareness about safe driving practices and enforce traffic regulations.

5. Capacity Building: Tanroads is involved in capacity building initiatives to enhance the skills and knowledge of its staff and other road sector professionals. The agency provides training programs on various aspects of road infrastructure management, including planning, design, construction, and maintenance.

To fulfill its mandate, Tanroads collaborates with various stakeholders, including:

Ministry of Works, Transport, and Communication: Tanroads operates under the supervision of the Ministry of Works, Transport, and Communication. The ministry provides policy guidance and strategic direction to Tanroads.

Regional and Local Authorities: Tanroads works closely with regional and local authorities to coordinate road infrastructure development and maintenance activities at the grassroots level. This collaboration ensures that road projects align with local needs and priorities.

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Development Partners: Tanroads receives support from development partners such as the World Bank, African Development Bank, and European Union. These partnerships provide financial assistance, technical expertise, and capacity building opportunities to enhance the agency’s effectiveness.

Contractors and Consultants: Tanroads engages contractors and consultants for various road construction and maintenance projects. These entities are responsible for executing the physical works under the supervision of Tanroads.

In conclusion, Tanroads is a government agency in Tanzania responsible for managing and maintaining the national road network. The agency plays a crucial role in planning, constructing, rehabilitating, maintaining, and ensuring the safety of roads across the country. Through collaborations with various stakeholders, Tanroads strives to provide safe and efficient road infrastructure to support economic development and improve social welfare in Tanzania.