New Vacancies at Mbeya City Council

Job Vacancies at Mbeya City Council 2023 Mbeya City Council
is a local government authority in Tanzania responsible for governing and managing the affairs of Mbeya City. Mbeya City is located in the southern highlands of Tanzania and serves as the regional capital of the Mbeya Region. The city council plays a crucial role in providing essential services, promoting development, and ensuring the overall well-being of its residents.


The Mbeya City Council operates under the framework of the Local Government Authorities Act No. 7 of 1982, which outlines its powers, functions, and responsibilities. It is headed by a Mayor who is elected by the council members and serves as the political leader of the city. The council consists of elected councilors representing different wards within the city.

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Functions and Responsibilities:1. Service Delivery: One of the primary functions of the Mbeya City Council is to provide various services to its residents. These services include water supply, sanitation, waste management, health services, education, infrastructure development, and urban planning. The council strives to ensure that these services are accessible and meet the needs of the population.

2. Revenue Collection: The council is responsible for collecting revenue through various sources such as property taxes, business licenses, permits, and fees for services provided. This revenue is essential for funding infrastructure projects, maintaining public facilities, and delivering quality services to the residents.