Scholarship For Tanzanian To Study at Japan| Fursa za Ufadhili wa Masomo Nchini Japan

Fully Funded Scholarship For Tanzanian To Study at Japan  We are happy to announce that the 2024 MEXT Scholarship for Tanzanian nationals is now open! The MEXT (Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology) offers fully funded scholarships to Tanzanians who wish to pursue studies at Japanese universities on a full-time basis. This year, there are chances to apply for undergraduate programs.
All applications must be submitted to the Embassy of Japan in Tanzania no later than 4:30pm on Monday 5th June, 2023.

You can submit your application by dropping it at the security gate at the Embassy of Japan or send it via courier. On the envelope, the attention should be to the Cultural Section then write your name. Submission must be done physically either by post or by hand. EMAIL SUBMISSION IS NOT ACCEPTED.

You can download application forms found on the websites below:
Resarch students:
Undergraduate students:
Specialized Training College Students:
* Please be sure to thoroughly read the Application Guidelines before submitting the necessary documents for your application. APPLICATION WITH INSUFFICIENT DOCUMENTS WILL NOT BE EXAMINED. When sending hard copies, please use paper clips only, no staples.
* If the applicant has not yet graduated, submit a certificate of prospective graduation from the school/university. Those who are attending an upper secondary school or a university must also submit a certificate of graduation when he/she graduates from that school or university by the time selection results are finalized.

Only short-listed applicants will be contacted by the Embassy by mid-June 2023. Written examinations are scheduled between 19 and 23 June 2023. Exact date and time will be informed to the short-listed applicants. It is strongly advised to prepare for the examinations by going through the past exams papers which can be obtained from the link below:

Important Note: Although application documents will be accepted at this time, due to the COVID -19 situation, there are possibilities that the selection process will be cancelled or applicants will not be able to come to Japan even after being selected as scholarship students.

For inquiries regarding the application, kindly write to