Jobs at Kilimanjaro Co-operative Bank Limited (KCBL)



JOB TITLE : Legal Officer
DEPARTMENT : General Manager
DATE : May 2023

To provide high-quality, timely and effective Legal and secretariet support and corporate governance advice to the KCBL including supporting the Parent Company in assigned matters by the General Manager




  • To assist in guiding the General Manager on its duties and responsibilities and other matters of governance.
  • To ensure that the Management complies with its obligations under the law and the bank’s articles of association.
  • To assist the Management/General Manager with the evaluation exercise.
  • To assist to facilitate General Manager and Shareholders meetings.
  • To assist in the custodianship of all General Manager official records including Board packs, minutes and the Bank’s MEMARTS, Resolutions and attendance register.
  • To maintain effective communication between Shareholders and General Manager.
  • Assist General Manager to ensure Board Meetings and Activities are conducted according to the Board and Committee Work plans.
  • Ensure all Board papers are timely circulated to members and uploaded into the diligent portal and all decisions of the Board are accurately and appropriately recorded in the minutes of the meetings and matters arising.
  • To prepare and draft resolutions, minutes, reports and annual work plans.
  • To propose to General Manager amendments to the bank’s Articles of Association and changes and development of the Board and Committee Charters.
  • Circulation of Board papers to members by uploading them in the portal and confirming the quorum required.
  • To prepare the Board Budget and submit to General Manager.
  • To file annual returns.
  • To assist Manager Secretariat in preparing the strategic Plan and budget.
  • To carry out any other duties as may be assigned by the General Manager or other Management members from time to time.

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  • Ensure personal development by attending mandatory e-learning courses and other relevant Bank online courses and other training opportunities.
  • Perform any other duties as may be assigned from time to time.
  • Education, Professional Qualifications and work experience requirement
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Law (LL.B) from a recognized University/Institution.
  • Possession of a Master’s Degree will be an added advantage.
  • Admission as Advocate of the High Court.
  • Relevant professional qualifications in Law and Banking
  • Minimum of three (3) years working experience.
  • Relevant professional qualifications in Law and Banking
  • Conceptual and Analytical Skills: Must be able to conceptualize issues and analyze proposals to great detail to understand underlying issues.
  • Ability to interpret central bank policies of financial regulations and implement them within NCBA’s strategic plan.
  • Ability to interpret the statutory requirements on all aspects of the bank‘s operations.
  • Ability to assess material evidence and advice on appropriate legal measures.
  • Keeps abreast of legal issues that affect the bank

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Job title : Credit Analyst
Job reporting to : Head of Credit and Business Banking
Department : Credit and Business Banking
Incumbent :

Date : 17.05.2023


Review and analyze credit applications to ensure that loans are granted in line with the credit policies and procedures, loan portfolio management and monitoring to ensure quality and sustainable portfolio growth.



  • Critically analyze Credit Appraisal Reports, from a Credit risk perspective, for credit application packages received from Branches.
  • Present analysis, findings, and recommendations to Head of Credit and Business Banking, especially findings that involve a borrower’s ability to repay.
  • Review credit application packages received from Branches, identify missing documents/information and demand submission of the same to ensure that all credit applications meet requirements of Credit policies and procedures.
  • Perform security and financial risk assessment for application packages received from Branches.
  • Perform critical assessment for projected cash flows and subject the same to sensitivity analysis to avoid requests for loan restructuring due to the fact that the loan repayment arrangement was not well restructured in line with cash flows.
  • Perform Credit rating for each loan application received from Branches.
  • Ensure all borrowers are searched on credit reference bureaus and their reports are assessed thoroughly.
  • Provide appropriate recommendations after reviewing credit applications to ensure that they are in line with the credit policies and procedures.
  • Engage Business Units or Branch for loan applications cited to have weaknesses.
  • Communicate with respective business units loan decisions to ensure that proper feedback is given to customers in line with credit policies and procedures.
  • Maintain database of loans received from branches and decisions made thereon to ensure proper loan tracking is in line with the credit policies and procedures.
  • Prepare legal documents for approved loans as per Bank standards and Country governing laws.
  • Prepare monthly reports relating to highlights of loans.
  • Conduct regular credit self assessment to business unit and branches to ensure compliance to approved credit covenants and check if document in credit files (open and closed files) are updated.
  • Monitoring of stock under WRS.
  • Daily monitoring of Credit Portfolio and share report with Business unit and Branches and followup on business unit and branch to combat delinquencies.
  • Proactively market Bank lending policies as the best practice in the market.
  • Ensuring all files and credit records are in order.
  • Working in co-operation with Business team to identify and monitor problem loans and possible delinquent facilities for further action.
  • Work with business team and actively pursue and engage doubtful customers and those in arrears, so that all avenues are explored before marking the loan as substandard or doubtful.
  • Immediate follow-up of accounts in arrears for closure.
  • Initiation of demand and other legal procedures for delinquent loans.
  • Recommendations to Head of Credit and Business Banking down-grading of accounts in arrears, charge off, re-assessment of securities and documentation.
  • Initiate loan recoveries measures for charge off loans (recovery of collaterals, use of debt collectors/auctioneers, write-offs etc).
  • Liaise with stakeholders for example to ensure that the Bank’s interests are properly represented and safeguarded.
  • Perform any other related duties as may be assigned from time to time by the immediate Supervisor.

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People Management Functions:

  • Train business units on skills relating to credit risk assessment in order to bridge the knowledge gap.


Experience Required:

  • Person with 3 years and above experience in analyzing the credit worthiness of customers and potential customers, and management and modeling of credit risk.

Knowledge required:

  • Holders of First Degree in Finance, Economics, Finance & Investment, Accountancy and any other relevant professional qualifications from any recognized University.

Skills required:

  • Technical skills:
  • Knowledge of financial and investment analysis
  • Strong analytical and quantitative thinking
  • Strong written communication skills
  • Being well versed with software/technology used in finance/banking
  • Basic MS-Word and Excel skills

Behavioral skills:

  • Attention to detail and diligence
  • Problem solving aptitude
  • Ability to effectively manage competing deadlines for applications in a high-pressure work environment, with varying degrees of supervision
  • Time management
  • Ability to multi-task activities

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1. Internal • Branches

  • Business Unit.
  • Finance and Administration Department.
  • Audit and Risk Department.
  • Department of ICT (For technical support)

2. External • External Customers.

  • Valuers.
  • Auctioneers and Debts Collectors.
  • Auditors and Accountants.
  • Lawyers.

How to Apply:

Send you CV and Applications to;

General Manager


Box 1760 MOSHI


Email to:

Deadline: 2/June/2023