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Project Managers at Kukua

Project Managers at Kukua


Since 2021, KUKUA has been collaborating with local artisans in Zanzibar and Tanzania to develop small-batch productions of furniture and objects.


Kukua is looking for local project managers!

Kukua is a Tanzanian company that collaborates with locally based communities to develop a wide range of projects by combining the team’s design know-how with traditional craft techniques from Tanzania and Zanzibar, creating a mutually reciprocal exchange. The goal is to develop a locally produced offer of products and pieces of furniture to serve the growing hospitality market.

Since 2021, Kukua is developing a wide range of products with Tanzanian collectives of craftsmen and women – collections of furniture, lighting fixtures and a line of textiles. With the utmost esteem for the craftspeople and their tacit knowledge and legacy, the core values behind Kukua’s production are cooperation, proximity and participation.

But, to operate to its full potential, Kukua needs local project managers!

We are looking for people that:

– Speak fluent English
– Speak fluent Swahili
– Have experience in working with technical drawings and production of products
– Have ease of communication via e-mail, WhatsApp and other digital means
– Know the Tanzanian market from a point of view of selling – tourism, hospitality, restaurants…
– Know the Tanzanian market from a point of view of buying – material suppliers, producers…
– Have ease in calculations and budgeting
– Have management, leadership and organisation skills

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How to Apply :

If you believe you have the right profile for this position, please send your application to