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 The GHS Lead Advisor will serve as a technical resource to the USAID mission in Tanzania, including the health, economic growth and environment teams, as well as the USG interagency team supporting GHSA. The Advisor will be responsible for working closely with Washington-based technical advisors, project management teams, the Nairobi-based east and central Africa regional coordinator, and the GHSA headquarters team to ensure coordination across all GHSA investments and to ensure that program activities and objectives are aligned with the GHS priorities of the USG and the Tanzanian government. The Advisor will also liaise with the Agreement Officer Representatives (AORs) and Contracting Officer Representatives (CORs) of applicable bilateral projects at USAID/Tanzania to ensure coordination of GHSA activities and mandated interagency reporting.


The GHS Lead Advisor will work in collaboration with the USAID/Washington GHS team and with regional colleagues to implement USAID activities, ensuring alignment with the government of Tanzania priorities. The Advisor will ensure effective U.S. Government (USG) interagency coordination and work closely with USAID colleagues and other USG partners, particularly CDC, and US Department of Defense (DOD) offices working in Tanzania at the national and sub national levels, which also provide support for GHS implementation. The US State Department provides important support for in-country USG interagency collaboration.

2. Statement of Duties to be Performed
Working as part of the Embassy in Dar es Salaam GHS Team within the Health Office, the USAID GHS Lead Advisor will complete the following duties and responsibilities:
A. Ensures implementation and coordination of USAID GHS activities with USAID’s existing GHS program and with other USG agencies on GHS-related activities. Maintain strong partnerships between agencies as well as implementing partners of respective agencies and build strong partnerships with other development partners in Tanzania:
● Represent USAID in the USG GHS Interagency Technical Working Group. Work collaboratively with the USG agencies while representing USAID priorities.
● Maintain frequent, regular, and ad hoc meetings with USG partners including CDC, DTRA and other Embassy agencies to discuss activities and maintain coordination and to keep each other informed on changes to GHS activities.
● Work collaboratively with USG agencies to develop detailed annual GHS work plans to ensure coordination of USG GHS supported activities and to avoid duplication.
● Provide technical expertise to USAID and USG leadership for GHS technical areas of work.
● During disease outbreaks in which the government requests support from USAID and other partners, ensure that USAID’s efforts are coordinated to support the national government.
● Set up/encourage the establishment of Partner/Donor coordination and collaboration mechanisms to advance GHS in Tanzania. Such partners include USAID partners, other donors, the government of Tanzania, private sector, international and local NGOs, multilateral organizations, etc.
B. Liaison between the Mission in Tanzania and USAID Washington:
● Report on activities in Tanzania to USAID Global Health Security Washington-based and regional team members.
● Assist the Agreement Officer’s Representatives and Contracting Officer’s Representatives (A/CORs) by monitoring and guiding implementing partner activities to ensure consistency with project objectives and to ensure that activities contribute to advancing Tanzania targets including GHSA and JEE metrics.
● Report on GHS and GHSA activities.
● Work with USAID’s GHS Team to identify new opportunities and activities to contribute to Tanzania GHS efforts. This includes activity design, assessments and scoping of new opportunities.
C. Serve as A/COR and/or Activity Manager for GHS Activities implemented in the country:
● For bilateral mechanisms, serve as either A/COR or Activity Manager, ensuring effective coordination and implementation.
● For HQ-based mechanisms, serve as an activity manager, working closely with the A/COR to ensure effective implementation of GHS activities in the country.
D. Serve as USAID’s representative on technical working groups with Tanzania counterparts related to GHS activities. Build and maintain strong relationships with multiple government of Tanzania Ministries and Agencies:
● S/he will represent USAID on donor/government coordination groups related to emerging infectious diseases and other GHS activities
● Develop relationships with animal and public health ministries and USAID regional bureaus.
E. Provide coordination across all USAID GHS activities in Tanzania:
● Establish and maintain coordination networks among USAID implementing partners in Tanzania whose activities are related to GHS. Facilitate opportunities for USAID implementing partners to collaborate and leverage each other’s activities. Communicate and promote to IPs USAID’s expectations for IPs to function as a cohesive program working together to advance GHS targets in Tanzania, in consultation with relevant A/COR.
● Use the coordination network to facilitate the GHS implementing partners in successful completion of work plan activities and to maximize USG investments.
● Engage with implementing partners and multi-sectoral Tanzania and other stakeholders to promote the skills, capacities and environment in Tanzania across the ministries to investigate diverse and complex conditions that resemble pathologic patterns that will or could affect public health.
● Provide technical guidance to USAID IPs to promote and leverage existing USAID activities and the contributions of other stakeholders in Tanzania to achieve JEE targets with an emphasis on USAID priority Action Packages and interventions at the human animal-environment.
F. Coordinate multiple reporting requirements that require input and clearance from
diverse stakeholders:
● Lead development of USAID contributions to semi-annual GHSA Progress Report.
● Have strong knowledge of assessments and scoring related to Tanzania GHSA Joint External Evaluation Report.
● Provide bi-weekly updates to Embassy Dar es Salaam inter-agency GHS Team.
● Develop weekly updates for USAID/Tanzania Front Office on GHS progress, events and upcoming visitors.

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How to apply

Eligible offerors are

1. Required to complete and submit the offer form AID 309-2, “Offeror Information for Personal Services Contracts with Individuals,” available at http://www.usaid.gov/forms.
2. Offers must be received by the closing date and time specified in Section I, item 3, and submitted to the Point of Contact in Section I.
3. Offeror submissions must clearly reference the number of this Solicitation to ensure the offer is for the position in this Solicitation.
Interested applicants must submit the following:

(1) a current Form AID 309-2, Offeror Information for Personal Services Contract;

(2) a current resume or curriculum vitae;

(3) a cover letter, not to exceed three pages, addressing how the applicant meets the Required Qualifications {(a) education; (b) prior work experience; (c) knowledge, (d) skills and abilities}; and

 4) any other documents (certificates, awards, copies of degrees earned, etc.) that address the qualification requirements of the position as listed above, and a list of three (3) to five (5) references with complete contact information, including email address and telephone numbers.

Submittals should be sent to USAID/Tanzania PSC Applications mailbox, at daressalaampscsap@usaid.gov.