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Advanced Certificate of Secondary Education Examination (ACSEE)
This is offered to candidates who have completed two years of secondary education (advanced level) and have had three credits at CSEE level.
The Examination Calendar
The ACSEE is administered on the first week of May every year.
The objectives of ACSEE
The objectives of this examination are to assess the learner’s knowledge and ability to pursue with further education such as diploma and degree courses; to examine the extent to which the learners can use the skills gained to meet the social, political, economic and technological challenges for the individual and the national development at large. Therefore, candidates at this level are expected to possess the following skills in a broad range of activities: knowledge, comprehension, application, analysis, synthesis and evaluation.

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Eligibility of Candidates who Seats for the Examination
  • This examination is offered to candidates who have completed two years of secondary education (advanced level) and have had three credits at CSEE level.
Examined Subjects/Courses
The examined subject sat ACSEE are as follow: General Studies which is compulsory subject; other subject are grouped in combination, i.e., natural science which include Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics (PCM), Physics Chemistry and Biology (PCB), Physics Geography and Mathematics (PGM), Economics, Geography and Mathematics (EGM), Chemistry, Biology and Geography (CBG), Chemistry, Biology and Agriculture (CBA) and Chemistry, Biology and Food and Human Nutrition (CBN).

Another category is Arts Combinations which Includes History, Geography and English Language (HGL), History, Geography and Kiswahili (HGK), History, Kiswahili and English Language (HKL), Kiswahili, English Language and French (KLF), Economics, Commerce and Accountancy (ECA) and History, Geography and Economics (HGE)

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Examination Formats
Each subject has an examination format, which describes the structure of the examination paper,
rubric and the content in which that particular examination covers. The details of subjects addressed are shown in individual examinations formats that can be accessed in the examination formats link.





Matokeo ya kidato cha sita 2022/2023: How to check Form Six Results 2022/2023

Step by step guide to get your Form Six Results 2022/2023

  1. Visit NECTA’s  Website by searching on Google 
  2. Click on “Results” from the Main menu.
  3. The “Results” window will show all results available.
  4. Select “Exam Type” as ACSEE.
  5. Select your “Year” as 2022
  6. Students can now veiw their ACSEE result.
  7. List of school will be displayed
  8. Click on Alphabet letter in which the school you studied belong example “A” for Azania high school or M for Mwanza Secondary School
  9. Now View your Matokeo – Form six results 2022/2023 in the list

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These steps seems like are very long and you also still experiencing difficulties in looking Matokeo kidato cha sita 2022 – Form Six results 2022

necta tanzania national examination result : – allow students to check the “ACSEE Results 2022-2022” by sms through the mobile phone. If you do not have Internet connectivity then you may check the “Matokeo kidato cha sita 2022 via SMS” to get the result to check the SMS process below.

Get Result Via SMS:

  • Go to write the message and type <<matokeo*centre number*candidate number*exam type*exam year >>


  • matokeo*P01010501*1001*acsee*2022 (Send SMS to 15311)

Get Rank Via SMS

  • Go to write message and type << rank*centre number*exam type*exam year >>

Example :

  • rank* C01125*acsee*2022 (Send SMS to 15311)

The cost per SMS is Tshs 200/=
This service is only available for Tigo, Vodacom, and Zantel subscribers.

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Matokeo kidato cha sita 2022/22

In 2016 the National Examination Council Of Tanzania (NECTA) developed online Matokeo ya Mtihani wa Kidato cha Sita through the official website ( acsee 2022). Now students of Tanzania can check their Advanced Certificate of Secondary Education Examination Results 2022/2022 online. Check below for step by step guide to get the result online.

  • Step 1 : visit
  • Step 2 : Find the “Result” in Main Menu and Click on “Search” from the submenu.
  • Step 3 : The “Search Result” window will appear shown below.
  • Step 4: Select your “Year” as 2022
  • Step 5: Select “Exam Type” as ACSEE.
  • Step 6: Enter Your “Candidate number” (Form ACSEE)
  • Final Step: Click on “Request” button.

Top Ten Schools Matokeo Kidato cha Sita 

Top Ten Schools Matokeo Kidato cha Sita 2022 The National Examinations Council of Tanzania (Necta) has on Tuesday, July 5, released the results of the Form Six examinations, saying the pass rate had increased by 99.87 percent.Wanafunzi Kumi Bora matokeo kidato cha sita 2022

Announcing the results in Zanzibar today, the Acting Secretary of the Council, Athuman Amas said this year the pass rate is 99.87 percent compared to 99.62 percent last year.

According to him 93,136 candidates, equivalent to 98.97 per cent have passed.

Shule 10 Bora Matokeo Form Six 2022/2023

  • 10. Ziba, Tabora – *Government.*
  • 9. Mkindi, Tanga – *Government.*
  • 8. Mzumbe Secondary Morogoro, *Government.*
  • 7. Nyaishozi Secondary, Kagera -*Private.*
  • 6. Dareda Secondary Manyara – *Government.*
  • 5. Ahmes Secondary Pwani -*Government.*
  • 4. Tabora Girls Tabora – Government.*
  • 3. Tabora Boys Secondary Tabora – *Government.*
  • 2. Kisimiri Secondary Arusha – *Government.*
  • 1. Kemebos Secondary, Kagera -*Private.*

Top Ten Students Matokeo Kidato Cha sita

Below is the list Names of top ten students form six results 2021 according to (NECTA)

  • 10. Oscar Eliakimu Marabe (PCB) Tabora boys
  • 9. Kurwa Mbizo Elias (PCB) Tabora Boys
  • 8. Rachel Joachim Moshi (PCM) St. Mary’s Mazinde Juu Tanga
  • 7. Paulina Aldephonce Mabamba (PCM) St. Mary’s Mazinde Juu Tanga.
  • 6. Jennifer Martin Chuwa (PCB) St. Mary’s Mazinde Juu Tanga
  • 5. Norah Eliaza Kidijoiti (PCB) – Shule ya St. Mary’s Mazinde Juu Tanga.
  • 4. Minaeli Simon Mgonja (PCB) St. Mary’s Mazinde Juu Tanga.
  • 3. Mhewa Charles Kamando (PCB) – Tabora Boys
  • 2. Lucy Magashi (PCB) Shule ya St. Mary’s Mazinde Juu Tanga.
  • 1. Catherine Alphonse Mwakasege (PCB) – Shule ya St. Mary’s Mazinde Juu Tanga.

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N.B.: Do not forget to save/download the acsee results 2022/2022 for future reference.

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