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The Judiciary of Tanzania is the system of courts that interprets and applies the law in Tanzania. The current judiciary bases its foundation to the constitution of the United Republic of Tanzania of 1977. The Constitution of the United Republic of Tanzania, 1977 vests the authority and responsibility to administer justice in the Judiciary of Tanzania.

The Judiciary has its foundation on Article 107A (1) and 107B of the Constitution and states clearly about the Independence of the Judiciary in the United Republic of Tanzania. Now the strategic plan for Judicial Independence is focused in both form and content. Employments opportunities at Tume ya Utumishi wa Mahakama


The Court of Appeal is the supreme court and the final appellate court; it is presided over by the chief justice. The High Court has its headquarters in Dar es Salaam and is itinerant, holding sessions in the regions. It has unlimited civil and criminal jurisdiction and hears appeals arising in the lower courts.

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The district courts and primary courts are presided over by magistrates, the primary courts having more limited jurisdiction than the district courts. Other more specialised courts include the Commercial Court and the Land Court.

The President of the republic appoints the chief justice and judges, judges of appeal with the advice of the chief justice and High Court judges with the advice of the Judicial Service Commission. Judges of Appeal and High Court judges have tenure of office until retirement.