Volunteer Jobs at Maweni Regional Referral Hospital

Maweni Regional Referral Hospital
is the Regional Referral Hospital of Kigoma Region. It was opened in 1972, aimed at providing health services to people of Kigoma urban. It is now serve as level II health facility which receives patients from all Councils in the Region and it is a referral centre for refugees from Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) and Burundi. Kigoma Region is located in the Western Part of Tanzania. It share borders with four Regions and two Countries:

Kagera Region and Republic of Burundi to the North; Katavi to the South; Tabora and Geita to the East and Democratic Republic of Congo to the West. It lies between latitudes 3.6 and 6.5 degrees and longitudes 29.5 and 31.5 east of the Greenwich Maweni Regional Hospital was granted Referral Hospital certificate through Government nGazette No. 828 of 12 November, 2010.The hospital is a public health facility fully owned by tthe Government. It is under the Ministry of Regional Administration and Local Governments and is directly governed by the Regional Administrative Secretary.

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 The hospital has a bed capacity of 300 beds (but available is 159, because 3wards has been closed because they are not in good condition, they need rehabilitation) in 11 wards and has a total number of 232 staffs. The hospital is managed by Hospital Management Team, consisting of 11 members. In addition, it has two sub teams/committee, which are; Hospital Therapeutic committee and Quality Improvement Team (QIT).

The Hospital is looking for individuals to fill 23 positions. Read full details through the PDF file attached below: