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Service, Health and Development for people living with HIV /AIDS (SHDEPHA+) is a national non-governmental organization, registered on 21 November 1994 with registration number SO 8216, with the aim of mobilizing resources to help people living with HIV/AIDS and to fight the spread of the disease. Although originally focusing on people living with HIV/AIDS, over the years SHDEPHA+ has expanded beyond HIV/AIDS and related issues to other development interventions and now covers both infected and affected by HIV/AIDS with over 65 branches countrywide. Each branch of SHDEPHA+ works independently, developing, managing, and implementing its projects, though all branches share one constitution and registration.

SHDEPHA+ Kahama, based in Kahama Municipal, is among the 65 branches, was launched in 1999 and started independent operations in 2002 has been working with both international and national donors, the local and central government and other stakeholders to work toward the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. The organization works with the poor, key, and vulnerable groups including women, children, youth, people with special needs; and it gives special attention to the underserved and marginalized populations such as PLHV, FSW, and VAGYW.

SHDEPHA+ VISION: A democratic community that is free of poverty, hunger, and diseases and enjoys a good quality of education, standards of living, and social well-being.

SHDEPHA+ MISSION: SHDEPHA+ is committed to reducing income and non-income poverty, hunger, human suffering, diseases, and the impact and spread of HIV/AIDS by empowering marginalized and vulnerable people, most at-risk populations, and communities in general to achieve Community-based and sustainable human development.

GOAL: Using SHDEPHA+ core values and mission to work toward the Millennium Development Goals to improve the lives of marginalized and vulnerable groups, most at-risk populations, and communities in general.

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Through the FIKIA+ project, ICAP will collaborate with Service, Health and Development for People Living Positively with HIV/AIDS (SHDEPHA+ Kahama) to implement an integrated TB/HIV cases identification at TB clinics and Community-based TB outreaches. The approach will optimize TB service delivery points in identifying new HIV+ clients as HIV testing differentiated service delivery (DSD) model and support TB/HIV clients with continuation of ART and TB treatments to attain viral load suppression addressing the UNAIDS targets of 95-95-95.

Fikia+ Project is a new 5-year cooperative agreement with PEPFAR funding from the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), SHDEPHA+ Kahama in collaboration with ICAP will be supporting comprehensive implementation of HIV prevention, testing, care and treatment, lab, interventions at the community and facility level in Mwanza region Tanzania. Named the FIKIA+ Project, this new initiative aims to accelerate, expand, and improve the quality of HIV prevention, care, and treatment in order to meet UNAIDS 95-95-95 targets in intervention districts

Reports to: Project Manager
Line Manage: Project officers
Contract Duration: 1 year (renewable)
Overall Job Function:
The M&E officer will be responsible to design, develop and update databases and implement high-standard data management systems including data analysis
S/HE will provide the overall management in project monitoring and Evaluation through data management, data analysis, asses’ performance and advice program team.
S/HE will oversee data collection, verification and reporting.
S/HE will assess performance of indicator, provide regular feedback of program achievement against the targets to inform and achieve intended program outputs and outcomes.
S/HE will build capacity of program staff, stakeholders and health facility levels including RHMTs and CHMTs to implement M&E activities and integrate timely and accurate project data to enhance program planning and decision making.

Specific Responsibilities and Duties:
The M&E Officer shall develop a close working relationship with the project officers, heath providers, Community health workers and etc to ensure quality data is collected and entered in the database. The M&E officer will be responsible to:

  • Support in implementing and overseeing monitoring and evaluation activities in the council level, including development of SHDEPHA+ M&E plans and data collection frameworks to support data management, and reporting.
  • Support data analysis for their respective councils, visualization and use of data to assess daily and monthly SHDEPHA+ performance trends and help SHDEPHA+ management to interpret program performance and implications of data for programming.
  • Participate actively in generating data for SHDEPHA+ management monthly and quarterly narrative reports or other reports, as needed.
  • Organize and supervises routine internal data quality assessments (DQAs) for each council under management of the SHDEPHA+.
  • Facilitate communication, technical and working linkages between technical team and M&E team within and between councils.
  • Play a coordinating function for producing data and feeding to SHDEPHA+ management for program decision making at council and organizational level.
  • Provided technical assistance to project officers on developing and monitoring targets in compliance with the developed and approved M&E plan.
  • Train and supervise M&E teams in new database systems to ensure timely data entry, cleaning on a routine basis, generation of data queries and routine progress reports
  • Provide technical support in the process of data quality assurances (DQA, Data Audit) and data cleaning, ensuring that data generated is of high quality.
  • Conduct and coordinate provision of regular data collection and entry visits to Community Health workers and identify data entry challenges and provide technical assistance on data entry to CHW and Peer educator.
  • Organize and coordinate quarterly data review meeting at councils’ level by supporting program performance presentation preparations, and data interpretation.
  • Organize and manage all Quality Improvement (QI) activities of the SHDEPHA+.
  • Manage council level Monitoring and Evaluation Officers (M&EOs) by ensuring that they all have performance objectives, conducts one to one meeting and regularly evaluate their performance against agreed performance goals.
  • Provide daily, weekly and monthly data analysis and presentation to management through daily meetings
  • In collaboration with the Regional M&E Officers, train and supervise Facility Data Clerks to ensure timely data entry, cleaning on a routine basis, generation of data queries and routine progress reports.
  • Conduct quarterly data review meeting to Support Zonal M&E staff to conduct routine internal data quality assessments (DQAs)
  • Conduct regular data monitoring site visits to CHW and Peers; review and provide feedback on case workers performance
  • Review critically reports submitted by CHWs and peers perform data verification as needed Set up and maintain data entry and management systems including application
  • Perform data entry when needed Other tasks as assigned
  • Perform any other related duties as assigned by the Supervisor from time to time.

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Required Qualifications, Knowledge and Skills:


  • Degree in Information Technology, Computer Science, Health Information Systems, public health, sociology, demography, statistics, or other social science area.
  • Master’s degree or Academic qualification in monitoring and evaluation will be an added advantage.

Experiences and Skills

  • Required Experience: Minimum of 3 years’ relevant experience in similar position.
  • Strong capability in database development and management using MS Access, MySQL and statistical analysis programs packages e.g. stata, SPSS.
  • Familiarity with different programming languages, HTML, CSS, OOP.
  • Familiarity with the health information systems.
  • Capable of independently implementing the duties described above.
  • Good facilitation skills.
  • Committed and team player.
  • Experience implementing qualitative and quantitative research a plus
  • Report writing and publication skills
  • Experience with PEPFAR 3.0 funded projects in Tanzania is a plus
  • The candidate should have experience in training / workshop facilitation, mentoring and proven ability to develop and maintain effective work relationships with government and other NGO counterparts.
  • Availability and willingness to travel up to 50% time
  • Fluent communication in both Kiswahili and English.

Reports to:
Project Manager
Location: Meru DC
Contract Duration: 1 year (2021-2022)
Service, Health and Development for People Living Positively with HIV/AIDS (SHDEPHA+ Kahama),

Has been awarded by the U.S. President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief Tanzania (PEPFAR) through the Ambassador’s Fund for HIV/AIDS Relief (AFHR) to implement a community-led monitoring project that will gather information to assess service quality received by key and vulnerable populations (KVP), adolescent girls and young women (AGYW), and people living with HIV/AIDS

PLHIV), and share the data with stakeholders to address the challenges of HIV services and develop guidelines for HIV service delivery in Meru DC, Arusha region.

Community-led monitoring is a process initiated and implemented by local Community-based organizations and other civil society groups that gathers quantitative and/or qualitative data about HIV services. The focus is on getting input from recipients of HIV services in a routine and systematic manner that will translate into action and change. CLM is central to PEPFAR’s client centred approach because it puts the needs and voices of communities at the centre of the HIV response.
Through this award the organization is recruiting a project officer to support the implementation of this project.

Job Summary:
The Project Officer will be focusing on implementing CLM to gather quantitative and/or qualitative data about HIV services through a client centred approach that puts the needs and voices of communities at the centre of the HIV responses. Additionally, He/she will supervise data collectors and ensure timely collection of data, facilitate analysis and sharing of CLM results to help implementing partners, local governments, and health facilities improve the quality and accessibility of HIV services.

Description of Roles and Responsibilities

  • He/she should act productive, collaborative, respectful, and solutions-oriented
  • He/she should be triangulated with, but not duplicative of, other PEPFAR data streams ie CLM data should reflect an ‘added value’ and not duplicate collection of routine data already available to PEPFAR through Monitoring Evaluation and Reporting (MER) indicators. ‘Added value’ monitoring data includes: information from beneficiaries about their experience with the health facility, information about barriers and enablers to access and retention in services etc.
  • He/she should conduct Systematic and routine, with follow up and continuous improvement to data collectors
  • He/she should conduct associated follow-up process with the health facility that is overseen by U.S. government staff, committed to corrective public health action, and involves community advocacy to improve service outcomes
  • He/she should be able to collect client feedback, negotiating quality improvement solutions with health providers and decision-makers, and monitoring progress toward addressing issues to ensure clients receive optimal client-centred HIV service
  • He/she should Perform data collection and entry through the project implementation.
  • He/she Must be able to perform qualitative and Quantitative research analysis
  • He/she should be able to implement the application of e software database
  • He/she Must be able to Strong capability in database development and management using MS
  • Access, MySQL and statistical analysis programs packages e.g. stata, SPSS.
  • He/she must be Familiarity with different programming languages, HTML, CSS, OOP.

Minimum required Qualifications, Experience and Skills

  • Should hold Bachelor’s degree social science, research, Clinical Medicine or Nursing.\
  • Master’s Degree in any professional field will be added as an advantage

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  • Good understanding of Government of Tanzania health policies.
  • Strong M&E skills and experience in strategic information.
  • Excellent written and oral communication skills in Swahili and English including excellent training skills in working with adult learner leaners, particularly at the community level.
  • Able and willing to work flexible hours as needed without constantly or close supervision
  • Demonstrate leadership and team building skills.
  • Diplomacy and negotiation skills that demonstrate ability to collaborate coordinate with a range of stakeholders and complex priorities.
  • Ability to maintain confidentiality regarding clients’ health status and sensitive information contained in data sources.
  • Ability to interact well with all targeted groups and peer outreach workers by facilitating a non- judgmental, non-discriminatory, and non-stigmatizing environment in the program, to welcome all key and vulnerable population beneficiaries regardless of their background.


  • At least two (2) years’ experiences in a field position with an organization in public health.
  • Experience in implementation of community programs in health/HIV/TB etc., is preferred.
  • Experienced with PEPFAR 3.0 funded project in Tanzania.
  • Experience implementing program and donor regulations, systems, and procedures.
  • Experience in an Appreciative Inquiry (AI) approach in development and social work.

Job Description

Reports to: Project Manager
Supervises: Community Health workers, Peer educator and HCW
Location: Mwanza
Contract Duration: 1 year (renewable)
Travel: Up to 70% in intervention regions

Overall Job Function:
In order to accelerate, expand, and improve the quality of HIV prevention, care, and treatment in order to meet UNAIDS 95-95-95 targets in intervention districts, The project offcer will be responsible to manage day-to-day field implementation of a Community-based HIV/TB prevention program targeting key and vulnerable populations (KVP). One of the primary roles will be to coordinate and supervise Community-based HIV/TB services for target beneficiaries. The project Officer will work closely with the Project manager, M&E officer and be the primary liaison with healthcare service providers from health facilities and CHW and peer educators from community.

Specific Responsibilities and Duties:

  • Develop a work plan for day-to-day program implementation at the district level including supervision of field activities
  • Represent the SHDEPHA+ and coordinate with the Council Health Management Team regarding HIV and health related activities
  • Ensure Community-based HIV testing activities are implemented day-to-day according to the work plan, and facilitate coordination of logistics as needed
  • Supervise the delivery of field-based HIV/TB prevention services to beneficiaries by community outreach volunteers, including scheduling and implementing day and moonlight mobile outreach campaigns.
  • Support self-testing, index testing, HIV testing and pre- and post-test counselling with beneficiaries, and facilitate referrals for HIV positive clients.
  • Mentor and supervise peer outreach volunteers regularly and frequently during outreach sessions and lead monthly outreach CHW and Peer educator’s meetings
  • Ensure adequate supplies of commodities and tools to outreach volunteers and healthcare workers
  • Organize healthcare workers who are engaged from health facilities to provide services in mobile/Community-based activities via on-site supportive supervision and mentoring.
  • Support the identification/screening, recruitment, and training of community outreach volunteers from peer groups to implement the outreach services.
  • Regularly conduct routine mapping/re-mapping of hot spots and size estimation where targeted populations are found.
  • Participate in the training/orientation of healthcare workers in the selected health facilities on the Community-based program
  • Ensure adequate data collection, timely, complete and clean data from community, facility to the regional team
  • Liaise with regional stakeholders and local government authorities on the program progress, supportive supervision, data review, data entry and data quality assessments to ensure all FIKIA+ project data are updated in government system as per National Guidelines and Standard Operating Procedures.
  • Develop regional work plans and implementing program interventions (such as community based HTC, linkage/referral to health facilities, retention, GBV & gender norms, STI/TB screening, condoms distribution and family planning) according to the work plan, targets, national guidelines/policy, and program SOPs.
  • Perform any other duties as assigned by the supervisor.

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Required Qualification, Knowledge and skills:
  • Required Education: Medically trained personnel (nurse, clinical officer, laboratory technician, MD, social science etc) who have current qualifications and training in phlebotomy and HIV testing duties.
  • Bachelor’s degree or higher in medicine or nursing will be an added advantage.
  • Master’s Degree in any professional field will be added as an advantage
  • Required Experience: Minimum of 3 years’ experience providing HIV testing and counselling services including at least one-year experience supervising other staff, with demonstrated familiarity with MOH systems, tools and procedures for HIV testing and care management.
  • Preference given to those who have additional experience with Community-based HIV /TB programs targeting KVP.
  • Excellent speaking, reading, and writing skills in English and Kiswahili
  • Excellent computer skills, at minimum with Microsoft Office packages.
  • Ability to maintain confidentiality regarding clients’ health status and sensitive information contained in data sources.
  • Flexibility to work after normal working hours and weekends at informal gatherings and entertainment centres and travel extensively to remote areas, including islands.
  • Ability to interact well with all targeted groups and peer outreach workers by facilitating a non-judgmental, non-discriminatory, and non-stigmatizing environment in the program, to welcome all key and vulnerable population beneficiaries regardless of their background.
  • Must be a Tanzanian Citizen

If you meet the criteria given above and interested in the vacancies, please send an application letter and CV combined in as one document indicating your present employer and position, daytime telephone contact, names and addresses of three referees.
SHDEPHA+ Kahama will conduct interviews at Kahama municipal Office for the shortlisted Applicants.

To be considered, your application must be received by 16.30 HOURS on 25th Thursday November 2021 the subject line of your job application email should mention the job position that you are applying as it appears in this advertisement. Failure to do that your application may not easily be retrieved.
All correspondences and applications should be emailed to:

SHDEPHA+ is an equal opportunity employer and does not discriminate in its selection and employment practices based on Age, race, colour, religion, sex, national origin, political affiliation, sexual orientation, gender identity, marital status, disability, genetic information, age, membership in an employee Organization, or other non-merit factors.

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SHDEPHA+ is committed to the principles of safeguarding in workplace and will not tolerate any form of abuse, wherever it occurs or whoever is responsible”

Any Applicant attempting or communicating to SHDEPHA+ Management or Staff through phone calls, SMS, text emails and other means will automatically be disqualified from this opportunity. All communications should be channelled to the provided official correspondence email above

SHDEPHA+ regrets that only short-listed candidates will be contacted

For more information about the organization, please visit