New Jobs Vacancies at The Agricultural Markets Development Trust (AMDT)


The Agriculture Markets Development Trust (AMDT) has been established by the Governments of Denmark, Ireland, Sweden and Switzerland in 2014 and the current Trustee is KPMG. The Trust has been established as a long term facility with the overall objective of increasing incomes and employment opportunities for poor women, men, and young people in Tanzania.
With a strong pro-poor focus, the Trust works with the Private Sector, Government and Civil Society Organisations to promote the making Markets Work for the Poor (M4P)/Market Systems Development (MSD) approach that stimulates changes to market systems leading to broad and sustained impact on the lives of smallholder farmers as well as competitiveness of agricultural MSMEs.

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AMDT achieves this by investing, together with market actors, in interventions that are:
(i) based on diagnosed constraints and pro-poor opportunities,
(ii) are well coordinated to enhance the leveraging of investments and resources targeting similar outcomes,
(iii) stimulate the development of inclusive, competitive, and resilient agricultural market systems, leading to sustained benefits and impacts for the productive poor.

In order to improve its ongoing interventions in the country, AMDT is now seeking qualified Tanzanian candidates to fill new vacant full-time positions. Brief descriptions and qualification requirements for the open positions are outlined below...

Senior Strategic Communications Officer
Location: Dar es salaam
Reporting to: Technical Director
Job Summary
This is a senior position within AMDT and instrumental in compiling and translating information from interventions into knowledge that can be shared internally and externally with other interested development stakeholders including the beneficiaries and the Government. The Senior Strategic Communications Officer will oversee the development of the AMDT Communication strategy and the conceptualization of the communication tools including forward thinking on the target audience for every information being communicated from the Trust. The Senior Strategic Communications Officer is expected at all times to work with AMDT Results Measurement Manager and Portfolio Analyst to understand and comprehend sub-sector strategies, plans, interventions and outcomes.

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Key responsibilities for the position is divided into two main areas:
Knowledge Generation:
Ensuring that all information on AMDT portfolio of interventions, and where possible the interventions of others in the selected value chains, is standardised, packaged for appropriate use, and made easily accessible to key stakeholders, so as to enhance learning and coordination of value chain interventions, and sharing of information;
Specific Tasks will include:
• Work with AMDT staff and other stakeholders to develop AMDT Knowledge Management and Communications strategy, plans, and where necessary interventions;
• Ensure the application of a centralised, accessible, and user-friendly resources and system for all interventions and value chain information, program development opportunities, key contacts, and other essential information;
• Assist in the Monitoring, Verification and Reporting of AMDT interventions with the aim of ensuring that high quality, accurate and timely information/data and various analyses are collected and stored;
• Document coordinated field visits for external stakeholders to learn and share experience on the Trusts supported interventions and activities;
• Working closely with the Result Measurement manager to develop specific tools to be used in generating information for communication on Trusts work;
• Develop terms of reference, oversee, mentor and provide guidance to consultants, interns or other supporting staff within your domain;
• Work with other staff of the Trust to ensure the development of the Trust stakeholder/partners system for organising and managing contacts; 

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Timely Communication:
Working with staff and Trust’s partners, produce quality and edited multi-media content for publications (print and electronic), ensuring that it can be accessed by target audience through appropriate channels such as AMDT website, social media, publications, conferences and other forums or platforms.
Specific Tasks will include:
• Working with other Market Systems Analysts, Results measurement unit and other staff, Organise and facilitate high level meetings, events and workshops;
• Prepare and undertake presentations regarding the work of AMDT in various meetings to different stakeholders;
• Working closely with other units within the Trust to identify printers, publishers and other stakeholders so as to speed up availability of high quality communication materials;
• Take lead in the quality review of all the information and communication in form of responses to external stakeholders, publications of the Trust or any other information that is communicated to stakeholders and general public;
• Oversee the consistent promotion and application of AMDT brand and visual identity across external and internal communication products, including helping to crystallise and promote AMDT as a Markets Development facilitator;
• Work with AMDT staff, technical specialists and stakeholders to develop communication products relating to the two strategic pillars of AMDT (Strategic Advice and Market Facilitation). The communication products will include, but not limited to, high quality publications or reports, blogs and op-eds, short videos/documentaries, photo essays, brochures,newsletters, leaflets, policy briefs, case studies, and other social media content.
• Participate as a member in the development of the Trust’s Strategic and Annual plans including Quarterly, Bi-Annual and Annual reports;
• Develop periodic email newsletters and other direct communication tools targeting key or specific audiences;
• Oversee the compilation of the Trust’s stakeholders Annual reports version;
• Perform other tasks relating to knowledge generation, management and communication as identified by Technical Director.
The successful candidate will need to possess the following competences:
• Demonstrate understanding of knowledge management principles and best practices;
• Extensive experience and technical expertise in knowledge generation, management and capacity development in the agriculture sector;
• Good working knowledge of statistical and database applications;
• Proven track record of successfully delivering knowledge management strategies;
• Demonstrated experience in facilitation of cross-organisation lesson learning, capturing of intellectual capital, its dissemination and application, including development of collaborative tools to promote experience sharing and innovation;
• Familiarity with policy research and analysis, and ability to translate findings into clear, engaging and user-friendly contents for outreach and dissemination;
• Must be a self-directed, highly organized person who can effectively prioritize and follow through on multiple projects, simultaneously, a creative problem solver who takes pride in producing quality work, and is willing to learn new things;

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• Demonstrated knowledge and understanding of the variety of communications and public outreach tools available to convey simple yet highly important messages;
• Experience with the use of social media for professional communications would be desirable;
• Strong communication skills both written and verbal, excellent report writing, ability to convey information in a clear and concise manner, and organizational skills;
• Prior use of professional information systems, more specifically their design and use for reporting or production of communications materials and event organisation;
• Must demonstrate strong ability in working with diverse team;
• Has to be of unquestionable integrity;
• Interpersonal skills are essential.

Key Qualifications
• Minimum of a degree in Mass communication, Economics, Agricultural Economics, Agribusiness, Business
Administration, Information and Communications Technology, Marketing, Policy, and appropriate research field or other related discipline;
• At least 7 years in similar position in donor funded programmes of which 5 years should have been in leadership position;
• At least 4 years of work in project or program cycle management in the agriculture sector preferably in Tanzania;
• Good knowledge of policy issues relating to business enabling environments (BEE), Gender, Youth, Climate Change mitigation and private sector led growth/development;
• A background or understanding of current trends in knowledge management and communication;
• Proficiency in writing for both English and Swahili languages.

Program Manager – Results Measurement
Location: Dar es salaam
Reporting to: Technical Director
Job Summary
This is a key position aimed at ensuring that AMDT supports pro-poor market systems developments based on the selected portfolios(value chains).The position holder is responsible for coordination of various data which then informs the progress made on the interventions by implementing partners and stakeholders.The main role of the Program Manager – Results Measurement is to oversee the conceptualization of monitoring and results measurement designs and tools, tracking instruments, facilitate evaluation and evidence based analysis including learning from the performance of all AMDT interventions based on the DCED standards. 

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Key Responsibilities:
• Provide technical leadership and oversight to the MRM functions/unit of the Trust;
• Support and manage results-based planning, monitoring and measurement for all AMDT interventions, in alignment with the M4P approach and the processes and procedures of DCED as adopted by the Trust;
• Ensure that monitoring and results measurement are integrated at all levels and activities carried out on sub sector interventions that are supported by AMDT and its partners;
• Oversee the development of various monitoring tools and submit the same to the management for approval before rolling out;
• Support AMDT staff in the establishment of realistic intermediate and end-of-intervention outcome, impact targets, projections and ongoing analysis of progress;
• Ensure that both monitoring methodology and monitoring systems provide measurable evidence of results achieved from the planning through implementation and closure of these interventions;
• Provide a ‘quick alert’ to the Senior Management Team incase the reports/data from the partners indicate deviation from the agreed interventions, planned activities and outputs/intermediate outcomes;
• Ensure the quality of the services offered by the MRM function/unit and the delivery of the expected products in due time;
• Develop terms of references, oversee and provide guidance to consultants or other supporting staff within your domain;
• In collaboration with other AMDT staff and stakeholders, design, manage, supervise and/or run surveys and data collection, including those for AMDT beneficiaries at household level in order to provide baseline/mid term and endline information as well as evidence of outcomes and impacts;
• Ensure that in its practices, procedures and processes, AMDT meets the standards in MRM as expected of a Program of its size and complexity. This role will include ensuring compliance with and attaining of good MRM audit reports e.g. those following the DCED Results Measurement Standard audits;
• Produce technical notes and trends on achieved results, learned lessons and the measures to implement for increase impact of the portfolio interventions and value chains for AMDTEnsuring processes and procedures are in place for collecting, preparing and analysing quality and accurate information/data such as the data quality control protocols, procedures for data checking and verification, trouble shooting of data quality errors, data cleaning and information /data standardisin;
• Contribute to the preparation of periodic reports and work plans, and other publications of the Trust. This will include monthly, quarterly, biannual and annual reports;
• Participate in the preparation of the Trust’s Annual Business Plan/Operational Plan by ensuring that log frame indicators are properly linked to the proposed interventions;
• Provide quidance/training to AMDT team and partners on how to use the monitoring (data collection) tools and report formats;
• As required, supervise, mentor and manage a team of monitoring staff, associates or consultants and ensure that they are able to perform to the expected standards;
• Contribute to training of staff and selected stakeholders in data collection, analyses and storage, as well as development and proper handling of information and reports; and
• Perform other tasks relating to monitoring and result management as identified by Technical Director. 
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The successful candidate will need to possess the following competencies:
• Experience working on Market Development Programmes (preferably in agriculture) on developing results chains and impact projections;
• Strong technical skills in quantitative and qualitative MRM methods (including impact assessment) as applied to development programmes;
• Proficiency in Microsoft Office and Computer Programming Languages;
• Good understanding of the logical framework approach, results-based measurement, project cycle management and other strategic planning approaches;
• Experience developing practical guidance and tools for effective monitoring and reporting;
• Experience of private sector development issues and M4P approach to development;
• Proficiency in working with statistical and qualitative databases such as STATA, SPSS etc;
• Previous MRM experience in Africa, preferably Tanzania;
• Knowledge of the DCED results measurement standards;
• Must demonstrate strong ability in working with diverse teams;
• Must be a self-directed, highly organized person who can effectively prioritize and follow through on multiple projects/ interventions;
• A creative problem solver who takes pride in producing quality work and is willing to learn new things;
• Strong communication skills both written and verbal, excellent report writing, ability to convey information in a clear and concise manner, and organizational skills;
• Has to be of unquestionable integrity; and
• Interpersonal skills are essential.

Key Qualifications
• Degree in Statistics, Agricultural Economics, Business Administration, International Development or other related discipline. An advanced degree will be an advantage;
• A minimum of 10 years' experience in Monitoring and Results Measurement, preferably in the Agriculture sector;
• At least 5 years of work experience in project or program cycle management;
• Experience of private sector development issues and M4P approach to development;
• Knowledge of the DCED results measurement standards.

Administrative Assistant
Location: Dar es salaam
Reports to: Human Resources and Administration Officer (HRAO).
Job Summary
Administrative Assistant will be responsible for carrying out day to day office administration, logistics and general outlook of the office.

Scope of Work:
• Welcome visitors, determine nature of business and inform relevant AMDT personnel;
• Assist in making travel, meeting and other arrangements for staff;
• Answer, screen and forward phone calls questions about AMDT and provide callers with address, directions and other information as authorized by AMDT;
• Assist in monitoring use of utilities (like water and electricity);
• Administratively assist in coordinating outreach activities arising like team building or AMDT events;
• Compile records of supplies, monitors and checks both quantity and quality of supplies from time to time;
• Preparation of routine correspondence, meeting notes, routine reports and replying to general information requests;
• Support with dispatching and receiving letters and any documentation or publication reports;
• Gathering and archiving all related media publications;
• Oversee office general cleanliness;
• Supervise simple routine maintenance services within the office;
• Any other duty assigned by the Human Resources and Administration Officer and any other by Senior Management Team;
• Attend and support minutes taking during staff meetings. 

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Key Qualifications
• Highly organised person;
• Excellent communication and organizational skills;
• Ability to set priorities, organize tasks, and achieve them;
• Ability to work under minimal supervision;
• Is proactive, has self-drive, is disciplined, and committed;
• S/he has Integrity and flexible approaches of work;
• S/he has Effective time management skills;
• Maintenance of confidentiality at all times.

Education, Training and Experience
• At least a Diploma in Business/ Public Administration or any related field;
• At least four years of work experience in similar position with a reputable organization;
• Proven experience with MS Office Applications.
• and/or Certification in Project or Program Management, a plus

Market Development Analyst ( 3 Positions )
Reporting to: Technical Director
Job Summary
This is a key position within AMDT. The Market Development Analyst will be responsible for championing the M4P approach through quality of market systems development analyses, interventions designs and timely reporting of results in the selected value chains. S/he has the responsibility of managing projects partners and will also assist in ensuring correct utilization of project funds, appropriate knowledge outputs from this work to deepen the understanding of how market development work, as well as enhancing stakeholders' efforts on coordination so as to maximize benefits from interventions and investments in selected agricultural market systems.

Key Responsibilities:
• Using the M4P as a development approach, conduct and manage analytical work on the sector, sub sector (value chains), and the supporting services and industries needed for the systemic transformation of the sub sector.
• Together with the management team, design implementable and pro-poor sector growth strategies which seamlessly integrates, gender, youth and climate change;
• Design key performance indicators, monitor and evaluate implementation of strategic interventions with partners, and their resultant outcomes and get approval of the same from the Trust’s management team;
• Manage a portfolio of agricultural, industrial and service sector interventions to generate pro-poor growth in a sustainable and most effective and efficient manner across the country;
• Screen project proposals and manage partnerships with key stakeholders in the value chain. This will include systemic analysis of value for money for every activity or intervention proposed before submitting the same to the Senior Management Team and other governance bodies of the Trust;
• Analyze, prioritize and manage capacity building initiatives for partner organizations (Market Facilitators, Market Actors and other support and regulatory institutions);
• Professionally manage consultants, program officers, assistants, interns or staff under your supervision (within your domain) by providing clear TORs, guidance and clarifications;
• Manage project partners working with AMDT. This will entail detailed planning, follow up, monitoring and reporting to ensure that all interventions follow the agreed plans, budgets and timelines and achieves the intended outputs and outcomes;
• Closely work with the Results Measurement Unit teams to ensure that information coming from the partners under your domain are of high quality, provides relevant monitoring data that can be analysed to provide required information, learning and are scalable;
• Develop terms of references, oversee and provide guidance to consultants or other supporting staff within your domain;

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• Routinely make summary update report on the subsector/thematic area to the Senior Management Team so as to provide broad overview of the changes taking place within the subsector;
• Once every month, participate and make presentation, contribute in discussions to the Systems Management Team meeting;
• Provide a written summary report on the progress of the theme/sub sector every month and quarter;
• Participates in the development of Trusts Annual Business Plan (Operational plan) and Annual Report by providing relevent information regarding current year performance and future plans for the subsector/theme s/he is responsible for;
• Represents AMDT in various meetings, events, workshops, conferences as may be approved from time to time by the Technical Director;
• Continuously identify relevant National Development Strategies, policies, guidelines and design interventions that are aligned with them so as to make AMDT be relevant in the broader National Development Goals;
• From time to time take stock of potential strategic partners in the private, public and development sector to trigger innovative business models and practices to reduce constraints and unlock growth potential in a systemic and sustainable manner;
• Inculcate a culture of continuous learning and honest inquiry in relation to the understanding of market development; and
• Perform other tasks related to the sub sector/theme systems as may assigned by the Technical Director.
The successful candidate will need to possess the following key competencies:
• Excellent theoretical knowledge and practical application of the M4P as development approach, including market systems analysis, sector strategy creation, intervention design, market systems facilitation, and all the related monitoring and measurement of results;
• A proven ability to constructively engage with the private and public sector and manage partnerships, enable delivery of envisaged outcomes, and establish sustained capacity to support key market functions going forward;
• Good understanding and experience in intergrating Gender, Youth and Climate Change in program designs and project cycle management;
• Excellent eye on investment analysis including Value for Money;
• Experience in leading, managing and mentoring teams;
• Good knowledge of policy issues relating to business enabling environments (BEE), private sector led growth/ development;
• Experience in Agricultural Projects/Program Management;
• Must demonstrate ability to proactively manage delivery risks in development programmes;
• Ability to articulate issues, prepare and make presentations to high level audience;
• Strong hands on experience in research and analysis;
• Solid experience in monitoring and evaluation;
• Evidence of strong communication, writing, numeracy, analysis and networking skills.
• Ability to tap into international networks related to private sector development.
• Must demonstrate strong ability in working with diverse team; and
• Has to be of unquestionable integrity.

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Key Qualifications
• Degree in Developmental Economics, Agricultural Economics, Agri-business, Business Administration or related field. An advanced degree will be an advantage.
• A minimum of least 10 years of relevant working experience of which 3 years should be in a senior leadership role; Experience in both the public and private sector would be a plus; and a good mix of local and international experience will be an added advantage;
• Deep knowledge or work experience in agricultural value chains with large numbers of producers and MSMEs in Tanzania is a prerequisite.

To be considered for any position, an applicant must submit her/his CV (5 Pages Maximum), a capability statement letter that provides details of the applicant's specific qualifications for the position (2 pages Maximum), and a copy of degree certificates only. All applications to be send to: and must be received on 18th August, 2020 not later than 16.00 hrs EA time.
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In the subject line of the email, write the title of the position for which you are applying. Applications that do not follow these instructions, or that do not meet the stated minimum qualification requirements will not be considered. Only qualified applicants will be contacted for interview. AMDT is an equal opportunity employer and encourages women to apply.