Employment Vacancies at Mpango wa Kurasimisha Rasilimali na Biashara za Wanyonge Tanzania-MKURABITA



The Property and Business Formalization Programme (PBFP) known as MKURABITA in Kiswahili (Mpango wa Kurasimisha Rasilimali na Biashara za Wanyonge Tanzania) is an initiative of the Government of the United Republic of Tanzania assisted by the Institute of Liberty and Democracy (ILD), Peru.

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The main purpose of the programme is to empower the poor majority in the population in Tanzania by increasing their access to formal financial markets and other services by formalization of their property rights and businesses.

In October 2004 the Government of Tanzania and Norway signed a grant agreement of 7 million USD to finance the Diagnosis Phase and the Reform Design of MKURABITA. The grant included support for a consultancy agreement between the Government of Tanzania and ILD who has provided professional services to theProgramme Management Unit (PMU) under the President’s Office in charge ofimplementing the first two phases of the programme.

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In 2005, after finalising the diagnostic study, MKURABITA was subject to an external review commissioned by the President Office of Tanzania and the Norwegian Agency for Development Cooperation (Norad). One of the main recommendations from this review was to apply a more inclusive approach in implementation to create more local awareness, ownership and support, and to also consider other programmeswhich in total address the same issues as MKURABITA.

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