Volunteering Opportunities at Maasai conservation Fund

The roots of the MCF took hold when 2 clients of Warrior Trails safari company travelled from Canada to Tanzania to witness the country’s iconic wildlife. Cathy and Valerie soon became good friends with their safari guide, Clamian, and loved their safari experience, and when Clamian took them to visit his home village of Makuyuni, they fell in love with the people.

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At the time, Clamian was the only person from his village to have attended school. His education enabled him to eventually establish and run a successful safari company, and he worked exceptionally hard to ensure each of his guests experienced their dream vacation. He worked just as hard to improve the lives of the people in his village because they were, unfortunately, struggling. Their pastoralist lifestyle was no longer sustainable because of things beyond their control: climate change, land conversion, unsustainable grazing, population growth, and new economic pressures. 
Volunteering opportunities at Maasai conservation Fund


Cathy and Valerie decided to do what they could to help Clamian help the villagers but, being outsiders, were very cautious about imposing their ideas on the Maasai. They offered to fundraise, even though such things were well out of their comfort zone, for projects the villagers identified as being important. Their enthusiasm captured many others, including 3 other relatives who eventually went on safari with Clamian. Today, five Canadians and Clamian form the Maasai Conservation Fund (MCF), an organization created to raise funds for projects identified by Makuyuni villagers as important to them.
​​​For more than 7 years now, the MCF has been working in partnership with the people of Makuyuni Maasai village in Tanzania to help them gain control over their future through community-based, sustainable development projects.
Our Vision: A sustainable, healthy, resilient future for the Maasai people of Tanzania.

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Our Mission: At the expressed need, and in partnership with, the people of Makuyuni Maasai village, we work to improve their quality of life by implementing sustainable development projects to improve education, food security, and economic development while protecting their environment and preserving their unique culture. ​
​​In order to be effective, the MCF will:
1. address the changing needs of the Maasai in Makuyuni village in northern Tanzania while maintaining their unique culture, and
2. help uplift the Makuyuni Maasai out of poverty while protecting their precious land and resources.