Multiple Jobs at Cereals and Other Produce Board of Tanzania (CPB)

The Cereals and Other Produce Board of Tanzania (CPB) is a Government institution established through the Cereals and Other Produce Act No. 19 of 2009 to provide for promotion and development of cereals and other agricultural produce and to provide for other related matter. According to the act, the main function of the Board is to carry out commercial activities and such other activities as are necessary, advantageous or proper for the development of the cereals and other produce industry.

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CPB Headquarters is located in Dodoma at Central Business Park, Mbugani area along VETA Road. Currently, CPB offices outside Dodoma operate in seven Branch offices as follows: Eastern (Dar es Salaam City in Dar es Salaam Region), Southern (Mtwara Municipality in Mtwara Region) Southern Highlands (Iringa Municipality in Iringa Region), Northern (Arusha City in Arusha Region) Western (Kigoma Municipality in Kigoma Region), Lake (Mwanza City in Mwanza Region) and Central (Dodoma City in Dodoma Region).The Headquarters is responsible for providing Branch Offices with technical and professional support, establishing standards, systems and procedures for resources management, utilization, capacity building, coordinating the Board’s technical services, monitoring and evaluating the performance of field operations. All operational matters of the CPB are handled at the Branches, and that the Headquarters deals with strategic management issues.
CPB is seeking for suitably qualified candidates to fill the following vacant positions and work as part of a team that meet the expectations of the CPB.

Job Vacancies in Summary
  1. Accounts Assistants (4 Posts)
  2. Procurement and Logistics Officers (2 Posts)
  3. Procurement and Logistics Assistants (3 Posts)
  4.  Sales Persons (5 Posts)
  5. Assistant Warehouse In Charge (2 Posts)
  6. DRIVERS (4 Posts)
  7. Legal Officers
  8. Planning Officers ( 2 Posts)
  9. IT Officers
  15. Lab Technicians
  19. Marketing Officers (3 Posts)
  20. Accountants (5 Posts)
  21. Rice Miller

DRIVERS (4 POSTS)                                                         
(i)   Qualifications
  • Holder of Certificate of Secondary Education with passes in Kiswahili and English must have a valid class C driving license from a recognized Training Institutions of not less than three years without causing accident.
(ii) Duties and Responsibilities
  • To drive vehicles towards approved destinations and in accordance with traffic regulations;
  • To undertake minor mechanical repairs,
  • To take vehicles due for routine maintenance/ repair to the appointed service agent;
  • To maintain motor vehicle log books;
  • To make pre-inspection to the assigned vehicle prior travelling and report mechanical damages/defects;
  • To ensure safety and cleanliness of the vehicle at all times;
  • To ensure that valid documents and permits are acquired prior commencement of any journey;
  • To report promptly accidents or incidents involving the vehicles to the relevant authority

(i) Entry Qualification
Holder of Bachelor Degree or Advanced Diploma in Accounting, Finance, Commerce or any other related fields from recognised University/lnstitutions.
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Duties and responsibilities
  • To prepare accounts documentation;
  • To dispatch voucher lists to Head of sections; To make batching of payment vouchers as per Cashbook;
  • To keep batches of Payment Voucher, Cashbook and Exchequer Receipt Vouchers;
  • To maintain Petty Cashbook and Register;
  • To maintain incoming and outgoing cheque register;
  • To assist in preparation of financial reports;
  • To assist in preparation of pay roll computations and reports;
  • Assists in carrying out regular bank reconciliation.

 Position: Sales Persons (5 POSTS) 
Duties and Responsibilities
• Recording Both sales Cash and Non Cash and ensure that
• Identify training programs for sales representatives,
• Daily recording of sales Monitor customer feedback and handle customer issues in a courteous, prompt manner in order to maintain a loyal partnership with all customers.
• Supply customers with the products they need in the amounts they order on their regularly scheduled delivery day.
• Ensure that effective communication is used at all levels of the customer transaction and always be available when issues arise.

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• Certificate /Diploma in sales plus valid class C driving license 


Job Description
This staff coordinates the production of milled rice, which basically comprises the operation and maintenance of the rice processing and parboiling machines.The position basically involves rice mill operation, maintenance and procurement unit
Location: Mwanza 
Core Roles and Responsibilities of Rice Miller
  • Provide leadership to team in achieving key performance result, including company objectives for financial profitability, manufacturing variances, safety, quality, sustainability and cost center budget.
  • Maintains work flow by monitoring steps of the production process; setting processing variables; observing control points and equipment; monitoring personnel and resources; developing reporting procedures and systems; and facilitating corrections to malfunctions within process control points.
  • Develop methods to monitor and measure company activity to identify areas of success and areas of opportunity in order to control production efficiency, manufacturing variances, material waste, labor expenses and other indicators of profitability.
  • Coordinate all manufacturing company to ensure volume and quality requirements are met.
  • Responsible for the company staffing strategy, skill and development of the staff, performance management and employee morale. Provide staffs with the information, training, direction, guidance and resources necessary to accomplish established individual, department and company Objectives.
  • Continuously coach for development and monitor progress and result.
  • Participate in the development and implementation of new milling and packaging processes, products and systems by providing information, ideas and recommendations based on knowledge and experience in production.
  • Provides manufacturing information by compiling, initiating, sorting, and analysing production performance records and data; answering questions and responding to requests.
  • Lead the coordination of activities across the manufacturing, quality, safety and maintenance functions so that issues are addressed as they arise and to ensure the success of achievement of facility objectives in all areas.
  • Maintains safe and clean work environment by educating and directing personnel on the use of all control points, equipment, and resources; maintaining compliance with established policies and procedures.
  • Perform other duties as assigned and directed by the zonal manager or Director General.
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Qualification and experience
  • Bachelor’s degree in Engineering / food science and technology or related field. MSc will be an added advantage
  • Minimum of (1 0) years’experience in rice milling and other milling operations,
  • Sound Engineering Background with Exposure to latest Engineering Standards
  • Proven track record in a similar position in large scale paddy/ rice project
  • Must be experienced with the use of husk fire boiler, dryers and parboiling tanks.
  • Must be conversant with the whole process of rice milling operations, ranging from parboiling, steaming, polishing, grading, sorting, dehusking etc.
  • Experienced with operating silos.
  • Problem Solving & Multi-Tasking
  • Excellent Interpersonal skills
  • Excellent written, verbal and presentation skills
  • Excellent organizational and follow up skills
  • Competent in problem solving, team building, planning and decision making
  • Computer Skill – Microsoft word, Excel, Power and performance tools.
  • Excellent time management skills
  • Process orientated
  •  High level of attention to details

MARKETING OFFICER (3 POSTS)                                                                                                                )
(i) Qualifications
  • Holder of a Degree in Marketing, Business Administration from a recognised institution or its equivalent qualification. And knowledge of the Cereals and Other Produce industry. Masters degree is an added advantage.
(ii). Experience
  • Two to five years’ experience in marketing, advertising, brand management or sales Strong communication, sales and presentation study Knowledge of current marketing and multimedia platforms
  • Strong budgeting, internet and computer skills
(iii). Duties and Responsibilities
  • Collecting, compiling and disseminating of data on marketing of Cereals and Other Produce, distribution, export/import and other information on the Cereals and Other Produce industry both national and international;
  • Making periodic research /surveys in the major market areas in the country to access Cereals and Other Produce market trends supply and demand thereof;
  • Facilitating marketing surveys to validate collected data/information;
  • Preparing Cereals and Other Produce marketing and sales plans in consultation with the Principal Marketing and Sales Officer;
  • Implementing approved Cereals and Other Produce sales strategies;
  • Participating in activities, which promote the marketing of the Cereals and Other Produce industry in Tanzania;
  • Undertaking any other duty as may be directed from time to time by the Senior Officer.
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(i). Qualification and Experience
  • At least full technician certificate in electrical engineering from a reputable recognized registered institution or equivalent.
  • Must have a minimum of three (3) years of cumulative experience in the field of electrical installation, maintenance, troubleshooting/fault finding in a wide variety of electrical equipment in the manufacturing industry.
  • Must have basic knowledge of computer and able to communicate in English and Kiswahili
  • Attending JKT training is an added advantage.
(ii) Duties and Responsibilities
  • Installs, maintains, modifies and repairs electrical equipment and control systems including, but not limited to, protective devices, controls, meters, variable speed drives and motor starters.
  • Troubleshoots and corrects electrical equipment and control systems. Traces circuits and tests continuity of electrical and electronic circuits utilizing amp meter, voltmeter, ohmmeter, as-built drawings and visual inspections. Maintains, repairs and calibrates programmable logic controller (PLC) systems for milling machines and boiler burner management.
  • Serves as standard electrician and installs, maintains and repairs plant electrical panels, breakers, branch circuits and lighting as needed.
  • Periodically tests electrical equipment for safety and accuracy, reports unusual conditions, problems or deficiencies to supervisor.
  • Complies with established safety procedures and maintains a clean and safe work environment.
  • Serves on special taskforce during periods of emergency such as floods, storms, hurricanes, etc.
  • Perform preventive, corrective and breakdown maintenance of all electrical related equipment including but not limited to motors, fans, solenoid valves, drivers, controllers,
  • HMI devices, contactors, sensors, circuit breakers, LV fHV switchboards and any associated power and control wiring and cables, as per work schedules and routines.
  • Troubleshoot to identify various milling plants problems that may arise during the shift and report the solutions that have been implemented in solving those possible problems.
  • Regular cleaning of electrical components (electrical panels; electrical switch gear, A VRs and other machine components in both milling plants as
  • Performs other job-related duties as assigned by supervisor.
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  • Holder of a Degree in Agriculture, FoodScienceandTechnology, Food Processing or Process Engineering from recognised institution or its equivalent qualification.
  • Knowledge of the Cereals and other produce Industry.
  • Two to five years’experience in food processing industry or quality, environment, health and safety related work.
  • Familiar with hazards analysis, critical control point (HACCP) and good manufacturing practices (GMP).
Duties and responsibilities
  • Assisting in inspecting cereals and other produce mills, warehouses, silos, premises and weighing scales as may be prescribed by the Board;
  • Assisting in assessing the quality of cereals and other produce or cereals and other produce products based on established standards and procedures;
  • Assisting in setting up standards for cereals and other produce processed, blended and packed by the Board;
  • Assisting in Monitoring and evaluating the quality of cereals and other produce from the farmers, warehouses, silos, mills based on established standards and procedures in the Board;
  • Undertaking any other duty as may be directed from time to time by his superiors.
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MAIZE MILLER (1 POST)                                                                                    
(i). Qualifications
Diploma/Degree in Science plus 15 or more years of experience in the field.
(ii). Duties and Responsibilities
  • Responsible for leading continuous improvement activities in Milling operations and the maintenance management functions.
  • Ensure that operations achieve safety, quality, efficiency, and customer service objectives. Effectively planning, leading, organizing and controlling of milling operations is essential to ensure maximum control optimising through agreed Key Performance Indicators.
  • Pallets & Packaging material stock Milling Operations Lead the plant in workforce planning and sourcing to foster a high performing team Has oversight of mill production and maintenance staff to provide 24/7/365 operations Production and inventory control programs to maintain and enhance profitable operation of division Works closely with the QA/QC Manager to exceed plant quality requirements
  • Maintenance Responsible and accountable to co-ordinate all maintenance processes Ensure a continuous maintence plan is maintained Ensure assets are maintained in good working order and that up-grading is done continuously Team effectiveness House Keeping & Safety Standards Teamwork Will be working shifts Grade 12 Full spectrum Grain Grading Minimum of 5 years experience Valid Driver’s Licence with own Reliable Transport Experience in Team Management Preferably a Valid Forklift Licence Computer Literacy on Full Windows Package Market related
  • Grade 12 Full spectrum Grain Grading Minimum of 5 years’ experience Valid Driver’s Licence with own Reliable Transport
  • Experience in Team Management Preferably a Valid Forklift Licence Computer Literacy on Full Windows Package
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BSc. In Agriculture/ Extension or related
Duties and Responsibilities
  • collecting and analysing data and samples of produce, feed, soil and other factors affecting production advising Farmers and Farm Managers on techniques for improving the production of crops and livestock, and alternative agricultural options
  • advising farmers on issues such as livestock and crop disease, control of pests and weeds, soil improvement, animal husbandry and feeding programs
  • studying the environmental factors affecting commercial crop production, pasture growth, animal breeding, and the growth and health of forest trees
  • studying the effects of cultivation techniques, soils, insects and plant diseases on animal, crop and forest production
  • developing procedures and techniques for solving agricultural problems and improving the efficiency of production
  • managing forest resources to maximise their long-term commercial, recreational and environmental benefits for the community
  • studying the propagation and culture of forest trees, methods for improving the growth of stock, and the effects of thinning on forest yields
  • preparing plans for reafforestation and devising efficient harvesting systems
  • investigating, planning and implementing management procedures to cope with the effects of fires, floods, droughts, soil erosion, insect pests and diseases
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Lab technicians

Diploma in Lab technicians
Duties and Responsibilities
  • Receive, label and analyze samples
  • Design and execute laboratory testing according standard
  • procedures, make observations and interpret findings
  • Conduct experiments under defined conditions to verify/ reject various types of hypotheses using refined scientific methods
  • Organize and store all chemicals substances, fluids and compressed gases according to safety instructions Record all data and results in specified forms (paper and electronic) with accuracy and responsibility Maintain equipment and assist in ordering laboratory supplies
  • Ensure that all safety guidelines are followed strictly at all times and maintain a clean and orderly environment
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WAREHOUSE MANAGEMENT (IN-CHARGE) (2 POSTS)                                                               
(i). Qualifications
  • Holder of Bachelor Degree/Diploma in store Management
(ii). Duties and Responsibilities
  • Strategically manage warehouse in compliance with company’s policies and vision Oversee receiving, warehousing, distribution and maintenance operations
  • Setup layout and ensure efficient space utilization Initiate, coordinate and enforce optimal operational policies and procedures
  • Adhere to all warehousing, handling and shipping legislation requirements
  • Maintain standards of health and safety, hygiene and security Manage stock control and reconcile with data storage system Prepare annual budget
  • Liaise with clients, suppliers and transport companies Plan work rotas, assign tasks appropriately and appraise results
  • Recruit, select, orient, coach and motivate employees Produce reports and statistics regularly (IN/OUT status report, dead stock report etc)
  • Receive feedback and monitor the quality of services provided
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. Qualifications
Holder of Bachelor Degree in risk Management or related field.
Duties and Responsibilities
  • Designing and implementing an overall risk management process for the organization, which includes an analysis of the financial impact on the company when risks occur
  • Performing a risk assessment: Analyzing current risks and identifying potential risks that are affecting the company
  • Performing a risk evaluation: Evaluating the company’s previous handling of risks, and comparing potential risks with criteria set out by the company such as costs and legal requirements
  • Establishing the level of risk the company are willing to take
  • Preparing risk management and insurance budgets
  • Risk reporting tailored to the relevant audience. (Educating the board of directors about the most significant risks to the business; ensuring business heads understand the risks that might affect their departments; ensuring individuals understand their own accountability for individual risks)
  • Explaining the external risk posed by corporate governance to stakeholders
  • Creating business continuity plans to limit risks
  • Implementing health and safety measures, and purchasing insurance
  • Conducting policy and compliance audits, which will include liaising with internal and external auditors
  • Maintaining records of insurance policies and claims
  • Reviewing any new major contracts or internal business proposals
  • Building risk awareness amongst staff by providing support and training within the company
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Diploma in Food Engineering or related technical disciplines plus 10 to 15 years operation in edible factories.
(ii). Duties and Responsibilities
  • To operate edible oil refinery plant and its section which are crashing, degumming, neutralization, bleaching, dewaxing, deodorization and packaging unit.
  • To perform all work within safety and environmental guidelines by local, state and as well company policies (CPB policies).
  • To ensure safety in operates oil refinery production equipment, meeting the quality and productivity requirement that ensure on time supply of safe products to the customers.
  • To conduct quality and food safety check, as established by company policies and procedures.
  • To perform out line preventive maintenance and basic trouble shooting on operating equipment.
  • To maintain daily records, logbook and writing report concerning the plant.
  • To make sure that GPM is put in every unit operation as per government agencies requirement (TFDA,TBS, NEMC, OSPIA, etc.)
  • Perform other tasks as assigned by supervisor.
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(i) Qualifications and experience/skill
  • Bachelor or Master’s Degree in Mechanical or Industrial Manufacturing Engineering
  • Five to ten years of demonstrated experience as residence engineer in Industrial Projects
  • Demonstrated ability to read and interpret blueprints, technical diagrams, and related documents; advanced construction software skills, experience working with diagnostic and quality measuring tools and the ability to stick to safety standards.
  • Experience in paddy processing industry is an added advantage
(ii) Duties and responsibilities
  • To supervise the planning, coordination and implementation of the projects to ensure the projects adhere to all plans and regulations and that safety measures are appropriately taken. Lead the execution of the projects and supervise staff, prepare daily or weekly reports to submit to the project manager.
General activities
Plan and Implement Projects
To be involved in the design, specifications, and execution of various aspects of the project. To evaluate the supply, installation, testing and commissioning of the paddy processing machines and associated structures and determine the best engineering method or practice to accomplish the project .To establish an estimated cost and what tools and technologies are appropriate for the project as well as a timeframe for the work to be completed.
Supervise Projects
  • Supervise all activities of the project and ensure compliance to all plans and specifications and identify all errors in plans and ensure optimal working of contractual personnel.
Oversee Compliance
Must make sure their projects adhere to all government and industry standards and guidelines. If special permits or records need to be obtained, the Resident Engineer will do so and ensure the paperwork is recorded and stored properly.
Specific tasks include
  • Coordinate actions and inspections between the client and the consultant actor to ensure compliance with contract drawings and specifications.
  • Manage and maintain accurate field notes and maintain flow of technical information and prepare comprehensive assessment reports for all supplied machines and associate equipment’s.
  • Manage the general coordination with all the Project manager at Mwanza
  • Attend project meetings, closeout meetings, and all other miscellaneous meetings and provided the respective Minutes of those meetings.
  • Prepare all project documents and design all purchase orders and project schedules and ensure compliance to all health and safety policies and participate in evaluation of all engineer personnel.
  • Establish the need and coordinated field visits with professionals of different disciplines for problems related to the development of the construction work.
  • Evaluate unforeseen field conditions and coordinated with Project manager and other professionals.
  • Manage and supervise safe remove and storage of the existing /old machinery and equipment and to advise on appropriate use of the same
  • Provide professional advice in the design of process flow and waste management system
  • Creating and handling schedule to construction staff, performing field quality control tests, assessing the material quality and quantity; verifying and approving invoices, overseeing work of the staff, ensuring compliance with quality standards, guaranteeing material availability, recommending repair work, surveying blueprints and maps, providing technical advice, identifying construction constraints, and preparing periodic reports.
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Position: Procurement and Logistics Officers (2 POSTS)
Entry Qualifications
Holder of Bachelor Degree/Advanced Diploma in Material Management, Supplies, Procurement or its equivalent from a recognized Institution and registered by a recognized Procurement and Supplies Professional Board. She/he must possess a CSP

Duties and Responsibilities

  • To make follow up on receiving, storing and distribution of all stock items;
  • To maintain a location index system in the store;
  • To issue approved tendering and contract documents;
  • To manage an archive records of the procurement and disposal process;
  • To maintain a list or Register of all contract awarded;
  • To maintain an updated inventory of goods, supplies and materials;
  • To assist in the process of procurement tenders as per approved Board policies and procedures;
  • To maintain records for each local purchase order;
  • To follow up supply contracts and ensures contracts are honoured.
 Position: Procurement and Logistics Assistants (3 POSTS)
Duties and Responsibilities
• To file transaction documents;
• To assist in arranging stocks;
• To dispatch goods received notes and invoices to payment section;
• To receive and issue goods;
• To assist in maintaining and updating stock bin card and stores loan records;
• To assist in keeping stores in proper bins, racks or locations;
• To check transactions in stores accounting documents and registers;

• Holder of Holder of Form IV/VI with a certificate in procurement and logistics or its equivalent from a recognized Institution.

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Position: Legal Officer (1 POST)
Duties and Responsibilities
• To compile evidence relevant for court cases
• To assist in taking charge of documents and correspondences of already assigned cases; dealing with legal routine correspondences addressed to the Board;
• To file and appear for proceedings in courts;
• To assist in administering compliance
• To compile a list of amended legislations, terms of agreements and contracts;
• To maintain an updated database of court involving the Board;
• To assist in "regulations and rules; decisions

• Holder of Degree in Law (LLB) from any recognized University/ Institution who has passed a recognized practical legal training or undergone internship programme recognized by the Attorney General.

Position: IT Officer (1 POST)
Duties and Responsibilities
• To assist in liaising with schemes, managers, custodians and other relevant institutions on ICT infrastructure development related to social security sector;
• To assist in the provision of technical advice on procurement of ICT equipment, hardware and software;
• Participate in the coaching and mentoring Boards staffs on ICT development; To review ICT strategy of schemes, custodians and managers and recommends on changes/ improvement required;
• Assist to prepare ICT regulations and guidelines;
• To assist installation and maintaining a modern Management Information System; To provide technical support in application of Information Technology.

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• Holder of Bachelor Degree in Information Technology, Computer science or its equivalent from a recognized University/Institution

Position: Assistant Warehouse In Charge (2 POSTS)
Duties and Responsibilities
• Work closely with Warehouse Manager to learn and master all aspects of warehouse operations Motivate warehouse team to meet or exceed goals and standards Insure all warehouse team members are following all safety standards
• Learn the Prophet 21 software for inventory and bin management
• Use Wireless Warehouse Management System Accurately pulls, fills, packs and sets up orders for delivery or pickup
• Assist customers and drivers with loading product in the vehicle by hand or with forklifts
• Operates forklifts safely and efficiently, follow all OSHA safety regulations and perform vehicle safety checks Insure the warehouse stays safe, clean, clutter-free and operating efficiently
• Signs and dates freight bills noting all adjustments and/ or damage to product and report any quality or inventory discrepancy issues


  • Certificate in Stores Management
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 Position: Accounts Assistants (4 POSTS)
(i) Qualification
Holder of Secondary Education Certificate with Certificate in Accounting and Finance or its Equivalent.

(ii) Duties and Responsibilities

  • To reconcile fees register;
  • To receive and keep in proper custody bills, invoices and other claims pending payment;
  • To maintain an updated cheque register;
  • To prepare bank reconciliation statements;
  • To reconcile general ledger balances with subsidiary ledger balances;
  • To assist in maintaining accurate books of accounts.
Position: Planning Officers (2 POSTS)
Duties and Responsibilities
• To assist in collecting information and data on the goals and objectives of the Board;
• To assist in analysing and evaluating data as a basis of formulation of plans.
• To assist in collecting Information on students and staff;
• To assist in collecting data on Physical facilities. (plant and equipment by categories and functions educational programmes, goals and achievements);
• To prepare profiles to bring together available statistics on the activities and resources of the Board Department;
• To combine and analyses categories of data as basis of plan formulation


• Holder of a Bachelor Degree/Advanced Diploma in Economics, Statistics, Planning or equivalent from a recognised University/Institution

Please take note of the following:
  • Applications must be accompanied by with certified copies of relevant certificates. Testimonials and partial transcripts will not be accepted.
  • Certificates from foreign Universities should be verified by the Tanzania Commission for Universities (TCU) while Certificates from foreign examination bodies for Ordinary or Advanced level education and diploma should be certified by the National Examination Council of Tanzania (NECTA) and/or National Council for Technical Education (NACTE).
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  • All applications must be sent by using the following address; Director General, Cereals and Other Produce Board, Central Business Park, Mbugani Area, 24 VETA Street, P.O.Box 337, DODOMA. Email address: All applications sent through email should have all the required documents scanned in pdf format and attached.
  • Closing date for receiving application 30 June, 2020
  • Only short-listed candidates will be contacted for interview.
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