Apply 5 New Jobs Opportunities in TABORA at Milambo Co-Operative Union Limited (Milambo CU Ltd)


MILAMBO CU (2018) LTD - REG. NO. 5604
Milambo Co - operative Union Limited (Milambo CU Ltd) is vested with the duties of providing  high quality services to all tobacco farmers within the two District Councils (Urambo and Kaliua), now is wishing to recruit highly motivated and dynamic staffs to fill in the following vacancies below:-

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A good Masters Degree in Agriculture, Finance Management, Business Administration, Economics  or equivalent coupled with working experience of not less than 3 years in a reputable, Institution/Cooperative Institution  with a good track record.

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • To provide information, policies and decision from General Meeting and Board to ensure that are implemented through heads of departments.
  • To interprets regulations and procedures which are mentioned in the regulations for last decision.
  • To ensure that all sources of finance are supervised in accordance with approved estimates by General Meeting.
  • To observe government laws and directives, Union By laws and ensures that they are adhered in the cause of implementing Milambo CU Ltd missions and visions.
  • To provide information to Board on a regular basis on all activities being undertaken by Union.
  • Creates and sustains Human Capital acquisition and development policy, promotions and supervise employee and labour relations in upholding work place harmony and maintaining good public image of Milambo CU Ltd.
  • To work closely with head of departments for enabling achievement of Milambo CU Ltd targets.
  • To authorize supplementary expenditure as approved by General Meeting in order to ensure that day to day operations of Milambo CU Ltd are carried out.
  • And perform any other duties as assigned by the Board
Salary: Good and reasonable salary
Terms of Services:
A three years fixed contract renewable on mutual agreements. 

Job Requirements
Holder of Degree in Accountancy, finance and possession of CPA (T), ACCA or equivalent. Must be registered with NBAA as Certified Public Account in public Accountant in public practice or certified public accountant, with at least  three (3) years’ experience in Accounting, Banking, and Consultancy.
Duties and Responsibilities:
  • Head of Department of Finance and Accounts, Implement and Controls Financial and Accounting functions.
  • Keeps accounting records and maintains proper books of accounts and other financial matters of the Union.
  • Prepares statement of income and Expenditure, cash flows and statement of financial affairs at the end of financial year.
  • Scrutinizes and verify all expenditure items to ensure their credibility.
  • Prepares and avail periodic financial statements of the Union showing among others, allocated recurrent account, expenditure incurred and commitment entered into at the end of the current monthly quarter.
  • Prepares and submit monthly reconciliation reports for review.
  • Prepares and submit monthly reconciliation reports for review.
  • Supports responses and actions to internal audit comments.
  • Ensure that accounting policies and practices are carried out in accordance with IFRS.
  • Implements matters relate to financial affairs of the Union and internal control frame work.
  • Co-ordinates Assets and liabilities policies of the Board.
  • Approves expenditures that are within his/her powers as per financial regulations.
  • Timely avail and Board’s accounts for audit purposes and deal with audit queries.
  • Avail to vote holders quarterly statements relating to their budget performance and to ensure strict adherence to the approved budget
  • Maintain the board’s tax records and tract all payments, declare tax credits and submits tax returns by their due dates as appropriate.
  • Carry out on - the - job training to staff under him/her.
  • Perform any other duties as assigned by the General Manager
Salary: Good and reasonable salary
Terms of Services:
A three years fixed contract renewable on mutual agreements.

Job Requirements
Holder of Degree in Agriculture, Economics, Agro - economics or equivalent with relevant experience in operations for a minimum of three years in senior position. 

Duties and responsibilities:
  • Chief advisor to the General Manager on all activities pertaining to production and operations.
  • Head of department which deals with marketing, education and storage of farm production inputs.
  • Plan and budget estimates on all operations and production functions of the Union.
  • Plan and implement all procurement and logistics for Tobacco Farming and other related variety crops.
  • Receiving and working on information regarding production, marketing and milling.
  • Undertake performance planning and sign performance contracts.
  • Perform any other duties as may be assigned by General Manager.
Salary: Good and reasonable salary.
Terms of Services:
A three years fixed contract renewable on Mutual Agreements. 

Job Requirements
Holder of Degree in Accountancy/Finance with at least three (3) in senior position work experience in a reputable organization and have obtained (CPA), Professional Certificate by NBAA or its equivalent qualifications.

 Duties and responsibilities:

  • Ensuring that audit report are prepared on time and submitted to the Board.
  • Preparing annual work plans.
  • Advising on Audit queries.
  • Auditing Financial Accounts.
  • Analyzing and Correcting Audit reports.
  • Authorizing internal audit queries.
  • Auditing revenue collection.
  • Preparing quarterly audit reports
  • Perform any other duties as assigned by General Manager.
Salary: Good and reasonable salary.
Terms of Services:
A three years fixed contract renewable on Mutual Agreements. 

Job Requirements.
A Degree Holder in Supply chain Management with CPSP (T) or equivalent qualification from a recognized Board/Institution with at least 3 years relevant working experience from reputable organization.

Duties and Responsibilities
  • Manage the procurement process and the supply.
  • Responsible for the preparation of Tender Documents, appraise all tender documents submitted and make appropriate 
  • Approves Expenditures that fail under the section.
  • Maintain relationship with existing supplier and source of new supplier as required.
  • Work collaboratively with finance departmental and organization on forecasting issues where procurement has an impact.
  • Ensure compliance on procurement procedures
  • Manage the procurement process and the supply base effectively and efficiency.
  • Performs any other duties as assigned by General Manager.
All applicants must submit in hand written application letters accompanies with the following:
Certified copies of relevant academic and professional certificate.
Curriculum Vitae with complete addresses and e-mails of at least two referees.
Age limit 25 years and above
Application should reach the office not later than 25th February, 2020.
Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.
Application Instructions
Interested applicants should submit their applications to the undersigned.  Electronically applications will not be considered.
The General Manager,
Milambo Co - Operative Union Limited,
P.O.BOX 186,