The Government has announced 40,000 Vacancies from Feb/2020, 800 JKT, 16,000 Teachers and other sectors for 2019/20 | SERIKALI KUAJIRI 40,000 FEB 2020, WALIMU 16,000, JKT 800 NA KADA NYINGINEZO

President of Tanzania, John Magufuli has ordered 800 graduates volunteer in the National Building Service (JKT) for two years to be employed in the government starting February, 2020. 

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Speaking to reporters today on Monday, December 23, 2019 in Dodoma, Secretary-General of the Office of Public Service Management and Good Governance, Dr. Laurean Ndumbaro said President Magufuli ordered the young with degree to be employed in the state for their long-term commitment. they have built nationalism.
"In the 2019/20 period the government has announced 40,000 vacancies and jobs start in February, but we will start with those young people who, by the average, are not more than 800 qualified," said Dr Ndumbaro.
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The secretary-general has demanded that the young people have to write a letter to UTUMISHI, attached with copies of their professional certificates as well as confirmation by their camp commanders and in doing so, recognize they've got work.
He has warned workers within the Tanzanian Government who continue to defend their expelled colleagues for failing to certify that the Government will begin to be deal with.