Tuesday, December 24, 2019

English Teachers Job Opportunities at Leera School

  e-SBO       Tuesday, December 24, 2019
Leera School is founded by three Zanzibari women of diverse backgrounds and upbringings. They share a common bond in quest for ‘high quality education’ for their children that will prepare them to become independent learners, with early exposure to realistic environments.

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Starting a school was in reality a vision that was born out of necessity; to address the challenges and limitations facing the private school educational structure. As professional working mothers with children enrolled in various private schools, their personal experiences with the educational system on Zanzibar, led them to start the school.

Their hunger and determination to tackle these issues turned into a realistic concept in 2019 and later blossomed into Leera School. This initiative brought together some of the island’s senior academic advisors with matching educational facilities for the school.
As natural caretakers, we, the founders of Leera School aspire for our children and others to excel to the best of their abilities. Leera School will serve as a foundation for students to learn, evolve and rise above their potential.
Leera School announced Job Opportunity of Secondary English Teacher as shown in PDF Below:-

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