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Selected Students To Join Eastern Africa Statistical Training Centre (EASTC)

  e-SBO       Tuesday, August 20, 2019

The following is the first round of selected applicants who qualify to be admitted for a Bachelor’s Degree in Official Statistics at Eastern Africa Statistical Training Centre (EASTC) for the academic year 2019/2020. The admitted students below are advised to pick their admission letters and joining instructions from the Centre admission office at Changanyikeni Dar es Salaam soon as they trace their names on the list.


1 S3663/0025/2016 Abdulkadir Suleiman Omar Qualified
2 S2693/0003/2016 Abdulradhaq N Rwehabura Qualified
3 S0559/0004/1994 Alistidia Michael Qualified
4 S1822/0010/2016 Beatrice L Loti Qualified
5 S1637/0012/2007 Billy Philip Qualified
6 S0147/0027/2014 Bugama W Chambu Qualified
7 S3042/0056/2010 Charles Chacha Wambura Qualified
8 S0804/0007/2016 Daima Kessy Kimwaga Qualified
9 S1601/0030/2016 Daniel J Lumwe Qualified
10 S0800/0015/2016 Doreen Prackson Rugazia Qualified
11 S3646/0039/2016 Emmanuel Bethuel Lukumay Qualified
12 S5376/0010/2016 Epiphania Bonaventure Shayo Qualified
13 S0883/0041/2009 Erasto Frank Qualified
14 S0381/0035/2016 Fatma Khamis Juma Qualified
15 S1011/0012/2015 Fatuma A Mbonde Qualified
16 S1187/0037/2015 Frida N Ferrer Qualified
17 S1328/0036/2011 Geofrey Mpeke Nathanaeli Qualified
18 S1141/0069/2013 Gervas Nyeji Medard Qualified
19 S2211/0071/2016 Gevas Steven Qualified
20 S0204/0084/2016 Gladness B Kisinini Qualified
21 S3470/0038/2016 Humphrey Zakaria Ngalimanayo Qualified
22 S2387/0027/2014 Idd Suleiman Munisi Qualified
23 S0268/0021/2013 Irene Peter Mtallo Qualified
24 S1622/0166/2011 Isack Israel Qualified
25 S0457/0177/2015 Jofrey Oden Qualified
26 S0938/0086/2016 Jonathan Sabatho Qualified
27 s2315/0072/2016 Lucia F Msabila Qualified
28 S0222/0110/2016 Lucy R Range Qualified
29 S0428/0047/2013 Lucy Steven Mfikwa Qualified
30 S3502/0313/2010 Mabigili Donald Lupaa Qualified
31 S0480/0065/2015 Melkzedeck Deogratius Lyimo Qualified
32 s4055/0161/2013 Mikidady I Selungwi Qualified
33 S0309/0088/2016 Mmanga Said Mmanga Qualified
34 S3502/0168/2014 Mohamed L Stanslous Qualified
35 S0383/0104/2016 Munawar Suleiman Omar Qualified
36 S4598/0082/2015 Nicela Ninshubila Emmanuel Qualified
37 S0382/0171/2016 Omar Hussein Ngushi Qualified
38 S0804/0091/2014 Paul Simon Lufungulo Qualified
39 S2345/0016/2016 Prisila D Konga Qualified
40 S4264/0034/2016 Rahma D Mohamedi Qualified
41 s1244/0058/2016 Reuben Lucas Gabriel Qualified
42 S0154/0044/2003 Richard F Mkali Qualified
43 S4545/0078/2015 Ronald Shannel Mvungi Qualified
44 S4462/0024/2016 Sajdah Sudi Salumu Qualified
45 S0222/0158/2016 Salha A Hamisi Qualified
46 P1310/0304/2018 Salim Iddi Qualified
47 S1071/0475/2012 Samwel D Mahiza Qualified
48 S0384/0012/2014 Sesilia K Henri Qualified
49 S4083/0014/2015 Suzieth Joel Kimaro Qualified
50 S2847/0120/2016 Tobias Mariki John Qualified
51 S0938/0144/2012 Uledi Seif Qualified
52 S2693/0085/2016 Venance E Machota Qualified
53 S0984/0054/2007 Yusuf J Magiri Qualified
54 S0214/0111/2015 Zainab Abdulrazak Said Qualified
NOTE: Applicants are informed that more names will be added into the list as soon as the verification exercise is complete.
For Any Further Information concerning admission enquiries, selection and Application Assistance Kindly Contact;
The Admission Officer,
Eastern African Statistical Training Centre,
0713988952 download:



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