Apply new Jobs at Kijiji Beach Resort


Head Cook
Application deadline 2019-07-11
Job Purpose
Contribute to guest satisfaction and ensure daily consistency in quality, delivery, portions and presentation of your product. Cooks represent the Executive chef and Kijijibeach and comply with the following primary responsibilities

  • Prepare food consistently as per chef’s specifications
  • Respect individual wishes and prepare food as per clients’ culture or desire
  • Comply with all hygiene, safety and conservation regulations
  • Respect food cost standards and avoid unnecessary spoilage
Main Duties and Responsibilities
Prepare your kitchen
  • Before your guest is at your table, you must be ready for any usual demand:
  • You fix any known technical problems in your kitchen as soon as possible. Learn how to fix frequent problems yourself. Should you not be able to fix it, make adequate follow up.
  • Comply with nutrition, sanitary and safety regulations. Initiate necessary action if not perfect.
  • Be aware how to store, handle or cook all your ingredients in the spirit of your chef. Ask chef or study training manuals spontaneously.
  • Prepare your tools to have them in good working condition and stored where you need them
  • Make sure all your plates, cups etc are clean and stored ready for use where you need them
  • Be aware of security issues such as risk of gaz, fire or burnings. Follow fire fighting training.
  • Follow FIFO and spoilage procedures
  • Practice your quality standards or new dishes whenever you have time. Innovate.
Organize your work
  • Coordinate proper shifts. Never leave your kitchen without having a proper back-up. Be ready to assist when necessary and take shift even when you are not rostered. This will be compensated
  • Wear correct and clean uniform and shoes
  • Have daily briefing with your Chef for training, program and problem solving
  • Organize work schedule depending on your expected work load
  • Have your checklists, requisition forms, cost control sheets, etc ready
  • Prepare your mise en place as per your daily needs, menus, specials and guests
  • Be ready for quick but precise execution. Train if necessary standard is not reached
Order procedures
  • You prepare food for a client you might not know but the client will juge you. Therefore:
  • Follow strictly all procedures from your chef. Contact chef for special orders.
  • Entertain good working relations with your service team. Brief daily. Make sure you receive a perfect order from your waiter. In case of doubt ask waiter and/or chef.
  • Do not issue any food at all without proper KOT. If not printed by the system, the waiter must sign the KOT as well as the Chef. Manual KOTs must be reconciled with the system.
  • Shout your order immediately so that all cooks can contribute to your order simultaneously
  • Portion, cook as per Chef’s instruction and clients wish and garnish properly
  • Check if order complete, taste, care for presentation.
  • that your chef or your second checks all plates before leaving the kitchen
  • Ensure that your food is served within 20 minutes for à la carte and 10 minutes for specials.
  • Avoid spoilage and take care of your left overs
Safety and security
  • Alert immediately the security of any unlawful people entering or any activities occurring in or around your kitchen
  • Be familiar with all Emergency Procedures, be trained and know where are the fire extinguishers.
  • Alert the Chef if you see anyone stealing anything from the kitchen
  • Daily Closing and control
The following administrative work is required:
  • Report on your day activity in your hot kitchen:
  • Compare your cost of food to the sales. You must comply with the industry standards. Variances must be explained and you will take responsibility for loss
  • Report on any spoilage
  • Report on any unusual happening, such as theft or clients complaints
  • Issue inventory of tools, utensils, plates, cups, pans, etc every Monday morning. Non explained losses will be charged to you
To perform this job successfully, you are able to perform each essential duty satisfactorily:
Able to understand clients requests quickly in English and Swahili
Have a pleasant, reliable, honest character able to handle stress situations
Be a pleasant character able to entertain clients but without losing your professional targets
Physically strong as you will have to be able to execute your work rapidly, stand and walk long hours
As a Head Cook, you are required to follow all instructions given by your supervisor and those in your job description. We expect you to show enthusiasm, loyalty and commitment in the workplace, which is for the benefit of yourself and Kijiji Beach. Please note that this job description is part of your employment contract and is therefore governed by the Laws of Tanzania.

Food & Beverage Manager
Application deadline 2019-07-11
Job Purpose
Arrange for smooth running of the food and beverage offer in the resort. You will have the responsibility to develop, innovate and deliver a product mix which is quality driven whilst maintaining aggressive financial returns. This will be driven by ensuring that all working methods are reviewed and best practice is achieved so we in turn can grow our business whilst delivering excellent guest service.
Duties and Responsibilities
  • The job holder will act as a purchasing officer and budget controller for the restaurant and the bar
  • Ensure reasonable stock levels are available at all time. Avoid spoilage and aged items.
  • Ensure strict compliance with all relevant Hygiene & Safety legislation & requirements
  • Champion a training culture within the F&B team to ensure succession planning, and a culture that exceeds the best the industry has to offer
  • The F&B Manager will constantly review the product range to ensure that all key quality standards are maintained
  • The job holder will be responsible for maintaining and helping enforce the agreed brand standards for each unit by conducting and managing monthly audits
  • Brief your staff daily in order to receive feed-back from clients and in order to best implement and sell menus and specials.
  • The F&B Manager will also be the department representative for Special Events, working each special event as the departmental duty manager. This will involve all planning associated with each event, right through to delivery in collaboration with the Event manager.
  • They will also liaise with the Sales and Marketing team to collate and respond to all customer correspondence, ensuring this is communicated to the entire F&B team, where appropriate
  • The F&B Manager will be responsible for ensuring income per head is increased quarter on quarter, without jeopardizing guest satisfaction and quality
  • This will include ordering of equipment within financial constraints, invoice querying and establishing a positive relationship with the Accounts Department
  • Supervise weekly stock takings and issue detailed Gross Margin report
  • The job holder must provide an environment of trust, with constant feedback and performance coaching
  • Hire and fire your staff with professionalism. Make sure available resources are balanced between cost effectiveness and customer comfort.
  • Supervise and sign weekly stock takings for glassware, cutlery, crockery, utensils, equipment or other
  • Ensure that kitchen has quality products, is efficient and can deliver what is on the menu in time and in best and regular quality.
  • Ensure that the restaurant but also all other F&B facilities are in perfect order at any time.
  • Supervise technical arrangements for special clients’ requests.
  • Hire capable barman able to increase offerings and sales
  •  Initiate attractive atmosphere around the bar
As a F&B Manager, you are required to follow all instructions given by your supervisor and those in your job description. We expect you to show enthusiasm, loyalty & commitment which is for the benefit of yourself and Kijiji Beach. Please note that this job description is part of your employment contract and is therefore governed by the Laws of Tanzania.