145 Employment Vacancies at Camel Oil Transport Tanzania Company Limited

Fuel & Lubricants
Camel Oil Tanzania Limited is the brand of our fuel & distributing business, it is also our founding business from which we have expanded and diversified.

Camel Oil Tanzania Limited has a world-class storage facility near Dar es Salaam harbour with a capacity of 58,200 cubic meters of oil. This ultra modern depot at Kurasini Terminal enables Camel Oil Tanzania Limited to handle thousands of metric tonnes of petroleum products annually and move across Tanzania and East Africa by rail or road.

A single depot on the mainland strengthens Camel Oil's ability to meet the fuel needs of its customers in the northern, southern, western and eastern parts of Tanzania and in the landlocked countries of Rwanda, Burundi, Uganda, Zambia, Malawi and Eastern Congo.

Camel Oil Tanzania Limited has installed seven gigantic storage tanks for fuel; the capacities of these tanks are 58,200 cubic meters. Two tanks of 12,000 and 6000 cubic meters to store Automotive Gas Oil, two tanks of 6000 cubic meters each to store illuminated Kerosene and another 6000 cubic meters to store Premium Motor Spirit (Mogas) and Jet A-1. The company has a planned capital expenditure for increasing its storage capacity to 100,000 cubic meters in the near future.

All staff in Camel Oil Tanzania Limited are well trained and acquainted with Health, Safety, Security and Environmental issues (HSSE). In addition, Camel Oil Tanzania Limited aims to have an HSSE & SP (Social Performance) of which we can be proud; to earn the confidence of customers, shareholders and society at large, to be a good neighbour and contribute to sustainable development.

Camel Oil Tanzania Limited has developed a network of service stations in key strategic locations in every corner of Tanzania. At present we have 60 service stations and a further 30 more service stations are planned, some land having already been acquired to achieve this. Camel Oil Tanzania Limited has also installed fuel tanks and pumps at some of its larger customer’s premises and offered competitive prices to those large consumers of fuel in the country & region.
Camel Oil Transport Tanzania Company Limited has announced to the public 145 job
vacancies to all youths in Tanzania ranging 18 to 45 years of age. All job application are subjected to the Camel Oil advert as shown below. You can read the job vacancy advert below to apply for specific post you wish. Deadline, 2 weeks after the first day to appear at expresstz.com