New Jobs at VisionFund Tanzania Microfinance Bank Ltd


Job Title: Chief Executive Officer (CEO) – VisionFund Tanzania
Africa, Tanzania
Fixed term, Full-time
International Role – No – Only National applicants will be considered.
• Lead the MFI, building an organization that honors Christian values by positively impacting the lives of many families and children through the delivery of appropriate financial services and training with a particular focus on the rural areas of Tanzania.
• Create a self-sustaining business with strong foundations (people, process, systems) that is capable of growing while managing risks.
• Manage an effective and efficient operation, delivering to challenging financial and social performance targets.
• Work closely with WV to develop integrated livelihoods programs, and thereby obtain funding from the partnership and donors to grow the operation.
• Finally, to deal with all regulatory issues and lead the organization through the process of conversion into regulated deposit-taking institution in the near future.

Mission & Purpose & Business Acumen:
• Ensure that the vision, and mission, purpose, goals, objectives, outputs and policies set by the Board and approved by VFI are fully implemented, complied with and met.
• To ensures that the vision, and mission, purpose, goals, objectives, outputs and policies set by the VFI and The Board are fully implemented, complied with and met.
• Ensure proper balancing of MFI double bottom line sustainability and profitability while achieving social goals.
• Manage all VFT resource in prudent way; ensure proper safeguarding and stewardship of resources across of VFT.
• Ensures the culture of the whole organization and behaviors of its management and staff reflects its mission and vision.
• Building and maintaining organizational culture of full accountability and responsibility, and striving for excellence and making positive life changing impact in communities where VFT work.
• To develops, monitors and implements: Strategic Plan, Three-year Business Plan and Annual plan.
• Coordinate development of realistic budget and financial projections, acquires and maintains the necessary financial and non-financial resources necessary to meet VF MFI’s objectives set in the financial projections.
• Achievement of targets and strategic goals- Leads the institution in achieving the targets as defined and agreed in the business plans, as well as in accomplishing VFT strategic goals.
• Ensure that the plans are cascaded to implementation groups and staff and ensure that key performance indicators set in plan and budget are achieved.
• Ensure that VFI line management structure and the board of VFT will receive information about state of business on time in adequate format. Transparently and in timely manner, inform VFI and the board about any affairs with different stakeholders.
• Reports to the board using standard reporting templates on a regular basis in timely manner.
• In coordination with the various departments, establishes and maintains an effective internal control and risk management system.
• Implement all regulatory requirements, policies, tools, procedures and best practice of prudent risk management in order to protect interest of VFT’s savers and depositors.
• Ensure full compliance with all regulatory requirements set by banking sector regulatory body, tax or other government regulators.
• Formulates and implements guidelines, procedures, internal regulations that are consistent with the policies set forth by the VFI and the board.
• Facilitates growth of Senior Management Team into a team that is capable of fostering VFT ahead in accordance to the Strategic Direction and Business plan.
Fundraising (Fund Sourcing):
• Negotiates effectively with creditors, grant bodies and other financial institutions.
• Ensure compliance with conditions and reporting requirements.
• Diligently manage and close grants and related projects.

Finance Management:
• Ensures that annual financial projections, reports and budget are prepared for the board on time.
• Recommends yearly budget for Board approval and prudently manages VFT’s resources within those budget guidelines.
• Ensures that effective and efficient financial management system is installed and maintained.
• VFT is profitable.
Risk Management:
• Ensures portfolio quality in line with VFI requirements and targets set by the board for portfolio quality.
• Ensures savings products are effectively priced and delivered ((subject to MFI).
• Ensures that effective internal control and risk management system is established and maintained.
• Ensures effective liquidity management, to ensure sufficient funds for financing credit activity and sufficient reserves in accordance with industry requirements for deposit taking institutions.
• Take all necessary actions to insure that institution will have adequate external or VF global center rating.

• Effective integration with WV& VFI and effective promotion of the organization Relations.
• Ensure at national office and branch level integration strategies are fully understood, communicated and practiced.
• Actively promote joint livelihoods projects with World Vision.
• Ensures that both VFI and VFT and its mission, programs, products and services are consistently presented in strong, positive image.
• Develops networks and strategic alliances to positively influence the economic policies.

People, Leadership & Culture:
• Institutional strengthening and capacity building.
• Provide effective Christ centered leadership & Culture.
• Ensure recruitment of competent senior and middle management.
• Ensures effective staff development, succession planning and performance management systems are in place at all levels. & Compensation & benefits.
• Approves and confirms staff appointment, promotion, demotion, termination and transfer.
• Embedding of People & Culture policies & procedures.
• Ensure recruitment of competent senior and middle management.
• Ensures effective staff development, succession planning and performance management systems are in place at all levels.
• Key Responsibility to create an environment where talent thrive, staff are engaged & Motivated and a culture is embedded.
• Take immediate action to deal with non-performance of staff.
Policy Compliance:
• Policy formulation and compliance to local regulations and VFI policies.
• Formulates and implements guidelines, procedures, internal regulations that are consistent with the policies set forth by the Board of Directors, VFI and the industry regulators.
• Ensures that the institution complies with the requirements of the Central Bank other regulators and all VFI policies.

• Minimum a Master degree in Business Administration, Finance, Accounting, Management or some other related field.
• Must have at least ten years of working experience in senior management in a combination of the following: micro-enterprise lending organization, banking institution, a progressive corporate environment, international business, agricultural economics/development, or economic and business development institution.
• Must have a clear understanding of micro finance industry and technology.
• Must have worked experience in regulatory environment and better with institution that intermediate savings.
• Determined personality with initiative, perseverance and the ability to motivate and manage a team.
• Capability and willingness to lead the organization forward.
• Ready to comply and live up to and in accordance with the organization Ideals and Core Values.
• Be a good trainer, facilitator, mentor, and coach.
• Very good communication and marketing skills.
• Very good knowledge in economic and financial topics.
• Strong analytical and problem solving skills.
• Must be a committed Christian, able to stand above denominational diversities.
• Passion for poor and drive to make positive impact in communities.

Working Environment/Travel:
• Office environment: Typical office based and frequent travel to fields (40% traveling and 60% office based).
• Travel: 90% Domestic 10% international travel is desired.
• On call: Yes in the after normal working hours.
• Must get a work Permit if not a local staff from within the Country.