Employment Opportunities at Benjamin William Mkapa Foundation (BMF)



The Benjamin William Mkapa Foundation (BMF) is a non-for-profit Trust with a vision to be a hub of innovation for ensuring equitable, accessible and quality health service delivery in Tanzania. The vision and mission of BMF can be achieved through empowered workforce, which is self-motivated, committed to growth and integrity, and seeks excellence in execution. BMF seeks for committed, innovative, self-driven, dynamic and competent qualified candidates to fill the vacancies below:-

1. Position: Head of Unit For Operations Support Services

Reports to: Chief Executive Officer Direct Reports: ICT-Manager, Procurement Manager, Admin Support Services

Officer and Human Resource Officer. Unit: Operations Support Service Unit Duty Station: BMF Headquarters Office – Dar es Salaam

Overall purpose of the Job

The Head of Operations Support Services Unit will be responsible for providing strategic Business support to BMF’s internal and external stakeholders by ensuring delivery of Specialized technical and administrative support services to enable other functional Groups to meet their work targets. The services include procurement management, Human resource management, ICT support and all other administration and logistical Support.

Job specifications 1. As a member of the Senior Management team will provide leadership on all matters related to operational support services that are key in facilitating the achievement of BMF defined mission and objectives, as per approved Plans and budget. 2. Lead the OSSU staffing in all processes related to Institutional planning, budgeting, monitoring and reporting in accordance to the defined institutional frameworks, resource mobilization strategy and as per signed contractual agreements with financiers; 3. Lead the review of BMF Operational Policies and procedure manuals and ensure they are up to date, appropriate and a reference point for internal and external stakeholders of the Foundation; 4. Ensure compliance and reviews if need arises of the Human Resource Policy and Procedural manual, particularly championing Staff Performance Management System, Staff Development programs, Institutional staffing plan, succession planning and optimum best fit for resource allocation. 5. To lead and guide all administrative functions at the Head Office and in field offices (in collaboration with the Field Coordinators) to ensure an effective working environment, office management and security. . 6. Ensure guidance on all matters related to effective Procurement Management including Plans and reporting, and ensure compliance and reviews of the BMF Procurement guideline

7. Ensure the compliance of the ICT policy and all related frameworks that are key in enhancing efficiency within the organization as well as reviews, when need arises; 8. Support and ensure the setting up, upgrading and/or review of the electronic Enterprise Resource Planning System to make it fully operational with less interruptions for operational efficiencies; 9. Ensure effective communication and customer relationship with external stakeholders

of BMF, including the vendors/service providers; 10. Provide guidance and support on ensuring effective utilization/compliance and reviews

of the BMF Vehicle Management guideline; 11. Carry any other task as assigned by the CEO.

Qualifications & Experience

▪ Master’s Degree in Business Administration, Human Resource Management or equivalent with, Bachelor degree in Business Administration/Management or related discipline.

▪ At least 7 years’ experience with progressively increasing responsibility in designing and managing operations support services roles.

▪ A strong understanding of operational management with proven track record of success in operation duties, working as part of a busy team and under pressure to tight deadlines.

▪ Knowledge of New and Evolving Technology systems/program, including the benefits and shortfalls of investment thereof as well as working knowledge of Microsoft Office

▪ Excellent communication, interpersonal and organization skills.

▪ Prior experience as a member of a Senior Management Team in an organization, would be an added advantage.


2. Position Title: Regional Program Officer

Reports to: Program Manager Department: Programs Duty Station: BMF Mwanza Field Office

Overall Purpose of the Job:

The primary responsibility will be to manage community health programs led by BMF within the Lake Zone and ensure effective coordination and collaboration with the Regional, District teams and BMF staff at the Field offices and Head quarter.

Job specifications

1. Take part in designing effective and sustainable comprehensive community

interventions/solutions to accelerate attainment of universal health coverage. 2. A liaison personnel for the BMF’s consortium agreement in implementing community

intervention programs within selected regions in Lake-zone. 3. Under overall supervision of the field program coordinator manage the designated

community intervention program as per provide program implementation framework. 4. Work with the respective local structures at levels to strengthen provision of quality services by the community providers and their linkages to the facilities as guided by the respective national guidelines and plans. 5. Manage other program interrelated scopes such as Health workforce, service delivery

and systems strengthening to accelerate total continuum of care.

6. Take part in developing and piloting innovative solutions on managing comprehensive community programs based on or in response to implementation lessons or demands. 7. Take part in evidence based documentation and research on course of program

implementation. 8. Take part in stakeholders and consortiums consultative forums as per regional/s and

consortium’s schedule. 9. Take part in program monitoring, evaluation, supervision, reviews, technical forums and field visit activities, including development of designated program reports as per reporting framework. 10. Maintain an active engagement with the respective local structures, as well as maintaining an updated contacts and profiles for all stakeholders within the designated scope. 11. Maintain and continuously update designated program scope records for all of the

respective program interventions.

Qualifications & Experience

▪ Bachelors’ Degree in Community Development, Health related professions, Human Resources and other related social sciences degree. ,

▪ Masters Degree in the related fields will be an added advantage.

▪ A minimum of two years’ experience in working with health related programs especially Comprehensive community health and systems.

▪ Understanding of the respective National Policies, Frameworks and guidelines

▪ Experience in working within local government structures including communities

▪ Effective communication and writing skills, including ability to develop reports and presentations using Microsoft Office Applications (Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, etc)


3. Position Title: Payroll Accountant Reports to: Finance Manager, Department: Finance and Grants, Duty Station: BMF Headquarters Office – Dar es Salaam

Overall Purpose of the Job:

A primary personnel for all payroll related payments of staff directly under BMF management and Project related staff that are located within Dar Es Salaam and upcountry. Also, will ensure that payroll processing is in compliance with the Laws of the country and in compliance to donor’s regulations and allocations.

Job Specification
1. Collaboration with the Human Resource Officer and Program Officer Compensation and Benefits, effectively prepare BMF and project staff payroll and ensure timely solution is secured for any unsuccessful payroll transaction.
2. Ensure request for payroll payments have appropriate approvals and all

supporting documents before processing payments. 3. Monitor and review accounting and related system reports for accuracy and

completeness in relation to Payroll charging 4. Carry out bank reconciliations for all projects and Trust plus creditors and

debtor’s reconciliation in relation to payroll payments

5. Monthly remittances of all statutory monthly deductions to the relevant statutory

bodies and ensures respective receipts are obtained and filed. 6. Collaborate with other accountants for processing of invoices, advances and

reimbursements, cheques, online payments and mobile payments. 7. Ensure understanding of the different projects approved plan and budget in

relation to Human Resources remuneration and benefits and translate into operationalization according to the BMF financial transaction and guidelines; 8. Prepare and provide necessary support to internal and external auditors in

completing audits. 9. Pass monthly Journal vouchers related to payroll expenditure and reporting as

well as prepare all required periodic reports on payroll as guided by the signed agreement of BMF with donors/financiers and as per BMF M&E framework. 10. Carry any task as assigned by your supervisor.

Qualifications & Experience
▪ First degree in Accounting or related field from recognized Institution.

▪ A minimum of three years’ experience working on similar roles, experience of working with Multi-Donor Funded projects will be an added advantage.

▪ Strong knowledge in computer application packages and payroll management is compulsory

▪ Specialized knowledge in Accounting packages such as ACCPAC application skills is an added advantage

▪ Good analytical skills with ability to work under pressure with minimum supervision.

▪ Good interpersonal skills with the ability to communicate at all levels.

▪ Highest levels of personal and professional integrity.


4. Position Title: Field Program Assistant

Reports to: Field Program Coordinator Department: Program Duty Station: BMF Field Office - Iringa

Overall Purpose of the job: Under supervision of Field Coordinator - To be an initial liaison person between the Foundation and the beneficiaries and provide day-to-day support in program implementation within the respective local coverage areas.

Job Description:

1. Take part in the implementation of project activities within the allocated project

coverage areas. 2. Support in post follow-up activities to ensure sustained impacts of project

interventions. 3. Provide coaching and mentorship support within the program coverage areas on

related program interventions. 4. Collect primary data within the designated project coverage areas as per M&E

framework. 5. Take part in documentation of program works as guided by documentation


6. Take part in supervision visits as well as data quality and validation visits. 7. Support the field program coordinators in coordinating, facilitating and managing

logistics for various program works within the zones/regions. 8. Responsible for initial report development for the designated scope as per

reporting framework 9. Under guidance of program coordinator attend various partners coordination and

technical meeting within the zone/region and maintain contact lists for all partners and partners consultative events.


▪ A minimum of bachelor’s degree or advanced diploma in health administration, monitoring and evaluation, human resources management or related field.

▪ At least two years’ experience in field of human resources, health administration, monitoring and evaluation.

▪ Practical knowledge on government structures and systems at all levels.

▪ Basic and satisfactory command in written and spoken Swahili and English.

▪ Functional Computer Skills and Good interpersonal skills.

5. Position Title: Information Communication Technology (ICT) Officer

Reports to: Coordinator for Centre for Distance Education (CDE) Duty Station: CDE - Morogoro

Overall purpose of the Job To provide technical leadership in exploring the potential of evolving Information and Communication Technologies that supports CDE vision and mission. The incumbent will be required to provide guidance and management of Information and Communication Technology and build ICT capacity that will support CDE and promote its efficiency across, delivering of E-learning initiatives supported by Global Fund through Resilient Sustainable System for Health (RSSH). The position will be on contract basis.

Job specification

1. To ensure the smooth operation of the ICT department in alignment with the

business objectives of the organization. 2. To plan, direct, coordinate and design ICT-related activities, as well as providing

direction and support for daily operational activities of the ICT department. 3. To keep abreast of latest technologies that may be of benefit to the organization and

make requisite recommendations, supported by costing documentations. 4. To provide leadership to ICT operations and infrastructure ensuring that an

appropriate technical support framework is in place. 5. To work closely with decision makers in other departments to identify, recommend,

develop, implement, and support cost-effective technology solutions. 6. Will be responsible with reviewing defining and implement ICT policies, procedures,

and best practices within the organization as per Government standards.

Qualifications & Experience

▪ BA - Computer Science, Information Systems, or BSc. in Information and Communication Technology or related field.

▪ A strong understanding of instituting and managing robust operational systems and structure with proven track record of success in ICT management duties.

▪ Good knowledge of new and developing technology systems including the benefits and shortfalls of investment thereof.

▪ Experience in negotiation and with an understanding/knowledge of business requirements and ICT processes, ICT infrastructure planning and development experience.

▪ Demonstrable experience in strategic and operational ICT management, including financial and budgetary management.

▪ Experience of managing security of sensitive and personal information with knowledge of data protection regulations, as well as Backup, Disaster Recovery and preventative maintenance.

▪ Working knowledge of Windows 7 to 10, Windows server 2012, Microsoft exchange 2012, Share Point, VMware ESXi 6, Web hosting technologies, Microsoft office products, etc.

▪ At least 3 years’ experience within the same roles or progressively increasing responsibility in managing ICT.

For all candidates with respective qualifications, please send your achievement focused CV, and Cover letter addressed to the Chief Executive Officer, Benjamin W. Mkapa Foundation P. O. Box 76274, Dar es Salaam, via email: emujumba@mkapafoundation.or.tz

The deadline for application is on Friday 18th May, 2019 before 12.00pm

BMF is an equal opportunity employer and we value diversity